I live in a neighborhood in Medellin where there are many small stores to pick up milk and other things without going to the big supermarkets here.There is one that employs various young guys who make deliveries to private houses. Being American and speaking both Spanish and my native English, these young studs are eager to try their limited English on me. 

   The other day, I was speaking to Enrique one of these delivery men and he asked me whether I could help him out. I asked him what was his problem was and he told me the local Transit police had confiscated his motorcycle because his license wasn´t up to date along with other papers. He said that they were holding his motorcycle until he paid a fine. He said the fine was around 500.00 and that it was hard for him to pay it off since he didn´t make much money at the small store. I said maybe we could work something out, but I couldn´t promise anything. Enrique said he was willing to help me out in my house with odd jobs in my house. I told Enrique that  usually I did all the things in my house alone and that I really didn´t need any help. I told I would try to think of something he could do for me.

   While we were finishing talking about his problem and how I might be able to help him out, I couldn´t help from noticing how many times he unknowingly touched his crotch which I swear was growing larger every minute.I knew Enrique had noticed that I was at times staring at his ever growing basket.I could see the outline of his cock and balls going down the left pant leg of his jeans.I started to get a hard on and at times groped my cock which I knew he noticed. At one point he point blank asked me whether I was sure I couldn´t think of something he might do while touching his cock. 

   I told him to come by when he was finished with work and I said maybe we could work something out.Enrique rang the doorbell at around 10 that night and I answered the door in my bathrobe because I was getting ready to take a shower and hit the sack. I invited him in and asked whether he wanted a beer. Enrique came in and sat on the couch and waited til I gave him the beer. He was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt ,I couldn´t help noticing that he had the harriest legs which really turned me on. I asked him why he didn´t shave since most Colombian men like to shave these chests and legs and even their crotches. I  said American men didn´t shave either since it was a woman´s thing. Enrique said Colombian guys don´t shave their legs ,but they do shave all the hair at their crotches, He then offered more about himself saying he didn´t shave at all which made me hot thinking about his bush and hairy ass.

   I opened a beer for my self and sat in a chair facing him and we started to address his problem at hand. Enrique asked me whether I would mind it he smoked a joint .I said go right ahead and he lit up and tryed to pass it to me. I said I couldn´t smoke Colombian weed since it was so strong and that it made me real horny. He laughed and said he was always horny. I tryed to change the topic but he as he continued to smoke his joint, he got all relaxed and spread his legs.I could see that he wasn´t wearing any underwear since I could see his dark pubic bush.I could also see that his cock and balls were also in full view .He was uncut with about 6 inches soft and his balls we low hangers,wrinkled and plump the size off a extra large eggs.I could see he cock was lengthening as we spoke and it´s head was showing itself. I pretended not to notice but he knew I was eyeing his cock. I stated to get hard and reached for the joint he was smoking. He laughed and said aren´t you afraid of what would happen if I smoked. My cock was rock hard by this time and it didn´t matter if I smoked or not. I wanted to suck his cock which had already started to drip slimy precum from it´s slit.

   I told him I had decided to help him out with his problem and that he could pay me back each week. Enrique was so happy he suddenly got up and embraced me. As he did this my robe opened up showing him my erect cock. Without missing a beat he got on his knees  and started giving me head.I told him that it would be better if we went to my bedroom since it was more private .We both climbed the stairs to my bedroom and I took off my robe and laid spread eagled on the bed. Enrique got between my legs and swallowed my cock.I told him to take it easy since his talented mouth was ready to make me shoot my load. He abruptly stopped and got up and took off his shorts. His cock was totally erect and it was huge and he straddled my chest and forced his cock into my mouth which I eagerly accepted,tasting the sweet precum coating his shaft. Enrique began to fuck my mouth for all that he was worth while at the same time he started to breathe heavy with each thrust. He asked me whether I would take his load since he was ready to come. I told him that it would be better if we were doing 69 since I told him I wanted to cum with him at the same time. We repositioned ourselves side by side each one starting to suck. I needed to taste his balls which were my favorite type. I tried to capture each one inside my mouth but they were so huge that it was impossible. Enrique reached down and brought his member to my mouth just in time to taste the first spurt of cum.He drove his cock to the back of my throat until his balls were resting on my lips. He went back to sucking my cock and I erupted immediately filling his eager mouth. We were entertwined it seemed for eternity each one emptying our balls. I was surprised he swallowed since he told me he was straight .  After we finished, we lay there until our cocks softened. Enrique said it was the greatest experience he had ever had with a guy. He said he had let guys suck him off but never had sucked off a guy´s cock. He said he was always curious but never did it. I asked him if he wanted to take a shower and he said he wanted to fuck me first. I could see his member already growing and inflating in size. I said that usually I didn´t let guys fuck me especially when they had a huge cock. Luckily I had found this cream Anal Ease which made it more comfortable. I went to the closet and spread some of this cream on my ass bud which immediated had a numbing effect. I straddled his member and let gravity do its work.In no time,I was impaled on his shaft. My cock started to rise again as I rode his cock up and down. From below Enrique had started to thrust upwards as I was coming down I could feel his bloated balls hitting my ass cheeks which got me even harder. I started to jerk off my cock facing him. He was a great fuck and in no time I could feel him start to tremble. All at once he shouted and sent his shaft until my ass had him inside completely. I could actually fill his shaft lenghten and widen as he began to come. He asked me to come with him and it wasn´t long til I covered his chest with my hot load. After a while he eased himself out and I could feel his cum start to ooze from my hole and onto his balls. We got up and showered, laughing together about what had happened between us. 

   We agreed to pay off his loan with mutual sex each week.and he even asked whether I would be interested in having sex with some off his hot friends. I told him I would be open to that perhaps but would have to make sure it was on the down and low sinceI didn´t want any problems,liitle did I know I had opened a Pandora´s box with this young stud.




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