After Enrique and his Uncle finishing their fuck, Stiven was really ready for sex and said ¨Let´s find some more private place where we can enjoy ourselves.¨ He brought a blanket along with him and we found ourselves in a grove of coffee trees called el Cafetal. It was pitch dark, but my eyes eventually accustomed to the darkness. Stiven had found a perfect spot on the further outskirts of the farm away from anyone. He spread the blanket in a clearing of the coffee plantation.and stripped down to nothing. I started to undress looking down at him laying on his back with his huge black cock directed to the sky. Stiven was pure macho there was no kissing,touching my cock, his only interest was his pleasure and to empty his cum-filled balls down my throat or in my ass.

   As I laid on the blanket beside him, he straddled my chest and brought his cock to my mouth. As he entered I could taste the strong salty taste of his slime leaking from his cock. It was intoxicating sucking his big black uncut monster . Stiven said he was going to fill my stomach with leche and afterwards fuck my ass . He said we had all night and wouldn´t be disturbed. Stiven asked  me to eat his ass like I did with Henry at the jacuzzi. He pulled his cock from my lips and laid on his back, I bunched up the blanket raising his ass. I started licking below his bloated balls, seeking  a specific target. It wasn´t long til my tongue was spearing his hairy hole. It had a musky odor , not at all unpleasant. As I was eating his ass he said ¨Go deeper ¨which I did. I was actually fucking his asshole with my talented tongue which drove him crazy. He started to jack his cock off until he said quick he was about to shoot. I squirmed up between his legs and positioned my mouth just above the head of his cock. As he started to tremble he threw back his head. I brought my lips to surround his entire head and even managed to force a finger into his asshole which had made him have a more intense orgasm. 

   I tasted the first spurt flooding my throat just as I touched his prostate  with my finger. Stiven at that point was thrusting his organ halfway  down my throat.. I continued to drink his sperm til his balls were empty. I was astonished that his cock didn´t shrink after I was done. I kept him enclosed within my lips unti he pulled his cock. He laid on the blanket saying it was the most fantastic blow job he had ever received. We laid side by side until he was ready to fuck my ass. I wasn´t looking forward to getting fucked by such a huge cock but I would give it a try. He got behind me as I was on all fours ,We didn´t have any lubricate so he used his spit. I felt the head start to enter and winced in pain., but he was gentle allowing me time to get use to his size. 

   After that he started to give me a few inches at a time. I started to jack my cock off as he thrusting became more fervant. After a while I was really getting into being fucked  and pushed back my ass to receive each thrust. We were oblivious to what was going on around us, Stiven intent on emtying his balls again and I receiving his reward.

   All at once , I saw three shadows appearing out of the darkness, coming toward us. The three men dressed in military uniforms stood over us, looking down at me impaled by a huge cock. I felt a fear come over me when Stiven said it was El Farc¨¨the guerilla. One of the men said to Stiven to continue to fuck me which he did with apprehension. I watched as the three had taken out their cocks, already erect. Stiven contunued to fuck my ass as the three men jacked their cocks in unison .I could hear them muttering in Spanish that they were going to have a great time with Stiven and I.  One of them,I assumed their commanding officer told Stiven to change position and fuck me on my back. Stiven pulled his cock out and motioned to me to lay on my back. As I did Stiven got between my legs and entered once again.The head guy peeled his camaouflage pants down and kneeled on the blanket with his legs straddling my head. As I looked up his thick uncut cock and balls were dangling just above my mouth. As Stiven fucked me the man above said for me to lick his balls. He lowered his bloated, hairy balls to my lips which I tried to accomodate but couldn´t since they were too big. So I encircled  each nut,savoring the sweaty,masculine taste.He motioned to Stiven to suck his cock or verga while I serviced his balls.Stiven hestitated  and the other two soldiers came close to Stiven with their rifles and said do what their jefe wanted. Stiven inched forward and took the erect organ between his lips and started sucking at  first with digust , but then with more fervor. I watched from below as Stiven took more of this eight inch cock within his lips. I continued to lick his balls and even stabbed at his assbud which brought moans from the guy above. I could hear the other two shedding their uniforms, almost fighting with one another about who was going to fuck Stiven. The one who won the argument got behind Stiven and lubricated his 10 inch cock with spit and tried to enter Stiven-s virgin hole. Stiven was in no position to refuse entrance of the guy´s shaft since he was inside me and sucking the head guy. I could feel Stiven tense as the soldier´s member finally entered to hole .The other soldier knelt beside Stiven´s head and demanded service to his 9 inch cock. Stiven pulled his quivering lips off the head guy´s cock and went to work  on the cock from the side. As the head guy´s cock became visible and dropped close to my mouth ,I started to suck it off. I knew Stiven and I had to please their three men and hope the outcome would be one where they would let us go and not kidnap us. As the guy above me realized I was more talented at sucking cock he put all his attention to thrusting his cock down my throat. I could feel the guy fucking Stiven from behind ,thrusting in and out relishing in his task. Stiven started to fuck me in unison with the one fucking him, all the while Stiven was sucking the guy ´s cock kneeling next to his head. I continued to service the cock and even managed to take it´s great length to his balls .I could tell his balls were rising and firming up ,knowing it wouldn´t be long til he was filling my mouth with his spunk.

