It was Friday, before the weekend Enrique had finished work at the store across from where i lived. He went quickly home and showered and came to my house around  8 p.m. Enrique said he had been horny the whole day waiting to make a deposit of his semen which I had grown accustomed to receive. I told him what had happened with his Uncle Pablo and the other taxi drivers which had made him even more ready for a good blowjob. As I was sucking his cock he asked if I was ready to go to the farm Saturday wth him and his Uncle Pablo. I asked him what the farm was like and he said it was nice with a jacuzzi and had a stable where they could ride horses. I asked him what he thought about his Uncle Pablo, Enrique said his Uncle was always trying to get into his pants  since he was seventeen, but he always managed to laugh it off,but deep down wanted to have sex with him. I told him when I was sucking his Uncle´s cock in the taxi that he muttered his name as he was feeding me his heavy load of cum and even when he was filling my ass with his second load at my house. This excited Enrique to the point of no return when he started to fill my mouth with his Colombian seed  and began to mutter his Uncle´s name also.

Enrique asked whether it hurt to get fucked and I said it depends how big the guy´s cock is and  how he enters. Enrique asked  if I could fuck him so he was ready for his Uncle´s cock  at the farm. Since I loved to fuck ass I jumped at the opportunity. Enrique and I went upstairs and undressed. as Enrique laid on his stomach I rubbed some cream on his ass bud which contained lidocaine to numb it a little. Then I started to enter him laying sideways which made him more able to accomodate ny cock. I stopped to let his ass accustom to me and then I started to enter with more voracity. In no time Enrique was taking my whole length with no problem.I pretended to be his Uncle Pablo who was fucking his ass which got him more excited. and he got hard again after the blow job I had given him before. As I was fucking him he started to get into the role playing by saying Üncle fuck my ass hard, fill me me with your hot cream ..¨

I said ¨nephew get ready for my load ¨and with that utterance I began to fill his ass with hot cream to the point he shot his load for the second time. coating his fist with his seed. I remained inside him til I shrank in size. He said afterwards it wasn´t so bad. Enrique got up and showered and said he would be at my house at 6:oo a.m. so we both could wait til his Uncle arrived. He asked me to bring some of this cream so he would be ready for his Uncle´s cock. Sure enough , Enrique rang the doorbell at 6 in the morning and his Uncle arrived at my house with a black guy from the coast near Cartagena, another taxi driver. I sat in the back with the black guy whose name was Henry and Enrique sat in the front with his Uncle Pablo who was driving. It wasn´t long til the black guy asked me if I wanted to see his cock and I said sure. Henry asked me to take it out for him so I moved closer and as brought down the zipper of his jeans I noticed he wasn´t wearing any underwear which let his uncut black cock spring from its concealment already leaking its slimy precum. Enrique ´s Uncle was watching in the rear view mirror, then motioned to his nephew to take his cock out since he was busy driving . I watched Enrique move closer to his Uncle and unleash his hidden treasure. Henry the black guy was fully hard by this time and asked me to suck his cock. As I obliged him, I noticed Enrique was giving head to his Uncle in the front. At times, I could see his head going up and down on his Uncle cock which thoroughly excited me as I went back to sucking off this black guy.

   Henry had a ten incher and his bush was covered by the nappy fuzzy hair only blacks possess and had that musky aroma which I loved.He had pulled his jeans to his ankles so he could spread his legs so I had access to his balls which I lathered with my mouth. I changed position and got between his legs and had my back up against the driver´s seat. I could feel Enrique´s Uncle thrusting his cock into his nephew´s mouth. I was overcome with the urge to eat out this black guy´s ass and raised his ass with my hands . Henry had put his legs on each side of Pablo´s head so I could service his hairy asshole. As i found his ass bud he moaned with pleasure saying no one has ever done this to him and started to jack off his black cock. Pablo pulled the car over since it was hard for him to control the car while having his cock sucked by his nephew. I could hear Enrique slurping his Uncle´s organ, his Uncle egging him on to suck his cock harder and harder. Evidently, Enrique was giving his Uncle the blowjob he had always wanted cause all at once Pablo told his nephew he was shooting his load. I could hear Enrique trying to swallow all of his Uncle´s cum at times would gag a little since he wasn´t used to sucking off a guy for that matter his Uncle.Pablo was muttering eat my load nephew in total abandonment of mind.

   Henry who was enjoying his ass being eatten by me said he was ready to shoot and brought his member to my greedy mouth and began to unleash a torrent of thick  heavy cream. holding my head between his legs forcing his rod into my mouth. I must of drank a cup of cum as he finally finished using my mouth. To my astonishment he stayed rock hard and continued to fuck my mouth to another orgasm as strong as the first which I thoroughly enjoyed and savored. Enrique had finished drinking his Uncle Pablo´s heavy load and sat back in the passenger´s seat. I noticed his face was covered with his Uncle´s sperm. Enrique said it was too much to swallow since it kept filling his mouth to overflowing. His Uncle gave him a towel to wipe his face,his Uncle said he was his turn and told his nephew to inzip his pants so he  could taste his nephew´s cock.Enrique quickly brought his jeans and underwear to his ankles and his Uncle didnñt waste any time sucking Enrique´s cock. Henry and I was watching the scene in the front develop . I could see Pablo´s head going up and down until Enrique shouted he was coming . Pablo drained his balls and sat back with a mouthful of his nephew,s cream.

   I was the only one left who hadnñt come yet and Henry started to suck my left teat and in no time I shot my load all over the front seat where Enrique was sitting. After a bit we all cleaned up and got on the road again ,all of us saiated until we would arrive at hte farm later that day.It was night time as we arrived at the gate to the farm. The major duomo or caretaker was there to greet us and open the gate impressive wooden gate. The caretaker was another man from the coast named Stiven, black as the ace of spades. I was hoping later Henry ,Stiven and I could do a trio me sucking off one as I was fucking the other in the ass. 




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