The car was stuffy and full of stale air. I looked longingly to open the window in front of me but I couldn't move an even an inch to get to it. I was stuck to the black leather seat beneath me, and the fact that Brian was lying on top of me didn't help matters. I could tell I was naked, even though I couldn't see any of my body. Besides the lack of fresh air, I didn't mind the position I was in. I had bunched up my trousers and used it as a pillow and Brian had found a picnic blanket in the boot of the car that he threw over us. I thought about the boy lying on top of me, the 17 year old heart throb that everybody wanted to be fucked by. It wasn't exactly romantic, but neither was Brian. He was mostly a dick, an extremely sexy and seductive dick. I could smell the dried sweat on his neck. I wanted to kiss his skin, but he would wake up if I did, and I wasn't ready for that just yet. I closed my eyes for a few more minutes and let my mind wander...


It was Adam's 13th birthday and he had invited me over for a sleep over. I arrived at his mansion in the late afternoon and was directed by the butler to a room upstairs where I could dump by bag. The room in question had a balcony and I wandered over to it. The entire garden could be seen from this vantage point. I scanned the grounds looking for signs of life, when something caught my eye. It was a tent. A tiny, red tent had been pitched almost in the dead centre of the garden. I saw the butler walk out to the tiny, red tent and talk to it. Something rustled inside and after about two seconds a boy popped out from a slit in its side. He and the butler exchanged a few words. When they were done speaking, Adam looked up at me standing on the balcony. He waved. I waved back. He motioned for me to come down. I exited the bedroom, hurried down the large curving staircase, and crossed the living room area, walked out of the house and down the terrace steps to the garden below. When I got to the tent I greeted him with a hug. I could feel it, my body buzzing at the touch of him. I could feel it in him too.

"Happy Birthday," I said.

"Thanks, I'm a whole year older than you now." He said, smirking.

"No you're not," I counteracted, "My birthday is in two weeks."

"Well, I'm still older. You know what that means."

I paused and waited for him to respond to his own statement. He didn't.

"I don't, what does it mean?" I asked matter-of-factly, even though I was terribly curious to find out what he meant.

"I can tell you what to do. And you have to listen to me," He said seriously.

"You can't tell me what to do because you are older than me by two weeks," I objected.

"Yes I can," he insisted.

"No you can't," I insisted back.

"Well, what about this instead. I can tell you what to do, and you have to listen to me because it's my birthday," he compromised.

I thought about it. He gave me an imploring look and I caved in.

"Okay, only because it's your birthday," I said. He smiled and my heart melted.

"Hey, I pitched a tent for you," he said. We both burst out laughing.

"Yeah maybe I'll unzip it and explore what's inside," I said, and we laughed hysterically again.

"It's bigger on the inside, than it looks on the outside," he blurted out as we collapsed on the ground, clutching our tummies.

While we had been rolling around on the lawn, our laughter dissipating slowly, the butler had brought a load of refreshments for us to snack on.

"So where are your parents?" I said. We had recovered from our laughing fit, and were sitting at the edge of the pool drinking lemon ice tea.

"They are away, on business," he replied.

"Oh, sorry,"

"It's okay, they gave me my birthday gift before they left," he said.

"What did they get you?"

"A fancy pen set, Mont Blanc," he answered.

"Parker wasn't good enough for you," I said jokingly. He nudged me gently with his shoulder in response to my sarcasm.

We sat close to each other. Our shorts were pulled up high and our thighs were touching. We spoke about many things ranging from our summer holidays to the beginning of school and the new teachers we had been assigned. Every now and then I would rest my head on Adam's shoulder. Sometimes he's respond by putting his cheek on my head. We sat there, like that for a few hours, soaking up each other as well as the dying rays of the setting sun.

It was near midnight and Adam and I were lying on a blanket outside interpreting the velvet sky. So far we had derived two possible Southern Crosses, a definite Orion's belt and perhaps ten Capricorn constellations, both of our star signs.

"It's really warm tonight." He said, turning his head to look at me.

I looked back at him and waited for him to suggest something.

"We should take a dip in the pool," he suggested, and with that he stood up, stripped naked and ran to the pool.

He looked back at me, still in a stunned state, and jumped into the deep end. I stood up, and stripped more slowly, looking around to see if any of the help were still around. When I saw that we were all alone, and everything around us was mostly darkness, I ran to the pool and jumped into the deep end with Adam. We raced and wrestled in the water for about half an hour. There's something about water that changes they way we feel each other in water. The way the liquid flows over our bodies, encompasses our bodies so completely, it's as though we become one with it. We became the dense, dark patches in the pool and when I touched him, it was merely a caress and when he held me, I slipped easily from his arms. It seemed as though the nature of water was keeping us apart, and from becoming attached to each other too deeply.

When Adam had one his last race and overpowered me in our final wrestling match, we climbed out of the water. Adam retrieved a towel from the tent put it over my head, drying my hair. I stood dead still as he moved the material over my entire body before using the same towel on himself. He tossed the towel on the grass began walking in no specific direction.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I need to pee," he said and wandered off to the edge of the garden to relieve himself.

