I never thought I would have met my one true love but it turns out that a series of unfortunate accidents triggers the greatest love period of my life.

Time for the first encounter I had with my manly stud

I was in my physical education lesson when I was practicing with the dumb bell and dropped it on my foot accidentally.

Of course I was howling in pain and the teacher phoned the ambulance.

As I was taken in the ambulance I had seen a rather sexy older nurse. I was 20 and he was a delicious 25-26. With brown hair brown eyes and from his uniform I could see a nicely toned body with thick arms. I could not tell the size of his package but it's something I was very interested in

I then was in hospital for the first few days and he was my regular nurse to take care and exam my body.

I know what your thinking but it wasn't like a bad porno movie.

I eventually left the hospital after about a week as I was given support equipment for my balance.

I was hobbling around trying to make a cup of tea when the phone rang.

"hello this is dr slovinski and I was checking up on you see if you need anything" he asked with a sense of a sexy voice 

"would it be inappropriate if I said a good hard shag" I replied back innocently

"not inappropriate at all big boy. But before we get ahead of ourselves why don't we go out on a date. My treat" he questioned me.

"sure let me get some decent clothes on" I said as I ended the call

A few minutes later I was dressed in my black suit with smart shoes and a watch on my wrist as I had giorgio armarni cologne on.

He picked me up in his very nice car which model I cannot remember it's name but I do know he had sexy sunglasses on as he helped me into his car.

He drove us down to the restaurant and got our table which he booked previously and we sat down as he ordered our drinks

Before I even had the chance to speak he locked lips with me in passionate embrace. The world felt like it was melting away and we were the only 2 left.

He then pulled his lips off mine

"sorry you were saying?" he asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

"nothing your lips kinda made me lose track of my thoughts" I replied in a lustful voice.

We had the meal which was absolutely divine and being the gentleman he is he took my hand as we left the restaurant.

He returned me to my place as we stood by my front door

"do you want to come in?" I asked Dr Slavinski

"sure and call me Krystian" he said

I let him in admiring his round firm buttocks as they swung side to side.

I pinched a cheek as he looked back and winked at me

I pushed him against the wall and sucked on his neck ending in several love bites on his neck as he moans

I start kissing his neck and I slowly push my tongue into Krystian's mouth.

He keeps on kissing me as he lifts me in his arms and carries me up the stairs like a newlywed couple would.

He lays me on the bed and keeps kissing me as he lifts up my shirt and pinches my nipples

I moan out loud as the pleasure starts to flow through my body.

"strip for me doctor I need to see your body" I moan like a slut

He stands up as I sit up gently and watch the erotic sensation that was in front of me.

He took off his coat and his shirt to reveal an 8 pack tanned body. His nipples were erect and ready to be sucked.

He then took off his pants which revealed Calvin klien briefs and a nice bulge forming inside there.

He then takes off his shoes and socks and reveal size 11 smooth feet. 

He then lays back on the bed as I start removing my clothes which he genuinely helped me with like a gentleman

I start sucking the head of my future loves cock as I make him squirm in pleasure

I take more of his cock in my mouth as I relax my gagging reflex and keep sucking making him moan and groan in pleasure

He then takes my mouth off his dick and he starts to eat my ass out as I moan in pleasure and can feel his tongue digging deep inside me

This only lasted a few seconds as he helped me to sit on his 10 inch member as I wince in pain at first.

He snogs me and reassures that he will be gentle. I start bobbing my ass up and down on him as he quickens the pace and looks at me.

As he eventually got faster I start cumming onto his abs which he rubs it into his abs.

This then sent him over the edge as he shot inside my ass

I then lay on top of him his cock still inside me and breathing heavily and resting head on his chest

I had the smallest inkling that he was my One True Love...





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