I just had another passionate night with Krystian after he proposed to me. he is currently sleeping as i lay my head on his chest

he starts stroking my hair as i was lost in deep sleep dreaming of our incoming wedding day.

i then feel him kissing my lips softly which surprisingly does not disturb my train of thought

i then notice that he is stroking my cock using his expert fingers as i open my eyes and register his gaze upon me

i then start feeling my cock getting hard against his hand as he continues his slow pace

i look into his eyes as he bites on my neck gently

"careful now i do not want a big mark on my neck and having to explain it to the preist" i said

"i don't care as long as we actually get married" he replies as he continues.

i moan softly as i rub my finger across his asshole gently caressing it.

he then sits up and straddles my face as i shove my tounge deep inside his ass as he rubs it all over my face which was such a turn on

i made sure his inner walls were slick so i could pound my potential husband later

he then stands up and sits back down

"your not going anywhere till i fill you up with my spunk" i said with a cheeky grin as i show him my handcuffs

i handcuff him to the bed and tie ropes around his ankles as he looked so sexy being restrained in that way

i start pushing the head of my dick into his ass as he starts moaning out loud and i look at his face contorted in lust and passion

i then lay on top of him as i rotate my hips and start pistoning in and out of him as he moans of pure delight

i look into his beautiful eyes as i start to unload into his ass as i feel it filling him up

i then feel a puddle of cum sticking me to him as he had just finished cumming

i then try to carry him but because of his weight and strength i could not

he giggles as he lifts me up and takes us to the shower which we step into

he then helps me to cleanse myself and use a douse for after the wedding feativities as he lifts me up and pins me to the wall snogging me

"your not gonna get my cock anymore till it is our honeymoon" he whispers in my ear as he dry humps me

DAY OF THE WEDDING --------------------------- it is the day of the wedding and i am staying over at a mates house since i am not supposed to see the groom before the wedding

i was getting my hair and tuxedo sorted having his favourite broche attached to it as i drew a small tear in my eye

"hey mate don't cry because your marrying the love of your life" my mate says as he comforts me with a hug

whilst huggin i could not stop thinking those thoughts i had about the pilot and i feel a little guilty about it. but then again why should i since i'm not physically cheating on my man

so the moment i was waiting for as i entered the wedding ceremony and krystian was dressed in a white tuxedo with a black tie looking alot like James Bond

i then faced the love of my life as he held onto the hand that my engagement finger was on

the preist then went through the usual procedures of marriage until the final question

"Andrew Vaughan do you take Krystian Schmidt to be your husband?"

"i do" i say in reply with some tears flowing down my cheek

Krystian was also asked the same question with "i do" as the response and he carries me out of the building and into the taxi

as we are in the taxi back to ours i hold his hand as he snogs me

"well we are finally a married couple" he says with a smile

we enter the front door of our place and sat down on the sofa with a glass of champagne to celebrate

i then notice Krystian is acting rather strange so i asked him whats up

"Andrew i know about the pilot which is why you're gonna have a threesome with him and me dominating you. you slut" he said in an aggressive tone.

he lifts me and carries me to the bedroom as he handcuffs me to the bed and cuffs my feet

then Krystian stands before me naked and the pilot walks in with full uniform on.

"feast your eyes on this captain" krystian says in sexy talk

i then notice that they start to approach my defenceless body...





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