The sand was soft beneath my body and the sun was sizzling my skin. Summer in Majorca was exactly what I needed. Basking on the beach during the day, dinner at amazing restaurants in the evenings and dancing at the hottest clubs in the early hours of the morning was my idea of a holiday. And since I had already finished eighth grade and was planning on finishing the ninth by the end of the year I thought it was a holiday I deserved. So I had packed a suitcase, made Roger book my ticket and make sure that the villa was stocked and ready for my arrival. Roger never accompanied me on my holidays. Either I was dragged along to foreign places with my father or a bodyguard and, what was essentially a man-servant, accompanied me. This year John and Lukas the bodyguards and David the man-servant joined me in Majorca.

I wouldn't say I am proud of my lavish lifestyle, but it makes life easier and as long as I'm not completely alone, it keeps my father off my back.

I looked around at the packed beach and then inspected my skin to see if my tan was making any progress. I was browning up well. I turned around to lie on my stomach so that I could tan my back. I pulled down the top of my Speedo slightly so that my tan line wouldn't be too high and exposed the top of my smooth crack. I looked up to see my private beach tent with John standing at the entrance scanning the beach vigilantly. I folded my arms and rested my head on them only to find, to my right, two beachgoers lying about a metre away from me that had never been there before. They were two young guys, seventeen years at most and were very well built. I couldn't see there eyes due to the fact that they were wearing sunglasses but their chest were smooth and muscular and there nipples were dark against their very tanned skins. They turned to see me looking at them and I smiled seductively. They reciprocated with two perfectly white smiles. It was about fifteen minutes later when one of the guys came up to me and sat down in the sand next to me.

'Hi, my name is Luiz,' he said in a sexy Spanish accent, and looking over his shoulder asked, 'I saw you here yesterday. That is your tent over there?'

'Yes it is,' I answered still looking out to sea.

'What's your name?' he asked.


'Tristan, do you want to meet my friend Santos over there?'

'Yeah, sure,' I said sounding as nonchalant as possible.

Luiz motioned to his friend to come over to where we were sitting. The guy named Santos stood up and I saw two of the strongest looking legs I had ever seen on a teenager. His swimming trunks were tight and short and revealed his smooth muscular thighs. He sat down by my legs and extended a hand. I put my hand in his and he brought it to his lips and kissed it. I smiled politely. His head was tilted downwards but his eyes looked up at mine and I could feel heat of the fire within them. I looked back at Luiz and he smiled.

'So where are you from Tristan?' asked Luiz.

'South Africa,' I replied.

'Ah, the land of sunshine. I should have guessed,'

'How old are you guys?' I asked.

'We're both seventeen but Santos is a month younger than me,'

Nobody said anything for a few minutes and we just sat there looking around.

'So, do you wanna party?' asked Luiz after a while.

'Depends what you mean by party?' I said turning on my side and facing him.

He touched my chin with his index finger and dragged it down over my neck, between my collar bones and all the way to by crotch where he traced a light circle over my bulge. His touched sent a shiver up my spine.

I stood up, took Santo's hand and led him to the tent. Luiz followed. I nodded at John and Lukas, letting them know it was okay. They held the tent curtains open to let us in. It was a large tent with a refreshment station on one side, where David my man-servant was sitting, and a large area of carpet and cushions for resting purposes, or 'resting' purposes in this case. David left the tent as soon as we entered. I went over to the carpeted area and the two Spaniards followed me. I stood between the two. Santos came from behind and kissed the back of my neck while Luiz kissed my mouth, sticking his tongue in deep. Santos dragged the tips of his fingers lightly over my sides and I leaned my head back onto his chest. He was incredibly tall. Santos continued kissing and licking my neck while Luiz proceeded down to my hairless chest, my pink nipples and my narrow hips. He pulled down my Speedos and kissed my shaved crotch. He put my entire erect cock in his mouth and I literally shivered. I entwined both of my hands in Santo's and he squeezed them. After about fifteen minutes of sucking my cock Luiz stood up and pushed me down to me knees. I kissed and licked his navel, making my way down his hard torso. His pubes were sticking out of the waistband of his trunk and I pulled the down to his ankles to reveal a soft five inch cock with neatly trimmed pubes and ball sac. I took the tip of his circumcised cock into my mouth and sucked on it. His precum wet my lips. I held onto his thighs while taking his growing cock into my hot mouth. It grew quickly and by the time he was fully erect he measured at least seven or eight inches. I tried to take him into my throat but I gagged a couple of times before being able to hold it in for maximum ten seconds.

