I was already standing outside the front door when the driver pulled up in one of the black Cadillacs that my father loved being driven in. He stopped in front of me, got out and opened the back door. I climbed into the car.

'The Red Ribbon benefit?' he asked, looking into the rear-view mirror.

'Unfortunately,' I replied and then pressed the button that sent a black screen up between the driver's seat and the back seat. I was alone again at last. Roger had been fussing way too much over what I was going to wear to this stupid event and wouldn't leave me alone all afternoon. He was a pretty awesome butler. He fussed every now and then but would often leave me to do my own thing. Most people let me do my own thing. I lived in a huge mansion in the green hills of KwaZulu Natal, father was hardly ever at home and all of my brothers lived in their own homes with their families. It was just me and Roger.

It had been a long day today. It was humid and hot and I pretty much lounged around in my bright red Speedo the entire time, even while having the tutor from the university come over and tutor me this morning. He was Masters Student in Mathematics. He must have thought it pretty lame to be tutoring some 14 year old like me how to do algebra and draw simplistic graphs. I think the only reason tutors came out to teach me was because they were being paid absolutely too much to do it. My father was always generous with his money.

I enjoyed maths tuitions though, mostly because the tutor was really hot. I always did my fair share of flirting when he came over. I may have overdone it a bit today as I minced around in almost no clothing at all. It was fun seeing him sweat at the pressure not to indulge in my flirtations. I had stood really close to him a few times and brushed his hand with mine while pointing something out in the textbook. I watched him out of the corner of my eye while doing a few sums, seeing his eyes roaming over my body, wanting it. I smiled to myself. When I was done with the sums he would always pretend that he had been looking elsewhere the entire time. I knew it was illegal and that if anyone found out, he would get into trouble. I didn't want him to go to jail for molestation so I'd always lay off after I was done entertaining myself.

It was Friday and I had started to get ready for the Red Ribbon benefit, to which my father's company was donating a large sum to the HIV/AIDS cause, straight after lunchtime. Roger had gotten my tuxedo ready and after fussing with my hair and bow tie I was finally ready.

I opened the mini bar that all of my dad's cars had been installed with and grabbed a tiny bottle of brandy. I took a few swallows and discarded the bottle. I didn't really enjoy alcohol but it took the edge off and wouldn't make tonight seem like it was taking forever. It was a kind of prophylaxis against the extreme amount of photo-ops and small talk I knew I was going to encounter.

The benefit was to be held at one of the very exclusive country clubs that Durban had to offer. The car pulled up at the entrance at which there was a red carpet. Great, just what I needed, everyone staring at me. I got out and started walking down the carpet. I greeted a few people. Many of them were South African celebrities, real-estate moguls and wealthy businessmen. It wasn't really a place for a fourteen year old to be alone, but I was representing my father and the company. I guess I was being turned into some kind of socialite. This wasn't my first time at one of these fundraisers, I went to them at least four or five times a months, and some of them were in other big cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town or occasionally abroad in London or New York. If my father or any of my brothers couldn't make it, which was often, I flew out of the country in the morning and flew back in the next morning depending where I was going.

I finally made it passed the reporters and photographers and went into the ballroom where the event was going to be held. One of the ushers noticed me immediately and led me to my table. Obviously someone had told him to look out for me. The round table was already almost full with some of the men and women that worked under my dad. I greeted them and took a seat. I held a few short conversations with them about school and friends and the other events I had attended so far this year and where I went for the holidays. There wasn't much I had in common with the 40-somethings that worked for my dad.

There was a seafood dinner, some orchestral music and many speeches. At about ten o' clock a DJ was introduced and began playing dance music. I noticed a group of other younger people taking to the dance floor. There were never many of us at these things, just some of the kids that their parents dragged along so that they got into the swing of the elitist lifestyle we all were leading. I walked up to the group and realised I knew a few of them.

'Hey! Tristan!' yelled a red haired girl from the opposite side of the group of awkwardly gyrating bodies.

'Hey Lara,' I said giving her a hug and dancing simultaneously. She was the daughter of a businessman that owned a huge supermarket franchise all over the country. She was my age and we were in the same class in our previous school. We were actually great friends back then, but the connection somehow got lost between then and now.

'I heard about what happened,' she said in my ear, 'I'm really sorry.'

My heart stopped for a few seconds. If she knew, how many other people also knew? I decided to brush off her comment.

'I have no idea what you're talking about,' I said in reply. Lara smiled gently and nodded. She didn't say anything more on the subject.

Another boy came over to dance with us. His name was Bryan and he was two years older than Lara and me. He decided to greet me with a fist bump. I obligingly fist bumped him back. He had dark brown hair cut short to his scalp and a tanned complexion. He too frequented these shindigs, almost as regularly as I did, and I had spoken to him a few times before. He danced with Lara and me for few minutes before she announced that she was going to get some desert. I agreed that desert was I good idea and just as I was about to follow her, Bryan grabbed my arm. He looked at me with a grin on his cute face.

