All day,  I felt an uneasy feeling about what had occurred in the recesses of the coffee trees during the twilight hours before. I didn´t utter a word to Enrique about the incident or to anyone for that matter. I tried to brush off the feeling and try to enjoy myself the rest of the weekend at the farm.

   Uncle Pablo, Enrique, Henry and I spent the day frolicking in the pool. Stiven, the caretaker, asked me whether I wanted to see the stables. I jumped at the opportunity since the other thre had went into town to buy fresh meat to cook on the parilla later that night.

   I followed Stiven into the stable and he showed me the horses, the last being a black stallion .Stiven asked whether I wanted to see something hot. I said sure and he brought a mare into the stallion´s stall and almost immediately the stallion mounted the mare with it´s black horse dick. I watched the scene develop between the two and could see the stallion´s cock dripping with thick horse semen when he was finished with the mare. 

   Stiven had taken the opportunity of my distracted attention  and took out his black cock and was sitting on a bale of hay with his pants drawn down to his ankles. As I looked toward Stiven, I noticed his hard cock was there waiting for me, resembling the black stallion´s horsecock. I got between his fury legs and made my way to its length, my tongue licking his hairy calves, next his heavy sperm bloated balls and finally his huge black cock. I told him I was sucking the black stallion¨ in search of the same thick cream. Stiven leaned back and enjoyed my mouth on his dick. He told me to take my shorts off so he could fuck me, but before he did he wanted to give me something first. After sucking the two guerilla cock´s he realized he liked sucking dick. I stood befor him with my hard nine inches and proceeded to suck my cock. 

   I had always enjoyed getting sucked off by black guys since they were accustomed to sucking black guys off,but there was also their thick lips which seemed to coax the cum out of a guy´s balls. Stiven after only sucking the two cocks during the night before had been a good student. He could swallow my cock to my balls with no problem and I could sense he wanted my cream since he had only tasted the precum of two men. He kept nursing my member til I felt my balls rise up. I tried to warn him but he held me with a tight grip. I could feel the first spurt of my semen enter his mouth til the point he had to swallow or spit. He swallowed to my astonishment and continued to swallow all I had to give. After filling his stomach full of my cream, he let my cock slip from his thick lips, and leaned back savoring my taste in his mouth. Stiven´s cock was steel hard and I used some of my cum to lubricate my pucker. I straddled his black spear and eased down on its length. He grabbed my buns and started to ease his cock inside,each time i was able to take more of his member until I could feel his big balls hitting my asscheeks. We were both lost in the moment and I heard someone entering the stable. It was dusk at this time, and I could see at least eight men in the shadows of the horse barn.

   They were watching me getting fucked by Stiven and had taken their cocks out. All at once I heard a voice that I recognized from the night before. It was the voice of the jefe, the man Stiven was forced to suck and I the one who swallowed his hot cream. He told us to continue which we did until Stiven filled my ass with his heavy, thick load of cum. Then the jefe of the guerilla brought his huge cock in sight. Evidently they had been watching us from afar since el jefe  said since I liked sex with big black cocks he said what about sucking off the the black stallion´s cock. I had never had sex with an animal or even had thoughts about it. He ordered Stiven to put a harness on the black stallion to control him. He then told me to start sucking off the stallion´s cock. I was ready to vomit thinking about doing that  to a horse but el jefe gave me no choice. He wanted to see it and there was no way out. Stiven held the stallion steady as I started to suck its cock. I was surprised how it responded ,exposing its huge head from its foreskin. Actually I thought it would be worse than it was, I was able to take a few inches inside my mouth,my tongue searching for the huge cock slit. The stallion started to drip huge amounts of precum,coating the inside of my mouth. All at once ,the stallion started to tremble and its organ enlarged and shot  its equine semen inside my mouth. I swallowed some but there was so much that it squirted out the sides of my mouth to cover the floor below.  He then ordered both Stiven and I to suck him off. Both of us knelt in front of this military dressed man. He had only exposed his cock and heavy balls for servicing. I started first,licking his hairy balls,recognizing their taste and smell. Stiven was sucking his cock above. I could see each time the soldier´s length disappeared within Stiven´s lips. The other men were all jacking their cocks,waiting for their turns after their jefe had been satisfied by the both of us. 

   This situation reminded me when I was working in the rebel controlled areas of the Sudan before there was a South and a North. I was working as a liason to men who at the time had control of the country. I was working in the bush retrieving intelligence for them. At one point, our convoy was overtaken by the rebels. We were broght to their headquarters where all the men with me were shot and killed. I was American so I was more valuable alive. I was kept in a cell watched by a guard constantly. There was a different guard for the night and for the day. During the day, there were many rebels around to prevent any abuse. At night, however the guard was free to do anything that he wanted I must admit I had my share of black cock and at every opportunity I would partake in this forbidden fruit. There were no women at this camp so the men were always open to getting off anyway they could. 

   The guard at night was always pacing back and forth in front of my jail cell. I could see he was hung with a black cock at least eight inches soft. I stared at his basket constantly until he noticed my stare. He asked me why I was staring at his crotch constantly. I didn´t acknowledge his question and kind of laughed it off since they executed guys that even had the inkling of having  sex with another man in the Sudan.  One night, I had fallen asleep,the head of my cot was against the bars. I awoke feeling something rubbing agaist my lips. I opened my eyes to find the guard´s hard cock tringing to enter between my lips. He said he knew I wanted to suck it and it would be our secret. I couldn´t resist, seeing it had grown from eight inches to eleven inches. He had ahuge foreskin still covering the head. As he was seeking to part my lips, I let his member in, savoring the musk of his bush and balls. I pursed my lips so when it entered the foreskin would slide and expose its head. I could taste his precum already starting to flow. I was drunken by the taste and started to suck him off. He was fucking my lips through the bars which made the scene even hotter. I let him do the work until he groaned and filled my mouth. This went on nightly til my government paid a sum of money for release. I must have sucked this guard off at least twnty times til I was freed. I must admit after that I waas hooked on black cock and their cum.

    I had my fill of black cum until I was transferred to Colombia. I hadný realized Colombia was full of men with huge black cocks to suck off.   



   After a few minutes, Stiven and I switched positions we me engulfing the saliva laden cock above and Stiven the balls below. The jefe rocked back and forth on his heels and announced who wanted his load. Since I had taken it ealier I let Stiven have it. Stiven encased his cock within his throat and got ready for the burst of leche that was sure to come soon. I was continuing to suck his balls when I felt them rise up. I could see a tube near his balls begin to pulsate with spasms knowing the cream of this soldier was on its way to fill Stiven´s mouth. I could see when he had the first taste of the man´s semen. I could even see the throat muscles start to swallow the  endless stream that I had swallowed. Stiven was doing his best but drips of cum were coming down onto balls below which I quickly savored and captured. After a few minutes the jefe stood back with his shrunken cock in his hand and motioned it was time for the next to be serviced. 





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