Santos hand followed me to the ground and was kneeling behind me. He was now kissing the space between my shoulder blades while his hand found its way to my crack. His fingers went all the way down to my taint and he traced light circles over it before slowly moving his fingers upward to my tight little hole. He brought his hand to my mouth and put his index and middle finger into it. Covered with saliva he used his fingers to massage my ass. He inserted one long, thick finger into me and continued massaging. After a while he inserted another finger and I pushed my ass further onto his hand.

Luiz removed his cock from my mouth and said something to Santos in Spanish. Santos removed his fingers from my ass. Luiz kissed me on my mouth and said that he wanted to fuck my ass. He swapped positions with Santos and pushed me forward so that I was on my hands and knees. I saw Santo's body up close for the first time. His large feet were planted on either side of my hands and led to his muscle strapped ankles to bulging calves and cast thighs. I looked up at him and he bent down to kiss me gently. I closed my eyes and tasted sweet lips. He pulled down his trunks and sat down in front of me, spreading his legs on either side of me so that I was looking down directly at his 9 inch cock. Just at that moment Luiz thrust into me and I gasped. I moaned as he pulled out of me and thrust into me once again. Unlike Luiz smooth legs and trimmed pubes, Santos had the wildest growth of pubic hair around his cock and balls I had ever seen on a man and his legs too were covered in hair. He lay back on a pillow and lifted his arms behind his head to reveal densely haired armpits. His perfect pecs only had a light covering of chest hair. I hesitated before going down on his cock, scared that his crotch would swallow me whole. I tentatively licked his foreskin and inserted the tip of my tongue under its hood. I licked all the way down his shaft to his balls and took them into my mouth. I sucked on them which, when listening to him moan, was definitely to his liking. I urged myself to bury my nose and face into his crotch and the scent of sweat and sea intoxicated me. I pulled myself away and he stroked the side of my face before I went down on his cock, trying to take the whole thing into my mouth. After about twenty minutes of being fucked doggy style by Luiz I became so fascinated with Santo's cock that I needed it inside me. I pulled my ass off Luiz's prick and crawled over Santo's. He held my backside in his large strong hands and guided me onto his thick cock. I moaned loudly as he stretched my ass. I rode his him with wild abandon and he rocked me back and forth with his thighs. Luiz came to stand in front of me, across Santos, and put his cock back into my mouth. I sucked on him for a while using my hands now and then to jerk him off. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of my mouth and jizzed a huge load of white cream all over my face and neck and used his cock to spread it over my face. I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked on it until he was soft. He pulled away and went over to the refreshment table to get a drink. Meanwhile Santos flipped me over onto my back and penetrated me missionary style. He lifted my legs and pushed them back as far as they would go as he speared me hard and fast. He fucked me like that for at least twenty minutes before becoming all tense with an approaching orgasm. He pulled out of me and blew his load all over my tummy and chest. I jerked on my own prick at the same time and exploded all over myself not long after. Santos got up and went to where Luiz had been standing and watching us fuck. He gave Santos a drink and they stared at me while I lay on the carpet out of breath, covered in semen and recuperating from being thoroughly ploughed.

I heard them talking in hushed voices and couldn't make out what they were saying, let alone understand Spanish at the rate at which it rolled off their tongues. Luiz exited the tent for a second and then came back in with a pen in hand. He came over to me and wrote down an address and a number on my thigh. Thereafter he kissed me deeply and together with Santos silently left the tent.

When I finally had the strength to stand up I pulled on my Speedo once more and exited the tent only to find that the two guys I had just fucked had left the beach, which was become progressively more desolate. I entered the details Luiz had written on my leg on my cell phone and took a last dip in the ocean for the day, if only to wash the dried cum from my skin. I packed up my towel and was accompanied back to the villa, which was a walking distance away, by my man-servant and two bodyguards.

Over the next few days I contemplated tracking down the address Luiz had written on my leg. Having the two of them inside me again was extremely tempting and I caught myself daydreaming about it. It also struck me how different the two boys were. Luiz with his fairer skin, taught muscles and close shaved head was completely opposite of the darker skinned, bulging muscled Santos who had silky black hair that grew halfway down his neck. But it wasn't just their physical attributes that differed. I could definitely see that Luiz was more of a show-off especially in the way he fucked me, touching me as little as possible and himself as much as possible. He still knew how to use his cock relatively well though, and he was an excellent kisser. Santo's on the other hand was way more passionate and seemed to love to get as much skin to skin contact as possible. I also loved the way he ran his hands through my hair and over my face. I guess one could say the Luiz reminded me more of a city boy while Santo's was more of a country lad. I didn't mind either.