'I have something better than strawberry cheesecake,' he said in my ear.

'Really? What could be better than strawberry cheesecake?' I asked sarcastically and in my usually playful tone, the very same one I used with my math tutor over and over again.

'Come with me,' he said and pulled me out of the crowd, through the tables and out of the hall.

We ran outside and he guided me to one of the cars in the parking lot. He opened the door and I climbed in. He climbed in after me and locked the doors. The driver was probably off somewhere enjoying a smoke with the other drivers. This car was also personalised with a mini bar and Bryan offered me my choice of poison. I chose champagne. He pulled an expensive bottle of something out of the fridge and popped the cork. I cheered at his dexterity with the bottle. He poured some into two goblets and handed me one. It tasted wonderful as the bubbles burst against the inside of my cheeks and on my tongue. We relaxed for a bit against the leather seats. We drank a few more glasses of the stuff. I looked over at Bryan. He was looking at me and his right hand was on my thigh. He dragged his fingertips from the tip of my knee all the way up to my hip and put his arm around my waist. I put the goblet down on the floor and straddled his lap.

Bryan's lips found my neck and started laying kisses all the way from the bottom of my ear to my collar and across my throat to the other side. I leaned back and, after nearly tumbling over backwards, he pulled me back towards him. Our lips touched and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. We made out for a while before he pulled away.

'I want to put my cock in your mouth,' he said. I wasn't sure if it was a command or a question.

'Is that a question or a command?' I asked.

He didn't say anything but continued to stare at me lustfully. He put his head back on the back rest, slid down the seat slightly and parted his legs. I got the message loud and clear. I climbed off his lap and kneeled between his legs. I undid his belt and pants zip. He lifted his ass and I pulled his trousers far enough to expose his crotch. I could clearly see his erection through the thin material of his boxer briefs. I put my fingers into the pocket in the front of his underwear and pulled his penis out of captivity. I slid my hand down his circumcised prick and kissed the head. I licked the length of it a few times before putting it into my mouth. Bryan groaned in response to the wet heat of my mouth. I looked at him and we made eye contact. He put his hand in my hair and pulled me further onto his cock. It hit the back of my throat and my nose hit the long pubic hair that escaped from his underwear at the base of his cock. I gagged and pulled back. I continued to suck and every now and then used my hand to massage him closer to climax.

After a few minutes he came very suddenly and quite violently. I was shocked at the sudden outburst of cum into my mouth that I pulled off him immediately. I got a second shot of cum on my cheek and a third on my chin.

I hadn't wanted him to come in my mouth and I was upset that he hadn't warned me before climaxing.

'What the hell dude?' I shouted at him.

'What?' he asked, oblivious to what he had done. He was just recuperating from his orgasm.

'You weren't supposed to fucking cum in my mouth,' I said wiping his seed on the inside of my tuxedo jacket.

'Why not? I thought you liked that sort of thing,' he said incredulously.

'Why would you think I'd like 'that sort of thing'?' I said, repeating his words emphatically.

'Well, you know...because of what happened at your school last year. That's why you're being home schooled right?'

I heart stopped beating for a few seconds before I could reply.

'Fuck you! Just go fuck yourself!' I said while opening the car door to get out. It was locked and I couldn't find the button to unlock it.

'Open the door,' I demanded.

'A please would be nice,' said Bryan cockishly.

'You should say thank you for letting me fucking blow you,' I rebutted. This got him to lean forward and unlock the door.

'We should do this again,' he said as I opened the door.

'Piss off!' I said and slammed it hard as I could.

I found my way to the car I had arrived in and the driver, who was standing nearby with another driver, came over to let me in.

'Are you ready to go sir?' he asked.

'Yes, get me home as fast as you can,' I said.

'Is there an emergency sir?'

'Yes, I'm drunk,' I said.

He smiled at my little confession. We got into the car and he drove out of the country club and, taking a few shortcuts, back towards the house.

Upon arrival at home I got out of the car and stumbled slightly to the front door. I was still a little woozy from the alcohol I had consumed and after a little struggle finally found the doorbell. Roger opened for me immediately. I stumbled into the house and he caught me. I straightened up and walked toward the staircase to go to my room. He followed me.

'It seems like someone had something to drink,' said Roger as he entered my room behind me. I started stripping immediately and tossed the clothes on the floor in all directions. I wasn't shy to get naked in front of Roger, he had seen my naked ever since I ran around the house as a bare-bottomed toddler. He had looked after me since birth. I walked naked into the bathroom. I saw him pick up the tuxedo jacket and look at it quizzically.

'It needs to be dry-cleaned,' I said.

'I see that,' he replied before I closed the bathroom door and got into the shower.

That night as I drifted in and out of sleep I noticed two figures in the darkness of my bedroom near the open door. They were whispering to each other. The light from the passage made it possible for me to distinguish between the faces of Roger and that of my father. I couldn't hear what they were talking about but I knew it was about me.

I drifted off back into my dreams.


Dane du Toit

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