¨  After  the jefe of the guerilla unit was satisfied, he motioned to the next in line. The black man that came forward couldn´t have been older than eighteen years of age. And there was a strange resemblance to Stiven, the caretakerof the farm, both in cock size and facial appearance. He was holding a cock almost the size of Stiven´s big black cock. As he stood above me already jacking his erect cock he was deciding who was going to service him. The young soldier motioned both of us to kneel before him, Stiven was acting real strange and apprehensive to the young man before us.

   Finally, he mentioned the word ¨hermano when he asked Stiven who wanted to suck his cock. Yes ,the young man before us was Stiven´s younger brother who had been enlisted by the guerilla group several years before. Again he said who wanted to suck his cock his own brother or the ¨gringo.¨ He turned his cock, already slimy with precum from jacking off toward his brother. Stiven who was on his knees to the left of me, knew what he had to do and inched his mouth toward the huge cock. I watched intently as Stiven began to suck his own brother´s cock. At first, there was alot of hestitation on Stiven´s part but in no time, he was sucking the cock before him, trying to please him in everyway. The soldier told Stiven to take more of his cock into his mouth which he did engulfing at least eight inches of its length and he began thrusting his cock forward into the sucking lips. I could see Stiven´s cock getting aroused as a third one of the men came forward for my service to him. 

   As he came toward me  I tried to count the line of men behind him. I figured there were at least ten more soldiers that we would have to satisfy with our mouths and our asses. I looked to my left where Stiven was sucking his own brother´s cock now with an almost catatonic stare. on his face. Evidently he was doing a good job since his brother told him to suck his balls while he fisted his cock. The third guy before was uncut about nine inches ,he had dropped his pants to his ankles and waved his hard cock at me. I knew what to do as I got between his heavy muscled calves. I figured to use all my talent of sucking cock to get this over as soon as possible, knowing there were many more after him. I started to suck his cock with the vigorous sucking like I had given to Stiven´s black member before. In no time I could feel the soldier´s calves start to tense up and I readied myself for his cum. I could tell from the groans of Stiven´s brother that he was almost ready also. I tasted the first wad of cum hitting the back of my throat and continued to suck I could see Stiven after sucking his brother´s balls was back trying to take his huge member with each thrust gasping for air. All at once, his brother announced that he was coming and I watched Stiven´s cheeks swell out and only subside when he drank the contents. His brother satisfied withdrew his cock dragging strings of cum attached to Stiven´s lips and its cockhead. I had finished the third soldier´s reward and waited for the next. He  was replaced by a soldier about my age with a thick cock who after a few minutes in my mouth had knelt behind me and penetrated my ass which was full of Stiven´s cum from before. 

   Stiven´s next soldier to be serviced turned out to be his cousin, again with a family resemblance in cock and facial appearance. His cousin got behind Stiven and entered his hole with his huge black organ . I watched Stiven being rode while my ass was being filled with cum of soldier fucking me. Only to be replaced by another cock. At this point, I couldn´t tell how big their cocks were since my head was forced into the stable´s hay covered floor. I would only raise my head when one was through  abusing my ass. I managed to look over at Stiven who had just been filled by his cousin´s cum. He looked exhausted  from the onslought of his own family´´s big cocks. Stiven was now laying on his side facing me with another cock in his ass and in his mouth. After they both deposited their semen loads within the orifices of the caretaker ,his younger brother came forward again  and wanted his older  brother´s ass. I watched as his younger brother made Stiven lay on his back and ease his  member into Stiven´s well lubricated hole. Stiven was taking his brother´s black cock like a trooper, his brother having pinned his legs up over his shoulders with his arms. I could see Stiven´s cock begin to rise and he began to enjoy his brother´s tool inside him to the point he was jacking himself off. All at once I could see the hot load of cum spurt from his cock onto his chest. His younger seemed pleased with the outcome and withdrew his member from his brother´s ass and made Stiven finish him  off with his mouth. I could see his his cheeks bloat as his younger brother deposited its load of semen within.

   I looked at the line and there were only two left, I had lost count of how many there were but it was almost complete. There were two left as I inched my body to the second to the last who was waiting for me sitting on a bale of hay. I got between his legs and went to work on his cock ,savoring the jungle sweat  and taste of urine still on his cock and balls. They had finished with Stiven who was laying on the floor almost oblivious to what was going on around him. I continued to suck this next to last soldier until he started to buck against my face increasing in speed and thrusts. I knew he was close since I massaged his balls with my fingers wanting to taste his cum. As I looked at Stiven still naked with his shrunken cock exposed I felt sorry for what he had been through since he had never before meeting me had ever had sex with another man for that matter a family member. I felt the cock I was sucking spasm and release it cun from the jewels hanging below. One left, I hoped he would come to me and leave Stiven in peace, but it wasn´t meant to be. 

   The last soldier came forward and motioned me to eat out Stiven´s ass and for Stiven to do the same to me. I got next to Stiven and side by side started lapping all the remnants of all the soldiers´ cum in our asses. The last guy  was jacking his cock intensely with the scene before him. Finally he started tp spurt his load half for me into  the ass crack of Stiven and half for Stiven, filling my crack with the last remaining spurts.Stiven and I lapped each other´s crack util all reminants of the soldier´s load was gone.

After the last soldier had satisfied his needs, he pulled up his pants and spat on both of us. I knew all these soldiers hated us bad and reveled in the fact that they had accomplished what they came for this day.The jefe of the guerilla stood in front of Stiven with his cock semi erect. Stiven thought he wanted another blow job ,but I knew what he wanted from Stiven. As Stiven took his member between his lips he started pissing making Stiven drink his hot  piss. His brother came to me then asked for the same favor,I took his black uncut cock between my lips and waiting until I was drinking his hot,yellow piss. I helped Stiven to his feet when I knew they were all gone and had disappeared into the jungle from which they came or had back to the small town to blend in again with the inhabitants.






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