A string of thick white beads clings to the inside of my thigh.

Grunting, He pushes my hips forward and pulls out, spraying the last of his cum in an arc onto my ring and the back of my left leg, from where it slowly dribbles down in heavy clumps. He then quickly pulls me close to Him again and rests his cock on the small of my back, just above my crack, allowing a few final lumps of cum to be squeezed out onto me. i wriggle my hips as if to guide these drops down to the rest of His seed, which still lays inside of me.

my hole stings and a gust of air feels to have blown into the still-wide opening, though i realise that it's just His cum starting to seep out of me. This causes me to writhe and whimper, clenching my ring, desperately trying to hold it in me for as long as possible, feeling somehow lost and panicked by my hole's emptiness. As if to distract myself from this loss i arch my back and shake my hips, bite my lips and screw my eyes closed.

- You filthy slut!, He barks. i know better than to turn around though, and straighten my back whilst keeping my head faced forwards. By now His dripping cum starts to pool in the back of my knee, going cold and sticky along the trail it leaves on my thigh, and as i focus on this i also become acutely aware of my shaky breathing and racing heart.

He stands up, steps around my kneeling form, and kneels back down in front of me, so that his cock's level with my face. It's at this that i look, not upwards, not having permission to do so and, anyway, being too enraptured by His shaft's magnificence. Even flaccid it has a deep sense of strength, a magnetic pull that captivates me and draws me close. It symbolises all the power that he holds over me, all that power that i instantly and naturally see in other men, all the freedom that i have sacrificed for Him. i can't help but want it, i want to please it and worship it and satisfy its every desire. From this cock seems to spring everything i have ever wanted, the domination i constantly crave, the Master i have always needed. It is utterly beautiful.

- You made my cock dirty, bitch, He says, almost whispering.

- Sorry, Sir. He grabs my hair.

- Clean it.

i try answer with a Yes Sir but He's already pushing my head forward and my mouth is too stuffed full of cock to say anything at all.

There is something almost Romantic about the taste of my own shit and the remnants of semen that flood into my mouth. Simultaneously i'm repulsed and more aroused than you'd think possible. The degradation becomes confused with love, stemming from the realisation that i've given myself over so entirely that i'm forever bonded to Him. We share something that nearly nobody else ever will. i love to give him something unique and love that He demands it, love that He takes willing and constantly something i couldn't give to anybody else. my emotions begin to peak and each suck on his cock heightens the sensation of sheer bliss, each becoming a symbolic act of submission, infinitely powerful, each an expression of a love so profound that it utterly transcends the conventional understanding of the term. Each time, i give Him all of my myself.

i lick and suck for a few minutes, gently salivating over his soft skin, tickling his tip with my tongue and running the underside along the whole length. After a while He gets impatient and starts pushing my head even closer to His crotch.

- Harder, slut. And suck the balls.

my mouth opens wider, accommodating his low-hanging sack. He tastes of drying sweat and it turns me on. my lips and tongue explore every inch, desperately searching for anything, any sweet taste of His. i feel stupidly honoured to have any such access to His person.

Perfectly content, we stay like this for maybe ten minutes, though it could be a day as far as i know; time has little meaning here, it's something i feel like i exist outside of.

- Now. Good boy, harder. He slaps my face firmly but without anger, without meaning to chastise, and i take it for encouragement. His cock stiffens slightly and i suck harder, gagging a little as His bellend engorges in my throat, touching and then blocking my airway. Recoiling instinctively i try to pull away but manage to control myself, and slide his shaft even further into my throat as a penance.

By now His cock is fully stiffened and ramming through my filled mouth and throat, driven by His hands that pull my head back and forth and my lips that cling desperately to his meat. Pushing His cock right up into my neck, my nose touches His crotch, and i pulse my lips, waggle my tongue and close my eyes as if this will help me to suck harder. He holds me here, moaning gently, His tough hands gripping my hair tightly, trying to violate even more deeply.

He lets out a raw, animal moan. His orgasm becomes my whole world.

i suck and suck and suck, and though i feel like i need air, a fresh breath, i keep going, neither able to move nor able to deny Him any pleasure from me...

Finally, a few thick wads of cum drop from His bellend and i have no choice but to let them fall onto my throat, where they proceed to roll slowly downwards, deep inside of me. my head is still gripped tightly and my lips lock onto His cock, but already it's softening and i can breathe easier. i don't dare suck or nibble at it without orders, but i'm reluctant to let it go, to let this moment of communion end.

It does end, though. my head is released and i take a deep breath, shaking a little all over. He caresses my hair with a single stroke which i nuzzle into a little. Gently he traces a line down my cheek from my hair to my jaw, and from there He guides my head forward with His fingertips. i look up, and understand that He wants me to lap up a last drop of cum that lies in His foreskin. Happily i flick my tongue over the watery cum, savouring the taste, rubbing it into every corner of my mouth. Now i look up, at His face, momentarily into His eyes. The sound of the street comes back into the room and i become aware again of the furniture around us; the cabinet, the wardrobe, the old dirty mattress in the corner; all well familiar. After a few minutes have passed in this way He tells me that to leave and return to my chores. Whilst in His sight i crawl, my head bent down obsequiously, my hips raised submissively. Once i pass the door i stand quietly and walk softly down to the bathroom, where i get back on my hands and knees, and begin scrubbing.


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