Well, after the two of us agreed on how he would pay me back for getting his motorcycle back after it  was confiscated by the Transit police. Enrique, the delivery boy would come once of twice a week to empty his balls of teenage cum. Enrique was well endowed  with a uncut cock and low-hanging balls. He told me was straight and had a girlfriend but she would never suck his cock,sometimes she would mouth it until she said it disgusted her and didn´t enjoy the taste. Enrique loved the fact I would take his load and swallow it. Enrique had great tasting cum which was real thick and creamy enough to fill my need for a guy´s protein. He would always cum fast and heavy,making the greatest noises as he did.

   Enrique got more curious with our sexual escapade and asked whether he could fuck me. I told him I was activo meaning I liked to fuck a guy´s ass but rarely let a guy fuck me. He kept pressuring me to let him fuck my ass, so I relented and told him the next time he came to pay his debt  he could fuck me. He told me he would wake up during the night and have to jerk off just thinking about fucking  my ass for the first time. Luckily, I had come across a anal cream which numbed my hole so it wouldn´t be so unpleasant and painful. The few times, I let a guy fuck me always left me hurting and regretting it. I found that if a guy entered very fast it would almost take my breath away and pained me so much I would have to tell to him to stop. I remember one time,I was watching some straight porno in a theatre in the city and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I had just finished pissing when a guy from the next stall peeked over the stall and asked whether I wanted to suck his dick. He said he was so hot from watching the  porno that he needed to get off. I told him no problem and he stood in front of my stall til I opened up the latch for him. Luckily, it was the end stall which was shadowy and dark. As I opened up the stall, he entered with cock in hand. I couldn´t believe how thick it was, almost 3 1/2 inches,the same diameter as a beer can. I starting giving him head which turned out to be almost impossible and it stretched my mouth til it hurt. I did my best but it was just too wide. He asked me if he could fuck my ass and I was curious  and eager to try it. I almost died when he started to enter since his lubricant was just  his spit. As his head popped through I felt a burning sensation which got worst as each minute passed . I told to stop but he held my ass cheeks in a tight grip and his turgid shaft entered until it hit something in my ass. I realized after he had hit my prostate with the head of his cock. After that my hole had gotten used to his size and it started to feel better with each thrust of his cock. All at once he hit my prostate so hard that I came immediately shooting my load all over the toilet. He continued to ram his cock in and out til he said here it comes.It was a great fuck  even though he left me bruised and bleeding.The next few times, I tried but I really didn´t enjoy getting fucked. Most Colombians enjoy fucking ass especially after you give them head first. Then when they are hard again ,yeah most Colombians I know cum real fast and want seconds. It always amazes me how fast they recuperate,especially the young pelaos (teenage men).

   I told myself I would be ready for Enrique with my ass lubricated with Anal Ease. He arrived after work around 12:00 midnight. Enrique asked whether he could take a shower so I handed him a towel. Colombian men are always very clean and smell great before sex. He finished showering and asked whether we could smoke a joint first. I brought two beers while he rolled and lit the joint. Colombian pot is real strong and numbs one´s lips. After taking two drags I noticed his cock was rising and he motioned to me to do my duty. I gave him head until he rewarded me with his hot cum. I finished my liquid meal ,continuing to suck his cock and in no time it was ready for more action. I got above his stalk and lowered my ass onto his pole until his balls touched my cheeks. After getting used to his size I started to rise and fall on his cock ,myself doing the work while he watched his cock disappear and reappear. We changed positions where my legs straddled his shoulders and he started to piston his great shaft into my hole. Thank God for this special lubricant since he fucked me like a savage...slow at first then increasing in speed. I felt his cock hit the spot and I shot my load which excited him and brought him over the edge to fill my ass with his load. I could feel it filling my ass to capacity and when he withdrew I could feel it run out into the crack of my ass. As he was cumming he was licking the load I had shot on my chest . Enrique was a great fuck ...still feeling his low-hangers banging against my ass. We both fell asleep and woke up the next morning and he fucked me again before he went to work across the road. As I opened up the outside gate two taxi drivers were watching. Later that day the two taxi drivers rang my doorbell and I knew what they wanted from me right then and now and in the future.

   As I let them in,Enrique had been watching from the store and came across the road and asked what was going on. The two said that they wanted the same thing he had gotten from me  earlier. The told Enrique to go back to work. As Enrique turned around he said Okay Tio. One of the taxi drivers turned out to be his Uncle Carlos. As I closed the door, both had snaked their cocks from their pants. The Uncle of Enrique told me to get on my knees and service them at the same time. I was resigned to what was going to happen and got on my knees in front of their erect cocks. They both stood side by side while I took turns sucking their turgid fleshpoles. Thank God I´m a good cocksucker since I had the first one´s cum within two minutes and before I had finished drinking his load the other taxi driver entered my mouth and deposited his sperm. Both loads were acrid, both sweet and sour. As they put their cocks away they told me from now on I was their cock sucking bitch.After a bit Enrique called me and said he was sorry and that he would talk to his Uncle. He called me back later that day and said that his Uncle said he wanted both Enrique and I to go to his farm on this up coming weekend. Enrique said his Uncle was always trying to make him do things with him but he was always able to make up some excuse. And that his Uncle told him there will be no excuses this time, since he knew what was going on between Enrique and I.