After three days of careful deliberation and wrote a letter and sent it with David to be delivered at the appropriate address. It had asked for them both to meet me at my villa for a night on the town.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I rubbed lotion onto my arms. The sun was really doing its job and my tan was looking the best it had been in a while. Even the freckles on my nose were starting to uncover themselves. I ran a hand through my wavy terribly blond hair and ruffled it up a bit. I pulled a pair of tight navy jeans and rolled them up to my ankles and a low cut, loose fitting cream t-shirt. I liked the way it bared my breast-bone, and, if I leaned slightly forward, you one could see the space just above my left nipple where Dane gave me my first, of many, love bites. I could still see it: the large, blood red and perfectly circumscribed hickey he used to mark me as his. I ran my hand over my pec and I felt the wetness of his saliva. I put my fingers to my lips, but they were dry as dust.

The ring of the doorbell snapped me out of the memory I had drifted into and slipped on my soft, canvas shoes before going to answer the door. When I got there I realised that Lukas had beaten me to it and Santos was sitting in the lounge. He stood up when I walked in.

'Hi,' he said smiling at me fondly. He was very cute, and insanely hot in a khaki shorts, light blue cotton shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and dark brown, soft leather sneakers. My tan felt extremely inadequate next to his sun-baked body.

'Hi,' I replied, 'Where is Luiz?'

'He must to go back to Madrid last night,' said Santos in broken English, 'This is no good for you.'

I saw the slight look of disappointment on his face.

'No, of course not, this is perfect for me. At least now I get to hear what your voice sounds like,' I said quickly before he got the wrong idea.

'Are you ready to go,' I asked.

'Yes,' he said taking me by the hand and leading me out the front door.

'So where are you taking me exactly?' I asked.

'It's a surprise,' he said and kissed my cheek. I could tell the Santos was a romantic. And my theory was confirmed when I saw his motorbike standing outside on the curb. He put a helmet on my head and strapped it down. He put on his own helmet and got onto his bike. I climbed on behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist like they did in the movies.

We didn't drive too fast through the city, which gave me time to decipher where we were exactly but things became more unfamiliar as he started going up hill. The road we drove up was winding and lined with trees and large houses. As we neared the top of the small mountain the houses became more sparse and the trees more dense. The only light now was that of the motorbike. When we finally reached the top we drove onto a large expanse of flat ground that a realised was a parking lot. There were about thirty cars parked near what seemed to be a large three story house. He parked in one of the bays and we walked towards the building from which music was playing. We found a path that led around to the back of the house when I realised that it wasn't really a house at all. It was a sprawling restaurant, one of the biggest I had ever seen. The ground floor had outside seating in a stone amphitheatre-like area and indoor seating which took up almost the entire bottom floor of what now was clearly once a house. I looked up and say two balconies that spanned the entire width of the house. It amazed me how big this place was but managed to maintain that feeling of privacy and cosiness. Santos spoke to the head waitress, who then showed us to a table on the third floor of the restaurant. She led us out onto the balcony and we were seated in one of the corners. There were quite a few guests here already but I imagined it would get really busy as it got later. I looked over the banister at the sprawling stone floor and realised it was a mosaic of a charging bull. I looked past the ground floor to where the hill sunk gradually and one could see the city lights flickering below. Even further than that, the ocean dazzled under a full moon.

'This is beautiful,' I said not taking my eyes off the grand scene in front of me.

'It's my favourite place to eat,'

'So you come here often?'

A middle-aged woman walked up to us and Santos stood up and embraced her.

'Mama!' he exclaimed and then said something in Spanish. She kissed him on both cheek before coming over to me and pulling me up into a hug.

'So what you think?' she said in a heavy accent while gesturing to the view.

'It is magnificent! This place is yours?' I asked looking at Santos.

'Is mine this place,' she interjected, 'Santo's papa did build it for me before he died.'

'Oh I'm sorry,'

'No! you no be sorry, I'm not,' she said and laughed. Santo's laughed too.

