Growing up, I loved visiting my grandparents. They were my mothers parents and when first married they bought three beach front lots. My grandfather had a large home built, hoping for several children.

The home was two story with the living room, dining room, kitchen and breakfast area, large family room and master suite with large private bath on the first floor as well as a half bath of the family room. Upstairs, were four bedrooms and two baths. Each bath was called a Jack and Jill bath where it connected to two bedrooms. also upstairs was my grandfather's private office and study.

My mother was their first child and when she was born there were problems with the delivery and my grandmother wasn't able to have any more children. As a child, my mother loved the place and my grandfather continued to buy adjacent lots, until he owned approximately two hundred yards of beachfront property, with the house right in the center.

When my mother began attending college in a much larger city, her altitude changed. She hated the beach house, saying the sand made her feel dirty all the time. After she and dad married, we'd visit but mother would never go outdoors and would insist on leaving as soon as possible. MY grandparents began inviting me to stay entire summers with them.

On one summer when my parents went to drop me off, my mother told my dad that when she inherited "this dump, the first thing I'm doing is selling it." My grandfather happened to overhear her. I saw a strange look come over his face.

During my years of high school, both my dad and grandmother passed away. Each summer, I'd still spend with my grandfather. I graduated high school and my grandfather paid for my college expenses. I had graduated in accounting and became a Certified Public Accountant, like my grandfather. I live there at the beach house with him and became more or less his partner. He had numerous accounts that he handled and worked from home.

Then, just after my twenty-eighth birthday, my grandfather passed away. As we sat in the chapel waiting for his funeral service to begin my mother whispered to me,"Mark, you need to find someplace else to live and work, because I'm selling the beach property."

"Mom, you can't. Grandpa and Grandma loved that place so much and worked so hard on it."

"It's not open for discussion," she said.

To say the least, I was pissed as hell at her.

Two days after his funeral, we were contacted by his lawyer that we needed to come to his office to settle the estate.

We arrived, separately, and went in. The mood was solemn as the lawyer began to read Grandpa's will.

Reading from the will the lawyer said, "I had prepared letters in advance of my death to be sent to my clients, asking them to let Mark continue to handle their accounts. I hope they honor my request.

"Now, as to my estate. To my daughter, Karen, who has, since adulthood, seen fit to separate herself from her mother and I and has called her home a 'dump that is always dirty,' I leave the token sum of one thousand dollars. As for the entire balance of my estate, including all properties and monies, I leave to my grandson, Mark Jacobs, with my dearest gratitude for being with me these last years."

"What?" my mother screamed. "That place is mine. I'm his daughter!"

"Karen," the lawyer said softly, "it was your father's right to divide his property any way he wished." With that, he handed her a cashier's check for one thousand dollars.

Jerking it from his hand, she turned to me and said, "It's all your fault. You turned him against me. I need the money I could get from the house to survive. I never want to see you again."

Before I could respond she turned and bolted from the room. I looked at he lawyer who asked me to sit down. I did and he told me all about Grandpa hearing her say the place was a dump and dirty and her plans to sell it. "Mark, he wanted you to have it. He knew how much you loved that place."

"I do," I replied. The papers were signed and he said he would take care of having everything transferred to my name.

I gave all of my grandfather's clothes things I n=didn't care to keep to charity, and moved into the master suite.

Upon looking over the place, I found repair work was needed on both the upper balcony and the first floor porch, as well as some plumbing work in the master suite bath. I began asking around for a qualified and dependable contractor to do the work. The name of Josh Baker came up numerous times. I called him and set a time for him to come out and look things over.

He arrived on Monday afternoon and when I saw him climbing out of his pickup, my heart began to race. The reason is that I am gay and have been for years, keeping it secret from my family.

Josh looked to be in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. He stood close to six-four and was extremely muscular and well built. His hair was jet black, hung to just below the collar, and was wind blown. His chiseled face sported a scraggly yet sexy beard. His V-neck tee shirt was snug and revealed a somewhat hairy chest and his jeans were also snug and revealing.

