my name is trent, im a 19 year old freshman in college, im on the swim team. im 5' 10” and weigh 160 pounds with a slim build and ass length blond hair. i have icy blue eyes, washboard abs and a 10 inch cock.

"Trent speed your ass up, your falling behind!" coach smith yelled, pulling me out of my daydream. the coach was a small 5 foot man with a shaved head and a small beer belly. his voice was gravelly from a life of smoking.

i started to swim faster, easily closing the gap that formed, then pushed myself ahead of them, passing the finish line in 1st place. the rest of the team on the bench started to cheer cause for the 1st time in 26 years we beat our rivals, the silverburg sailfish. i got out of the pool, then was swept off my feet by the team, their tiny speedo bound cocks bouncing as then jumped up and down, my best friend jacob, the 6 foot, 175 pound, captain of the team, his shaggy gold hair, bouncing along with his silver speedo bound cock, his aquamarine blue eyes smiling at me as he grinned and pulled me onto his shoulders.

“You did it Trent, you beat the sailfish” he said, my crotch resting on the back of his neck. he took me into the shower, where the rest of the team was drying off, their hard cocks wer bouncing as they got dressed in the steam filled room.

by the time jacob put me down, the rest of the team were leaving, leaving me and my crush alone, just the thought about that made me get a boner, streching my speedo until the side strap snapped, my huge cock spilling out, the sound echoed off the walls, bringing jacobs gaze from my eyes downward to my boner.

“looks like you broke your favorite speedo, this room is notorious for causing boners, dont move and ill fix it the strap”

he sank to his knees, causing me to blush at what i wish he was going to do down there. he put his face next to my crotch, his hot breath against my shaft giving away his horniness. i turned bright red as he leaned forward and took the broken strap in his hands, tugging it together then took a needle and sewed it back together. he let go after he fixed it, as soon as he let go, it broke again, my cock spilling out again, making just the smallest drop of precum fly off the head, and into his open mouth. he closed his mouth and eyes in bliss then after a few minutes he opened his eyes, swallowed and spoke

“seems that i cant fix it as long as you hav a boner, mabey i can take care of that little problem for you.” he said with a smirk

before i could say no, he grabbed the base of my cock, and licked my piss slit, he pulled off, put his teeth together, then opened his mouth just enough to slide my cock into that wetness, his teeth rubbing against the nerves as i moaned loudly. i pushed his head down on me more, as i thrust my hips forward, he relaxed his throat enough to take me down to the root, i moaned louder and thrust harder

“ahh, fuck yeah jacob. i-im g-onn-a Cuuuummmm. aaaahhhhhhhh” i screamed as jet after jet of thick, silky white jizz flew in his mouth and onto his face, he swallowed all of it easily, stood up then kissed me, making me taste my saltiness. he thrust his tounge into my mouth as we fought for dominance. reaching down he groped my ass, making the lusty fog clear out of my brain for a moment. i stood up, and pushed him away.

“stop, what are we doing, im straight. leave me alone.”

i ran out of the shower then, grabbing my clothes and running to my car, my eyes tearing up as i drove home.



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