After a few more minutes of chit chat she left us to get back to work and we sat down to order. I told Santos to order me what he thought was the best thing on the menu and it ended up being some roast beef with tomato and herb stuffing which was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be served alcohol so we both went dry the whole evening which was quite refreshing.

We ended up talking about many things. How his father was a matador and had died many years ago in a bull fight after something had gone askew. How his mother had opened the restaurant and how he grew up among its many patrons. How he was also pursuing a career as a matador. After hearing all of this, the relevance of the mosaic finally occurred to me and the image of Santos fighting a bull became incredible sexy. I was already getting hard for this guy,no, this man. Santos was definitely a man.

After we had eaten and said goodbye to his mom, we left and drove back down into the city. It must have been close to midnight but I was still not ready to go home. We drove around veering in and out of alleys until we came to a stop outside one of the doors. We got off the bike and I waited for Santos to balance it before pulling out a key and unlocking the green door. We entered the house and he switched on the lights. We stood in a small foyer and looking away from the front door I saw a flight of stairs leading upstairs and next to it a narrow passage that lead further into the house. I felt Santo's hands reach around me and he placed them over my belly. I leaned back into him and he kissed my neck. He told me to head upstairs and gave my ass a light tap as I began walking towards it. He disappeared down the passage.

I searched for light switches and found a few. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom. I looked into both and decided by the bull-fighting uniform which one was Santos'. It was the bigger of the bedrooms and had a double bed in the centre draped in white linens, a large dark brown closet and dressing table and a large bay window which almost completely spanned one of the walls. I opened the blinds and looked out over the alley below. I could see Santo's motorbike. I kicked off my shoes and went to sit by the window. After a few minutes Santos finally joined and was carrying a bottle of red wine and two goblets. He sat down opposite me, placed the glasses between us and proceeded to pour the maroon liquid. He handed me a glass and I sipped, tasting the spicy bouquet of the Spanish wine. I let It slip luxuriously down my throat.

'You like?'

'I do, very much. I don't drink usually drink a lot of wine. I'm not really supposed to at my age you know,' I said smiling.

'And how old are you?'

'Fourteen,' I said and saw him raise his eyebrows, 'What, is that too young for you?'

'Almost,' he said and laughed, 'You seem much older. You have a great experience in the way you speak and in the way you use your body.'

He stood up and pulled me up to my feet. We kissed passionately and while doing so I unbuttoned his shirt and he lifted mine over my head. I sucked on his nipples which I was directly in line with and his hand found the back of my jeans. He loosed my belt and zip and pushed my pants and undies down and I stepped out of them. I felt two hands pull my ass cheeks and fingers circle my rosebud. I looked up at him and he leaned forward to kiss me. My back arched and he cupped my ass and lifted me up off the floor. I wrapped my naked self around his waist and he carried me to the bed. I lay back on the soft duvet and watched him unbuckle his belt and pull down his shorts and underwear. He crawled unto the bed and stood over me on all fours. He lowered his head and kissed me again. I raised my pelvis and our cocks rubbed against one another's. He drenched me in his precum. I lifted my legs on either side of his waist, wrapped them around him and pulled myself up so that I could grind my cock into his pelvis even harder. The friction of his thick pubes and dry skin intensified the pleasure and I had to stop myself from blowing my load too soon. I fell back onto the bed and he began licking my neck. He moved downwards, paying special attention to my collar bones, nipples and belly button. He stuck the tip of his tongue into it and it sent a shiver up my spine. Santos was an expert.

He dragged his tongue over the tip of my cock and down the shaft. He took by scrotum into his mouth and sucked on them for a while. He put his arms under my thighs and lifted them up so that he could get easier access to my ass. I was resting mostly on my shoulders now and my feet were very near my head. He licked over my taint and kissed in gently. He kissed the skin around my anus and gently chewed on my glutes. He began rimming me by gently poking at my hole with the tip of his tongue and later changed to sticking his tongue inside and sucking on it with his lips. The suction manoeuvre sent me over the edge and I was moaning loudly. He dragged his tongue all over the place, starting below my ass and moving up all the way until the base of my balls. He motor boated my ass cheeks and rubbed his mouth and chin all over my perineum.

He lowered my legs again and moved up to kiss me again. We rolled around on the bed while his fingers once again found my ass. He inserted his middle finger and rubbed my prostate while he continued to indulge my lips with his. He inserted another finger and began stretching me. I didn't mind when he inserted a third finger because, when looking at his 9 inch tool, I think I needed as much pre-emptive stretching I could get. The stretching is also what I love most about being fucked.

