Stiven , the caretaker led us to the main farmhouse which was colonial  in style, meaning it was how a Colombian farmhouse appeared during the beginning of the early 1900´s. It was immense with an enclosed patio,filled with native plants. Stiven showed us our rooms, I was going to bunk with Henry,the black guyy from the coast. Pablo was going to share a room with his Uncle Pablo farther down the long hallway. I got a chance to speak with Enrique alone and asked him whether he enjoyed sucking off his Uncle. Enrique said ¨all this man sex was new to him ,but he he really got off getting to swallow his Uncle´s load and then have his Uncle return the favor.¨

   I told Enrique, that I was attracted to the young caretaker, Stiven and to my surprise, Stiven was in listening distance drinking a cup of coffee. Stiven smiled and offered me a cup of coffee and gave my a wicked smile. I accepted the coffee and Stiven showed me the plants in the enclosed patio.As we were looking at the plants, I was eyeing Stiven´s basket, he didn´t appear to have a big cock, but appearances can deceive. Stiven mentioned he was married and shared the small house with his wife near the entrance gate to the farm. He said ¨it was his job to stay up all night  and act as a watchman when visitors were at the farm.¨

   ¨He said that if I needed anything I would find him outside during the night.¨I wondered if he was hitting on me or was he being extra nice. I thanked him for his hospitality and assured him if I needed anything I would seek him out, giving him a grin like he gave me.

   The farm had a jacuzzi and swimming pool and I sought out Henry , Pablo, and Enrique whether they wanted to join me in the jacuzzi for drinks. I´m a martini guy and the other decided to drink shots of aguardiente. We all changed and went to the whirlpool which was the perfect temperature for relaxing before we hit the sack. I sat next to Henry and Enrique sat next to Pablo, his Uncle. We had a great conversation reliving what had happened in the car on the way to the farm. Henry said it made him hard just talking about me eating his ass. After a bit, Pablo and Enrique excused themselves and said that thay were tired and went inside to their room. I

   I said to Henry ¨I bet all this talk about having sex in the car got them hot and horny.¨Henry laughed  and got up and peeled his trunks off in front of me, his black cock was already hard and he said ¨he was definitely horny.¨I too got up and removed my trunks. noticing the caretaker, Stiven watching what was developing between Henry and I from a distance. I got off thinking he was watching us. I had Henry sit on the edge of the jacuzzi and I said ¨that I want to eat his ass again.¨I got between his raised legs and went to work, seeking out his hairy crack  and finally stabbing his assbud with my tongue. This drove him crazy until finally he wanted me to enter him with my dripping cock and I obliged him. I decided to fuck him til he came ,but I didn´t want to shoot my load since I had other plans with Stiven later in the night. I fucked Henry  til the point he shot his load onto his black stomach. I proceeded to lick up every drop`of his cum, knowing that the caretaker, Stiven was watching every move I made.¨

   After the great fuck with Henry, he said he was tired and decided to go to bed. I told him I was going to enjoy the jacuzzi a liitle while longer. As I was enjoyng being alone in the jacuzzi, Stiven was making his rounds and stopped near the tub and we had a innocent conversation, talking about his life as a major duomo and what his work entailed. As we were talking, he got nearer to the tub and noticed I was naked and still had a hard on. He then mentioned that he had been watching Henry and I fuck. He said´it made him hard and that he was still hard as we spoke.¨He then abruptly, pulled down his zipper and asked me whether I wanted to see his cock. Curiosity got the best of me and I moved nearer to the edge of the pool . Stiven said ¨Take his cock out while he stood lookout.¨

   I moved closer in front of him and went inside and brought his hard member into the open. I was astonished at the size of it ,it had to be at least fourteen inches of black cock. The head of it was dripping copious amounts of slimy precum. He brought his hand down to steady its length in front of my face.

   Stiven said ¨to lick off the head¨ which was covered with his nectar. I eased forward and let the huge head enter my mouth. I swirled my tongue capturing all the precum and enjoying the taste of this black guy. Stiven eased his cock farther into my mouth, still steadying its huge length until I had half of it inside. It wasn´t the cleanest cock since it still had a large amount of cock cheese within the flap of skin surrounding its head. It was my first time savoring a guy´s cock cheese,thinking it wasn´t bad tasting, my tongue seeking more from inside his foreskin.

   Stiven  evidently was enjoying my mouth and asked me whether I wanted to take a walk with him to a place more private where I could suck him off. I didn´t need any egging and quickly put on my trunks  and followed him into the shadows of the farm. As we walked, we passed the bedroom window where Enrique and his Uncle was sleeping, but they weren´t sleeping because I could see movement through a large crack which was lit by the light of a candle from within. I motioned to Stiven to take a look with me. We could see Enrique on his back missionary style being pounded by his Uncle Pablo. I got onto my knees and pulled out Stiven´s cock and started to suck him off while he and I watched what was happening within. I could hear Enrique moan each time hiis Uncle thrust his cock into his hole. I could see his Uncle´s hand holding Enrique´s ass high in the air . I had pulled Stiven´s pants down to his ankles and could see his cock and balls from the dim light of the candle´s light. The caretaker had huge balls like a bull still wrinkled encasing two large orbs still filled with the cum  which I wanted to swallow shortly.Stiven was intently watching the scene through the crack which made him rock hard. I started to lick his large fury eggs and relished their taste, all the while the noise from within was getting much louder. Stiven was watching the scene through the crack of the window  and thrusting his big ebony spear into my mouth. I could only fit about six  to seven inches even with my expertise. I grabbed his legs for stability since he erratic thrusting was affecting my sucking rhythm. 

   I heard Enrique inside muttering ¨Fuck me Uncle with your big cock, fill my ass with your hot leche from your big balls.¨Pablo, his Uncle abruptly stopped and appeared to be listening to something. I quit sucking Stiven since Pablo was looking at the window where we were outside.After about a minute he continued him task of fucking his nephew. It wasn´t long til he grunted the wordsÏ´m going to come and said I´m going to fill your ass, nephew.¨ I started to suck Stiven since the noise from inside was drowning out my sucking noises. Pablo was inside filling Enrique´s ass the thick liquid from his family jewels. All at once, Enrique said he was going to shoot his laod and covered his belly with the same thick sperm like his Uncle was hosing the insides of his ass. Pablo after shooting his final spurt collapsed on top of his nephew. 




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