It was another summer afternoon and Adam and I were playing tennis at his house after school. Apart from running up and down the beach and spending lazy afternoons by the pool, Adam and I enjoyed playing tennis against each other and did so almost whenever the weather allowed us to. As he tossed the ball above his head and swung his racket towards it I could tell that it was going to be an ace. The ball spun past me at an odd angle, with absolutely no chance of being returned over the net. Unfortunately for me it was also the ace the sealed the deal and Adam had once again won the match, something he did all too often. He jogged towards the net where I met him and shook his hand. He had a stiff handshake and pulled me closer toward him. I leaned over the net and was caught off guard when Adam kissed my cheek.

"Thank you for the match," he said.

"You should thank me for losing, again," I said.

"I know you only do that to make me look good," he lied, knowing full well that he had won fair and square.

"Yeah, because I'm such a kind and caring person," I joked back.

Adam smiled and stared at me and then kissed me on the lips. His parents were not at home since it was a week day and they both worked. We pulled away from each other and both tasted the saltiness of each other's sweat on our lips. All of a sudden he broke out into a run toward the house. I darted after him but Adam was an innate athlete and it was difficult to maintain a close proximity to him when he went off like that. I entered the house and heard footstep scurrying up the staircase. I followed them to Adam's room where I saw his tennis clothes strewn on the floor and heard the shower in the ensuite bathroom. I went and stood by the door of the bathroom, not sure if I should go any further. I could hear him in the shower, the uneven splatter of water on the floor. The longer I stood the more the bathroom began to steam up. We usually took our showers separately and I had never actually seen Adam completely naked, only the outline of his cock through tight fitting Speedos.

"Adam," I said, waiting for him to tell me what I should do.

"Take your clothes off and come in," said his voice through the dense vapours.

I did what he told me to do and walked slowly into the misty bathroom. I finally found the shower entrance which lead to an extremely large shower. The floor was wet but I could still not feel the spray of the water. An arm then came out of nowhere and pulled me further into the chamber and finally under an intense stream of hot water. I let it fall all over me and rubbed the salty sweat away. When I was perfectly drenched I opened my eyes and found Adam right in front of me. He kissed me again and this time it lasted even longer. As the kiss continued I felt his hands rest on my hips. I snaked my arms under his and put my hands on his back. Our smooth chests were caressing each other's and I felt the tip of his hardened cock prod at my groin. His hands moved down from my hips to my tight little butt and parted the cheeks slightly. I felt a single finger circle my asshole. After circling for a while it also began prodding gently. I moaned into the kiss.

Adam then led me out of the stream of water to a wooden bench built into the shower where he sat down. He parted his legs slightly and I focused on the erect cock jutting out from his lap. I looked at his face and he looked at mine.

"You can touch it," he said to me, urging me on.

I did touch it. I started on the underside of his shaft and lightly tracked the tips of my fingers up its length to the head which was covered by foreskin. I pushed back the foreskin and touched his piss slit. Adam shivered.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Do you love me?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Can I fuck you in the arse?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

Adam turned me around and I felt two soapy fingers pushing at my hole. Adam told me to relax as the first finger entered me and then after I had gotten used to it, the second. His hands found my hips again and he pulled be back towards him. He planted soft kisses all over my back and bum before pulling me down gently onto his lap. I first felt the tip of his cock, and thanks to the suds, it passed into me quite easily and painlessly. Also, being as young as we were, our cock weren't at their maximum lengths yet. The shaft of his member came next and he slid it all the way into me, or rather slid me all the way onto it. It was an exhilarating feeling, being penetrated. The feeling of being stretched; being entered by someone else; the feeling of something hot and alive inside you. I raised my hips and lowered them again, beginning our rhythmic love making. I placed my hands on the bench on either side of me and used it as leverage while Adam held me around my waist. His one hand found my cock and he lubed it up with soap. He stroked me while he fucked me. I came quickly, gushing all over the shower floor in front of me. Adam didn't put off his orgasm for long either and came inside me soon after. I leaned back onto his wet body and felt the warm cum trickle out of me and onto his softening cock. Adam lightly nibbled on my shoulder before we stood up and cleaned each other. We still had homework to do before I was to be picked up and taken back home.


I reluctantly picked myself out of my daydream and wandered down to the kitchen where Roger had prepared my breakfast before I started with my daily tuitions. I was surprised at the beginning of the year when I found out that all of my new tutors for the 9th grade were women whereas they had been men and women in the past. When I asked my dad why I had gotten new tutors he mentioned that my previous tutors had been appointed by his secretary and that this year he had picked them himself. It was only after arguing with him for a few hours did he mention that he didn't feel I was safe with male tutors. What he was actually trying to say though was that if my tutors were all women I wouldn't and couldn't play my little sexual mind games on them, and even though I was outraged at my father it impressed me that he knew so much about what I was up to. I blamed Roger for telling him though. My father has known I was gay ever since he caught me giving Adam a blowjob one time when Adam had come over to do homework. I was thirteen and although my father was angry, I always felt he blamed himself for not being around the house enough. But the fact that I showed absolutely no remorse for my actions made it easier for him to be mad at me. That time he punished me with his unrelenting 3 month presence in the house, trying to work from his home office. In the end we both couldn't take it anymore, him being away from the corporate world and be being carefully watched at all times, and he returned to his previous ways.

