I sat in the business department lounge with Krystian having a small glass of champagne as our eyes met and he leaned in to give me another passionate kiss.

the announcer then spoke our flight number over the tanoy system and we got our bags and got on our business class seats.

whilst in the flight krystian was dressed in a very loose dressing gown after being pampered which made my loins burn for passion

the pilot then announced we were to land at our destination shortly and i was suddenly overfilled with sense of joy and excitement

we landed at the airport and as we walked down the ladder and onto the tarmac i noticed the pilot who was rather young and hunky. he looked damn sexy

i walked past him as he gave me a heart warming smile and he quickly slipped a peice of paper in my pocket as he winked at me.

i tried not to look back as krystian has his arm around my back and we enter the airport

we walked through to baggage reclaim and i let him pick up our suitcase and dragging it with us to the taxi.

we got into the taxi and he held me closer to his chest as we give each other a peck on the lips

the driver asks us if we are a married couple and i look at Krystian who has a smile on his face which makes me wonder what he has planned for me

we arrive at our hangout and it was a place where celebrities would live in to keep away from the press. the place was huge and magnificent

he opened the door for me as i walked in and admired the sheer decoration and size of the property

i then notice Krystian wrapping his arms around me as he covers my neck in kisses and love bites.

"someone's hungry for me?" i say.

"yeah i am so wanna check the bedroom?" he says with a cheeky smile on his face.

"sure naughty man" i reply as i smack his ass cheek

he giggles as i grab his hand but in positive shock he lifts me up into his arms and carries me up the stairs

he lays me on the bed as he also lays on top of me and he kisses me gently

he then teases me by standing up as i was expecting for more kisses but got a sweeter surprise

there was Krystian stood at the end of the bed carrying a bag of rose petals which he threw into the air and covered me and the bed

he then lays on top of me yet again but this time he removes my clothes as gently yet passionately as possible

he then treats me to a strip show where i can touch him as he wants as he starts dancing seductively to cascada

i licked my lips as i enjoyed the show appearing in front of me he then appears before me in his naked sexy state as he helps me get rid of my clothes

we then lay on top of one another as he grinds his body against me

he then starts to suck my dick as i moan out loud in pure pleasure and i stick my tounge up his hot bubble ass

i do whatever i can possibly to turn him on even more i even insert a finger inside him alongside my tongue and he moans whilst my dick is in his mouth

i take my tounge and fingers out as i watch him working on my dick more. it was a beautiful sight in front of me the hot hunky stud devouring my cock like that.

i sucked on his balls gently as i watch and i savoured to taste every part of his body.

as if he just read my mind he stopped giving me that awesome blowjob

"Andrew i have a serious question that i want you to answer" he said to me with a stern look as he whistled.

i sat up to see what was happening and walking into my room were 2 hunky waitors in bow ties and nothing else on holding champagne flutes as Krystian knelt down on one knee in front of me.

" Andrew you are the love of my life and this holiday just proves how commited you are to me. Will you marry me?" he asks with a tear rolling down his week.

i look at him with tears rolling down my eyes and i wrap my arms around his neck. "don't be silly and cry of course i will marry you" i respond.

he then twirls me in the air and gives me kisses. nothing could spoil this happy occasion...

TO BE CONTINUED ----------------------




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