After about 20 minutes of fingering me he went to retrieve a condom from his wallet and pulled it over his cock. He positioned me on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed while he stood on the floor behind me. His one hand was positioned on my left hip while the other in the centre of my back. I felt the tip of his cock hit my hole and strain at the entrance. I winced in slight agony as he pushed his huge cock further into my rectum. He them climbed onto the bed behind me and, on his knees, began fucking me slowly. He began speeding up when he heard me begin moaning more consistently as the pain of his entrance had subsided significantly and I could only feel the pressure of him against my prostate and walls of my rectum. I contracted my anal sphincters rhythmically and he grunted loudly. He bent over me and reached his arms around my chest and pulled me up so that we were both upright and on our knees. He pulled me up against his body and I turned my head so that I could tongue him as he fucked me deeply.

He pushed me down again so that my face was against the duvet and my ass was up in the air. He stood up on his feet, without removing himself from me, and crouched over my ass. He held onto my hips stiffly and began thrusting into me with fast, deep strokes. I reached behind me and grabbed his wrists and his fucking shook me and the entire bed quite violently. He collapsed on top of me and I fell flat against the bed. He pushed my knees out to the sides and dug his cock deep inside of me. His face was in my neck and I felt his heavy breathing in my face. He put his one arm over my shoulder and around my neck which lifted my head slightly. I squeaked intermittently as his cock reached places no other cock had ever reached at every penetration. Our bodies were stuck together like this for what seemed like hours and it felt as though we were just one big ball of heat and sweat.

When he finally came into the condom, he thrust so deeply I screamed in shock. He spasmed over me and bit my shoulder. I had long ejaculated all over the duvet due to the friction of my cock rubbing against it for over an hour. He panted deeply into my ear and licked my earlobe as his abs contracted in his final orgasmic thrusts. He pulled out of me and removed the condom, tied a knot in it and tossed it into the rubbish bin by the door.

He turned over onto his side and pulled me closer to him. I draped a leg over his and he wedged a knee between my thighs. He used the back of his hand to stroke my cheek all the way down over my neck, shoulder and arms. He took my hand and kissed me lightly on the mouth and then, moving closer, on the forehead. I closed my eyes and buried my face into his neck, where I could feel his carotids pulsate against my skin. I fell asleep way too easily that night.

I awoke the next day with the sun streaming over the foot of the bed. I was entangled in the soiled sheets that smelled of sweat, sex and Santos. I put my nose to the pillow and breathed in deeply. I looked around and saw Santos sitting at the bay window looking out over the alley. He was still naked and had a cup of something in his hand. He saw me looking at him and he smiled.

'Good morning,' he said.

'Hi,' I replied.

His eyes lingered on my naked torso, hip and legs, for the only part of me that was covered was my privates. He motioned for me to come over to him with an index finger. I slowly climbed out of the bed and went to sit opposite him. There was an unopened condom on the sill next to him.

'Come closer,' he said sternly. I moved closer but still out of reach. He lunged forward and grabbed my legs, pulling me towards him. He gave me the condom.

'Put it on me,' he commanded. I obliged and rolled it slowly over his erect cock. He reached behind me and stuck two fingers into my ass. I gasped out of surprise. He used the hand his was fingering me with to pull me into him so that I was straddling him. He pointed his cock up at my puckered hole and I lowered myself onto it. It went in surprisingly easy, owing to the fact it was still loose from last night. I sat down on him completely and could feel his pubes tickle my perineum. My feet were flat on either side of him and my knees were drawn up between our torsos. I rocked back and forth and up and down on his dick for about 20 minutes before I started getting uncomfortable. I saw this and he turned his back to the open window so that I could stretch my legs behind him while still on his lap. His hands were interlocked behind my back and I swirled my hips around in circles to his utter delights. I hopped up and down on him until the sensations from my prostate were becoming too intense and I clung onto Santo's upper body. We were both gyrating now, working towards the same goal. Our breathing became laboured and after a few minutes of closing grinding we both shot our loads. He blew into his condom first while I burst all over his chiselled abs. I rested my head on his shoulder and enjoyed his body heat, as well as the warmth from the sunshine coming through the window.