The tutors came one by one: Maths, Geography, History, Biology, Science, English, Afrikaans (my second language), Economics, Art and Life Orientation. It went on like this, day after day and week after week of listening to women, none of which I was attracted to although a few of them were quite pretty, lecture and encourage and giggle way too much. It wasn't the same with the men. With them it was quiet, serious, and they gave me enough space to create sexual tension which I revelled in.

By the time the weekend had arrived I was exhausted and decided to just relax at home by the pool instead of going out and looking for trouble. It wasn't until I looked across the pool on the Saturday afternoon and saw Brian walking down the steps towards me that I knew that trouble had found me instead. He sat down on the deck chair next to mine.

"Hi," he said.

"Hello," I greeted in return.

He began undressing until he was just wearing a pair of swimming shorts. I had on my usual red speedo.

"Do you mind?" he said handing me the sunscreen and turning his back to me. I squirted some of the cream into my palm and rubbed it around in my hands before applying it to his muscular back. He had been working out. His skin glowed in the humid air and I felt like licking it. Instead I put the sunscreen back down and walked to the edge of the pool. I jumped in and swam to the other side. Brian followed suit. I was in the deep end of the pool when he came up in front of me and pressed me against the wall. He was holding me with one hand while the other gripped the edge of the pool. He kissed me lightly and then, gaining confidence, probed his tongue a little deeper.

"Not here," I said, scared someone might see us in the pool. I turned around and my back pressed against his hard 17 year old boy chest. I pulled myself out of the pool, grabbed my towel and began walking to the pool house that was situated near the indigenous jungle that was growing into our garden. Brian followed me inside and shut the door behind him. Light streamed in a thin beam through one of the tiny windows near the ceiling. Everything was a shade of grey. I spread the towel out over an old picnic table and sat down on top of it with my legs dangling off the edge. Brian stood between my thighs and we made out intensely. His hands found my Speedo and he began pulling it down. I lifted me bum slightly so that he could get it off. As soon as it had been pulled down to my ankles he hoisted me legs into the air and pulled me towards him so that my butt was also dangling off the edge of the table. He licked two fingers and thrust them savagely into my ass. The pain jolted violently through me and I yelped. I didn't stop him though. I liked it a little rough and rude, both of which Brian certainly was. After about five minutes of finger fucking me, Brian untied his shorts and let them slip to his feet. His pelvis leaned into mine and I felt the familiar nudging of his cock head. He spat on his cock one more time and without warning entered me. My legs were propped up against his chest and he was holding onto my thighs. I grabbed onto the edge of the table behind me and closed my eyes tightly. He forced all seven inches of himself into me and pulled it out again. He repeated this several times before settling into a rhythmic fucking action. I could tell he was incredibly horny by the force he pumped me with, ramming into me hard and fast and unrelenting. I kept on moving further up the table. I managed to lean forward and pull off my Speedo which was still wrapped around my ankles and restricting my movement. Once they were on the floor I encircled Brian with my legs and dug my heels into his glutes, pulling him further into me with each thrust. I propped myself up on my one arm while the other snaked it way around Brian's neck. Now it was the both of us moving. He thrusting and I grinding against him. The feeling of his pubes against my perineum felt amazing and I hooked both my arms around his neck so that our torsos were almost touching. I kissed his neck fervently while he closed his eyes and concentrated on reaching climax. I licked his Adam's apple and he suddenly and quite epileptically ejaculated into me. He thrust a few more times before withdrawing his cock from its warm, wet chamber.

He pulled up his shorts and stuffed his puffy cock back into it. He walked out of the pool house. I continued to rest on the table for a few minutes, just so that I could catch my breath. I looked down at my erect cock. I stood up and jerked my foreskin back and forth a few times until I came. I could also feel Brian's semen start to run down my thigh and I wiped it away with my towel before retrieving my Speedo and pulling it back on.

I went back to the pool, but Brian was nowhere to be found. I went inside and asked Roger where he had gone. Roger said he had left since he had gotten what he had come for. Why was it that I put up with Brian? He simultaneously exhilarated me and hurt me. It appalled me to think that I was just a piece of meat to him, something to put his cock into. But it excited me too, and in all the wrong ways. I knew it was wrong and I knew I was in big trouble.


Dane du Toit

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