   It seemed like an eternity til I was having my ass filled with Stiven´s cream and then tasting the load of the guy I was sucking  above me. The guy fucking Stiven let out a shout as he filled Stiven´s virgen ass. The third guy that Stiven was sucking abruptly stopped and replaced the guy behind Stiven . It wasn´t long til he was getting another load in his ass. All three men after being satisfied by Stiven got up and dressed. The head guy said he needed to take a piss and motioned to me to do him one last favor. I encircled his now shrunken cock and soon tasted his hot urine which at that point , I forced myself to drink. After the other two told me stiven and I to lay together naked on the blanket and proceeded to splash us with their piss. After relieving themselves, the  three men then disappeared in the darkness as Stiven and I thought about what had just happened. Stiven said we couldn´t tell anyone what had just happened and that we had to accept it. Stiven said he had never been fucked  and for that matter had another guy´s cock down his throat. We quickly dressed and left the clearing thinking maybe there were more in the vicinity. Both of us found ourselves  lucky since ¨El Farc¨usually kidnaps their victims or at  worst kills them. As we were walking through the coffee trees I could still taste the mixed heavy taste of cum and urine from the head guy.

  When we reached the farmhouse I said goobye to Stiven and went to my room. Henry who awoke as I entered asked me whether I was lucky with the caretaker, Stiven.I grinned at him and Iwent to take a shower since I could smell the urine from being pissed on As I was showering  I thought to myself just how lucky I was I was still here and for that matter alive . I pulled back the covers of the bed I was sharing with Henry and he was hard as a rock wanting sex  once again. Since I hadn´t emptied my balls  through the ordeal I was still horny as hell I ended up fucking Henry, reliving every second of what had happened earlier that night.As I filled his ass with my cream, I fell asleep with my cock  stlll within Henry´s ass.

   The next day, Enrique, Uncle Pablo and I went in into town for some last minute items . After we had shopping, Uncle Pablo invited both Enrique and I for lunch in the main plaza of the town. As we were sitting eating I noticed three men entering the  restaurant. I realized it was the three men who had come upon Stiven and I fucking. They were dressed  as civilians and sat at a table next to us. I felt a fear come over me hoping they wouldn´t recognize me ,but I could see the  knowing looks on all three men´s faces. As we finished and got up to leave, we were passing their table  the head guy addressed  me with a nod and motioned me to come closer. As I stopped, he asked me whether I enjoyed Colombia and all its hidden jewels. I looked down at his swollen crotch and said so far the jewels I have  discovered  have rewarded me with many great memories.

   When I got back to the farm, I found Stiven and mentioned I had run into the three men. I said they were dressed as civilians and he said that is how Ël Farc¨blends in. 




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