After servicing his Uncle´s cock, I would run into Enrique´s Uncle  in various locales of Medellin. Since he was a taxidriver, he was always in a group of other drivers waiting for fares. He would recognize me and fondle his cock and balls. The other drivers would notice this and ask him why he did that in front of me and I´m sure he told them I had sucked him off. I´m sure because at one point, I needed a taxi and his taxi was next in line. I didn´t want to make a scene or cause any trouble because I knew he would punish me when Enrique and I went to the farm on the upcoming weekend. It was around 10:00 at night and as I entered his cab he told me to sit in the passenger side next to him. I gave him the address  and he asked whether I would mind if he two of his friends shared the taxi. I said I didn´t mind and his two friends entered the rear of the cab Enrique´s Uncle said they lived in the center of the city and he would drop them off first. We started toward the city, and I tried to have a normal conversation with the three men. I found out Enrique´s Uncles name was Pablo and that he was separated from his wife and had three boys. The other two riders were Hugo and Leo and both were married and had kids.

Pablo was driving toward the center of the city, I out of the corner of my eye he had taken out his cock which was already erect and he turned his face to me and said remember this. I was kind of embarassed and answered no and what he had meant. I glanced to the rear and both Hugo and Leo had exposed their to rapidly hardening members. Pablo said to get my head between his legs and start sucking his cock and said his balls were so heavy with cum that he needed to empty them.Pablo had pulled his jeans down below his hairy calves. At this point, I no choice cause I knew he had told the other two in the rear that I had sucked him off before. I also knew that I would be sucking all three off before the night was over. I got between Pablo´s legs with my head  above his turgid pole .I started to suck his cock, first engulfing the swollen head already oozing precum. I darted my tongue to capture this sticky liquid and Pablo thrust his cock into my greedy mouth. He had forced 6 inches into my mouth and when I came up for air I noticed the two in the back seat were intently watching me suck Pablo´s cock. I went back to nursing his member swirling my tongue over his glans . Pablo said to suck his hairy balls and I obeyed like a good slave. I took each orb into my mouth and savored the sweaty masculine taste of each one. I was really getting into sucking his balls and had even snaked my tongue below his balls toward his anus. This drove him wild and he bucked with pleasure and tried to give me better access to the hairy crevice of his ass. I went back to his cock and was rewarded with an abundance of more pre cum  leaking from his cock. I started to go down on him with more vigor wanting his load of cum. All the while I was sucking his cock I was fondling his huge nuts and I could feel them tightening up and rising to snug his cock. Pablo started to tremble,thrusting more of his cock into my mouth which I accepted with no trouble. Pablo´s first spurt of cum was scalding and had filled ny mouth so fast that I had to swallow to make room for the next. Pablo while he was coming was lost in the moment and had muttered eat my cum Enrique evidently wanting to feed his load to his nephew. I continued to swallow and savor his load until  he spent cock started to shrink in size.

   At this point, Pablo withdrew his cock from my lips and pulled the taxi to the side of the road. He got out after pulling up his jeans and replaced Hugo in the rear seat, Hugo taking his place in the driver´s seat. After closing the door, he peeled his jeans down and motioned me to his cock. It was dark and I could just make out his cock. He started driving, pulling into the lane and getting up to speed. I had edged closer to his crotch and was amazed at the size of the head of his cock. It had to be 3 inches in diameter with a cock slit a cocksucker would die for. I immediately mouthed his cockhead seeking his slit which my tongue could dive half way in with ease.I enjoyed sucking as cock with a huge head since I could lock my throat muscles around it and give a great blowjob. Hugo  had a good eight inch cock but he was a Polvo de Gallo¨ meaning he was a fast cummer.I was enjoying his cum within two minutes of starting to suck his cock. Hugo´s cum was real thick like glue and had to swallow hard to force his liquid down my throat. I was kind of disappointed since I didn´t get to savor his huge nuts but the night wasn´t over yet. Hugo stopped the taxi and Leo replaced him. I went to work immediately sucking him off.Leo´s cock was much thinner than the others  and had a nine incher,but he had huge balls which after sucking his cock for a while I went to seek out his bag of jewels.I loved to suck off guys with huge balls thinking about their contents. As I was savoring his balls and cock , the two in the back were my audience, both egging me on to suck him off. I showed them I was an expert and in no time was rewarded by Leo´s spunk. My stomach was full of the cum of three men and I was satiated by the thought. Pablo said these two friends wanted to go to the farm this weekend and enjoy a repeat of what I did to them this night. Pablo dropped them off and proceeded to my address even though two hours had passed since I got into the taxi. Pablo asked me if I wanted more of his cock since we were alone. I invited him in and after I beer between us I let him fuck my ass and fill me with more of his cum. It was strange when he came again muttering Enrique´s name telling Enrique to take his load. I could only imagine what was going to happen at the farm when he would be alone with his nephew. 




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