I meanwhile crawled into the two man tent.

He returned five minutes later. He joined me in the tent and collapsed onto the double-person inflatable mattress next to me. Now, instead of the sky, we stared up at the ceiling of the tent. I turned on my side to face him. I placed my hand on his bare chest. He responded by putting his hands behind his head. I kissed his arm and then just below his armpit. I got up and stood on all fours over him. I lowered my head to his and our lips touched. I loved it when we kissed. With Adam it was a luxury. Even though he had been the one to kiss me first on the beach that day, I have had to be the one to initiate it ever since. But when he allowed it, it was amazing. His mouth opened and our tongues met and made love. His hands moved down to my rib cage and our kiss broke. I kissed his neck and worked my way down. His collar bones, his nipples, his abs, his navel. I could already feel his erection against my neck, as I worked my way towards it, leaving a glistening trail of precum across my skin. I reached his cock and immediately took the head into my mouth. Not before long, I had him all the way to the back of my pharynx, and pretty excited too. His hands roamed through my damp hair. I knew he was close when he reached for my shoulders. I removed my mouth from his groin and wrapped my hand around his stiff member.

"Wait," he said before I could jerk him off to completion.

"What's wrong?" I said removing my hand completely.

He thought for a moment before speaking.

"I want to cum in your mouth. I want you to swallow it," he said confidently.

I was silent, not sure what to say. I had never tasted him cum before. He had always cum in my hand or on my chest or back before, but never in my mouth. I wasn't sure that I wanted him to in all honesty.

"What if I don't like the taste," I finally said.

"Then we won't do it again," he said. I still wasn't convinced.

"I don't really want to Adam," I said softly.

We were quiet for a few moments before he spoke again. He sat up and shuffled closer to me so that our faces were an inch apart.

"Do you love me?" he asked.

The question hit me like a bullet in the chest. There was only one answer to that question, and perhaps he knew that.

"Yes," I answered. He kissed my cheek.

"Then you'll do it for me, because you love me," he posed. He kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Okay," I said.

He smiled and rested on his elbows. I went back to work on his cock. He came quickly and compensatory, spewing enough cum for all the other times he had not come in my mouth. I swallowed quickly trying not to spill any. When he was done I removed myself from him and wiped the cum from the edges of my lips. He smiled and beckoned me towards him. I accepted the kiss he gave me, I accepted the warmth of his body pressing up behind me and I accepted the arm on which my head now rested. Above all, I accepted him because I loved him.


I felt Brian's morning wood develop and press against me. A few minutes later his body moved and his eyes opened. He lifted himself slightly and looked at me underneath me.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," I replied.

He lowered his head back into my neck and arched his back, pushing his crotch into mine. The hair on my arms rose ever so slightly as he kissed my neck. He came up for air and kissed my mouth.

"I have a hard on," he said.

"I can feel," I said smiling slightly, knowing exactly what was on his mind.

He rose to his knees. I parted my legs so that he was kneeling between them. He grabbed a new condom from the floor of his driver's car, which we had stolen from last night's charity gala that we were both attending.

He put on the condom and lubed us both using copious amounts of saliva. He entered me fast, smoothly and relatively painlessly, my ass not quite having recovered from last night's fucking. He kneeled over me and I lifted my legs so that they were on either side of his head. His thrusts were hard and deep and as he pulled out, slowly and almost completely, every nerve ending he touched twitched with excitement. He kissed me as he fucked me, which was quite unusual for him, but pleasant nonetheless. After a few minutes of being pounded slowly by his ever growing cock, his pace quickened. Suddenly I was in the throes of an orgasm, my toes curing against the ceiling of the car and my hands gripping Brian's neck.

I pulled him towards me, when between our kisses he said, "I want to cum in your mouth."

"What?" I said, not sure what else to say.

"I want you to swallow my cum," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you like me, and you like it when I fuck the shit out of you," he spoke the truth.

"Okay," I said, unsure whether his reason was a valid one or not.

Brian removed himself from me, pulled off the condom and scooted up so that he was "squatting" over my face and directing his cock at my mouth. He jerked his foreskin violently back and forth until streams of jizz jetted from his piss slit and into the back of my mouth. He continued to dip his cock into my mouth and I sucked on it until he felt ready to remove it.

Brian moved back to his original position and sat up on the seat. I sat up too. He began dressing himself in his previous night's clothes, a black tuxedo, and I did the same. When we were both completely dressed we climbed out of the backseat of the car. He moved to the driver's seat and I to the passenger's seat. I cracked a window open and looked outside. I noticed the beach directly in front of me and remembered we had gone skinny dipping last night due to the intense Durban heat. The sky was a yellow grey as the sun tried to burn through the now overcast sky, and as Brian started up the car and began driving away from the shadowy ocean water it began to rain. He looked at me, smiled and pinched my cheek; a show of tender affection and cruel dominance.


Dane du Toit

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