When i was 16 i was still a virgin and nobody knew i was bi except for some friends and my cousin. so i had never had a bf s i was always horny and lonely so every now and then i would play with myself in the shower and finger myself and stuff like that well i had always wondered what it would feel like to use a vibrator but i never had the money to buy one so i was layin in my bed one night textin and i had my phone on vibrate well thats when i had an idea so i started to mess and play with myself then i went and turned on my alarm clock for a min later and then i put the end of it in my ass and i let it vibrate away and boy was i going crazy i could hardly stay still i felt great i was so hard and so hot it was great i had came everywhere all over my stomach and everything then i pulled my phone out whipped it off and went back to texting my friends and thats how me and my phone became new best friends for years to come it feels great i think everyone that does not have a vibrator should try it. thats my first story i hoped you liked it



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