We cleaned ourselves up afterwards and decided to have a quick lunch of fish and chips before he took me back to my villa on the beachfront. I knew that Lukas and John would be worried out of there minds by now after I told them I would be back early this morning. By the time we reached the villa, the sun was already beginning to set. I kissed Santos goodbye and we agreed to meet the following day. He wanted to take me to some or other market place. I watched him straddle his motorbike and whiz down the street one more time before heading inside, and trying to come up a with a good enough excuse as to why I got back so late.

For the next two weeks, Santos was a regular fixture in my life. The beach was our playground and the cobblestone alleys were a labyrinth of secret hiding places from the rest of the world. He made love every night and wouldn't stop until the early hours of the morning, after which all I'd want to do was lie on the beach and rest my body. Santos was the most insatiable person I had ever met and I could never resist his charming persona. He made sure I saw or did something new everyday and by the end of the day I would get back to the villa with a million and one things, which I'd never need, in hand.

It was nearing the end of my almost month long stay in Majorca and I was spending the last few days at Santo's place. It was late in the afternoon and we had just had a long, sweaty sex session. He had gone out afterward to buy some food and I was left alone to curl up in the sheets in his bed. After about half an hour I heard the door open and Santo's come in. I quickly got up and shouted down the stairs that I was going to have a quick shower before we ate. I also mentioned that it would be nice if he joined me in the shower. I stepped under the warm water and let it fall over my head. I heard the shower door curtain being pulled open and Santos got into the shower behind me. He kissed my neck and I turned around to face him. As I did I nearly slipped and fell out of shock as to see who it was standing behind me. I looked into Luiz's face and he smiled.

'Hello,' he said.

'Hi. Your back,' I said and gave him a wet hug.

'Yeah, and I wanna fuck your tight little ass. Or maybe it's not so tight anymore. Santos says he fucks you every night.'

'Yeah, he calls it making love though.'

'I think he likes you,' admitted Luiz.

'And you think he'll be fine with us fucking then?' I asked rather naively.

'Of course, we share everything remember?'

'He mentioned that you aren't even really gay, and that you just wanted to try having sex with a guy when we did it for the first time on the beach.'

'And I liked fucking you Tristan.'

Leaned forward and kissed me gently. The kiss became more passionate and he pushed me up against the shower wall and pressed a hand under my balls, pushing two fingers into my already used hole. I gasped at the sudden entry and indulged my lips on his smooth chest. Luiz began pushing his crotch into mine and for a split second I saw Santos face in the bathroom doorway before hearing it slam shut.

That knocked Luiz out of his sexual state of mind and we got out of the shower. I dried myself off in the bedroom while Luiz wrapped a towel around waist and went downstairs to see if Santos was still there. I heard shouting coming from downstairs. Once I had all of my clothes on I also descended the staircase and walked slowly to the kitchen, which seemed to be the epicentre of all the yelling. I stood in the door way and watched as Santos, red-faced and visibly infuriated, as he spat out line after line in angry Spanish. Luiz was now riled up too and defending himself zealously, or so I assumed.

All of a sudden, Santos lunged at Luiz from across the table and pulled him onto it. I saw him land a great punch over Luiz's upper lip and the vision of bright red blood issuing forth from it frightened me. I stepped back into the corridor until I reached the foyer, there wrestling bodies getting smaller as I stepped further away. I grabbed my light jacket from the coat-stand and left the house.

I wandered aimlessly down the alleys, back towards my villa. I remembered the blood and the thought of it sent a shiver down my spine. After ten minutes I heard running footsteps behind me and someone put their hand on my shoulder. I shook it off quickly and turned around, slightly startled. It was Luiz. His lip was still bleeding and he had a large round red circle around his left eye. He was holding a hand towel to his mouth.

'You just left,' he finally said.

'I didn't want to be a part of that,' I said, continuing to walk.

'I still want to fuck you,' he said persistently.

'I don't think that's a very good idea. I already broke up your friendship, and I don't want to make things work.'

'I don't care about that, Santos needs to get over himself. He never said you guys were together.'

'Luiz, I think you should go,' I said unconvincingly, and not really believing in what I was saying, as he followed me all the way back to the villa.

That night Luiz fucked me on the bedroom floor, up against the bedroom wall and on the bathroom counter. I remember feeling him enter me over and over again, but I don't remember really feeling him at all. And as much as I climaxed with him that night, all I could think about was Santos and the pervasive guilt about breaking his heart and what seemed to be a great friendship.

I left Majorca the following evening not knowing, yet somewhat expecting, that I would never meet Santos and Luiz ever again.


Dane du Toit

[email protected]


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