“Babe, come on, eat up quickly.”

He urged in a stern way, feeling that I didn’t keep up with him. He took another cut to the slice of meat, and took a big hearty bite.

I gave a perfected fake smile and followed him pace of chewing, forcing myself to swallow these morbid things in my mouth. The good acting days had trained me well, too well that pretending that we were together for years, celebrating our 7th year anniversary felt really real for me.

The chemistry between us was definitely there, it’s too bad that this guy has some life-threatening flaws.

“That’s it babe, eat it up and be lean and sexy like me, you wouldn’t want to end up like that creepy guy with that lens shooting device.”

Like this.

I have a small laugh at his unintentional attempt at the joke.

“We call that lens shooting device a camera.”

In a quick succession, I imagine myself holding a camera in an opposite way, clicking the imaginary button and perform sets of expressions in a most comical way I can think of.

He laughed as well, and the laughter between us become really loud.

It’s fortunate that both of us live somewhere remote, even in rural standards, so that we won’t be embarrassed from annoyed neighbours.

It’s unfortunate for me to live somewhere remote even in rural stands, so a curious explorer wouldn’t see our laugh, and if he has a keen perception, he would see that my left hand is shaking horribly the moment after my mate finished his sentence.


At night, movement and activity is limited for me, the most I’m able to do is simply read or having a nice after dinner walk with him, but the lane that we usually walk are scary, risqué & scarily arousing and sometimes he has his own plans that didn’t want involve me because of him & because of me.

So this is a usual book reading day, and with the size of our bookshelf, it would easily take me a year to finish reading, half of a year to finish the synopsis, & finally a year and a half to convince him to act out the books that contains stories. And once all of them done, a long argument led us to do a book exchange program, for all the old books in the shelf when I first stepped into his house, to a new set of, unfortunately, stories with an inferior quality in writing.

The once that I’m currently reading is about a dystopian society, where it is used as a backdrop for a love story, misery for everybody all around instead of working to deserve better for themselves and predictably, love trump corrupt systems. Couldn’t get more predictable than that.

With the usual reading speed that I have right now, and a good understanding paragraphs after paragraphs, I have nearly conquered half of a brick stool before he arrive to our room.

Primal nude as usual, a way that a tiger sensually came home for a deserved, relaxing action after a hard work of murdering preys, he lunged toward me arms wide, putting me in his embrace and both of us lie down our bed, with the now ignored book flew down the floor, giving it a big stomp.

“Babe, the book-“

He licked me from the chin to my lips, his lips guided his mouth towards me, our tongue did a friendly match on sparring, no victors or losers, just helping their owners spark together like static energy, painful in a good way.

All the while our body locked together in an embrace, us trying to merge together as one, dissolving our cocks into one. Then I feel the sensation distracted by something wet pouring on my body. Olive oil, I realized, lots of olive oil, the liquid that we have been using to enhance our play, his firm palms set around my back, and gave it a rub over me, until the fingers put into his favourite destination, my hole, which by right now is his to use 24/7 after I came here.

Those oily finger dipped into my ass one by one, little, ring, middle, index, thumb, thumb, index, middle, ring, thumb. All of them are as deep as he could be.


A chill shock through my brain, my body took a swift turn, having my body face up, eyes calibrates on him.

Him, in pure animalistic blood.

He opened both of my legs, showing off the hole ripe for cock, and showing off his chilling constant strength 7 years ago.

“I love you, babe.”

With that, he started the plug in.


The cock inside me is as enjoyable as always, but admittedly, having nothing but the same person fucking me constantly for 7 years once gave me the suggestion in our 5th year anniversary to go out together, and share our love with other people. Which ends up us getting very intimate with a boy we saw hitchhiking outside to my desired location, a boy that I think was homeless because of his clothes and no one went to us and ask for details about him.

The dinner after that day proves to be a bad idea, and I never tried think about that again.

“Babe, suck my cum.”

I felt my anus filling up with his cum, and my ass & stomach are able to tell my brain that brain has tortured them again.

And it ends up with us having a warm embrace, his warmness in the left, and my shivers in the right.

That’s, this is one normal day for us, even though this is supposed to be our anniversary, before I closed my eyes, hoping for a new, one normal day.



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