Laying on the bed i was thinking about the previous nights events with the conversation repeating in my mind like a song on loop "Krystisn had been reported missing"

i toss and turn with this conversation still in my mind and i eventually cried myself to sleep...

waking up in the morning is like a chore for me now but i was determined to find Krystian and i will look through his favourite spots

i got up and got dressed and heading out feeling like sherlock holmes looking for my one true man

i started looking round the local park listening to my music through my headphones

i soon walked past a guy who looked an awful like Krystian so i stopped and had another look when i realised it was.

my heart just immediately stopped and i couldn't look anymore at him cause of the guilt of cheating on him and the fact he left without me knowing.

i then decided i could not leave without talking to him so i sat down on the bench beside him and looked into his eyes

"why did you leave" i questioned him

"i know what happened with you and your mate having sex in a public toilet" he screamed at me tears running down his cheek

i took a long time to realise that i possibly have wrecked the most romantic relationship i ever had but i was determined to win him back.

"i'm so sorry Krystian i wasn't thinking at the time and it won't happen again your the love of my life and i hate seeing you upset" i explained as i wrap an arm around him

i then notice that he quickly blushes as he grabs my hand.

"its ok andrew i accept your apology and i would like us to move on with our relationship" he said.

i squeezed his hand as his face moved closer to mine and he gave me the longest kiss you could imagine.

we then stood up and held each others hand as we walk back to our home.

we got through the front door as He led me upstairs and into the bathroom as we snog and grope each others bodies

he turns on the shower as he finishes off shaving as i admire his physique and we climb into the shower our bodies close together under the waterfall

we kiss under the waterfall and i tease him by stroking his cock head as he moans in my mouth.

i then let it go as we spread soap onto our bodies and he gets my cock and ass nice and clean.

we then rinse our bodies and step out the shower as we share a towel on our bodies and we lay on the bed as i spoon him

"hmm i love you so much" he moans at me

"i love you too i am so damned lucky to have you as a partner" i said

"babe don't mention it anymore we're passed that" he said

so we layed in bed cuddling and look into each other's eyes. in Krystian's eyes i could see the man i love and adored and have been waiting for all my life

we remove the towel from us and get into bed my head resting on his chest as i listen to his heart beating

i drifted into that familiar trance known as sleep when i was interuppted by Krystian kissing me (not that i was complaining)

i then decided to tease him by licking the head of his penis and he starts moaning loudly

taking this as a signal to carry on i start sucking on it and roll my tounge across the head making him moan even more. i test this by deepthroating him which makes me gag slightly but i ignore this reflex

i take his cock out of my mouth and i start eating his ass out as he moans when my long tongue rubs against his prostrate.

he jerks himself off as this happens and he starts shaking from the intense pleasure and i see him shooting his cum out up to his neck.

i take my tounge out and lick from his cockhead and up to his neck sharing a cummy kiss.

"sweetie i have a surprise for you" Krystian says as he opens a drawer and hands me an envelope

i opened this envelope and it contained two airplane tickets to Australia.

"i bought these before we went on that dinner date. i love you andrew and i want us to take a holiday together"

i looked at the tickets as i was overwhelmed with joy and cuddled him.

excited by the prospects of what this relationship could bring





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