He knocked and I quickly let him in. His deep voice was a real turn on and got me more excited.

After initial hand shakes and greetings, I began to show him what I had found. He immediately agreed that repairs were needed. In the master bath, I explained some renovations I had thought of. They included adding a larger shower stall and a jacuzzi tub. He made notes, and said that it might be a few days before he could get back to me. I said that there was no hurry.

Returning to the first floor porch overlooking the ocean, we had beer, since I was his last call of the day. As we sipped our beer and talked, he was making sketches. Finally he showed me the finished sketch of the new master bath and it was awesome. I immediately smiled and said "Fuck, the job is yours. That's awesome."

"Thanks," he said smiling a beautiful smile showing perfect snow white teeth.

Later in the week, he came back with his materials list, cost of materials and labor cost, and a time estimate. After looking it over, I agreed and asked when he could start and if he needed any up front expenses. He said he might with the materials.

"When can you have that materials list delivered?" I asked.

"Probably Saturday morning. Why?"

"Have it delivered C.O.D. When it gets here, I'll write a check for it. Will that help you out?"

"Man, will it ever."

"Great, just let me know what time they will be here."

We talked and he said how much he had always admired this place and felt it was a real honor to be here working on preserving it. He said he envied me living here.

Friday he called saying the materials were scheduled to be delivered at ten on Saturday morning and that he would be here to supervise.

Saturday morning I was up early and went for a swim nude as I always did. I knew time was getting close for the delivery and headed back to the house where my towel was on a chair on the porch.

I was about thirty foot from the porch when Josh suddenly came around the corner earlier than expected. I ran for my towel and as I wrapped it around me I said "Sorry about that. I wasn't expecting you this early."

"Hey, Mr. Jacobs, no problem. If I lived here I'd be doing the same thing and not care if any one saw me. It would be my property."

"First off, call me mark, please. And secondly, I appreciate your understanding. It really is more refreshing."

"I bet it is," he said with a smile.

For some reason, I just kept the towel around me until almost time for the delivery. I went in and changed for the delivery and watched as Josh gave instruction where each type of lumber went.

After they were finished and paid the men left and it was just Josh and I there again.

I offered coffee and as we sipped our coffee, he commented that he would need to start getting up earlier than normal. I asked why and he said he lived just over an hour away and he liked to get started early.

"I have an offer," I said. "You can take it or leave it. the choice is yours."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I have four bedrooms upstairs that aren't being used. While you're working here, you're welcome to bring some clothes and live here during the work."

"Are you sure I won't be imposing on you and screwing up your morning swims?"

"Not at all. You've already seen me and didn't seem to mind. Besides, you'd be free to do the same if you wanted to."

"Thanks," he said. "Let me think it over."


Later I asked, "Josh, do you have any panes for tonight?"

"Nothing yet."

"No hot date on a Saturday night?"

"Nope. I don't really go out much."

"Well then, why don't you just stay here today and we'll cook out on the grill later this afternoon."

"That sounds great. For some reason, I feel comfortable around you. Not up tight like i do with my other customers."

"Hey, during business hours, I'm a customer. After business hours, we're just good friends."

That sounds like a great plan," he said, "and I'd love to stay. It's so peaceful and relaxing here."

"I know. That's why I love it so much."

I was still in shorts only and casually he removed his work boots and socks and tee shirt. I finally saw his muscular beautiful chest with it's large nips and medium coating of jet black hair trailing down behind the waist of his jeans.

We nibbled on junk food for lunch before relaxing on the porch with a beer watching the waves wash ashore. After a while, I felt comfortable enough to say "How about a swim?"

As I said it, I quickly stood and dropped my shorts stepping out of them. I was commando and quick trotted to the shore and dove in.

When I surfaced. I glanced back to see him stripping down then running toward the water,his long soft cock fopping around as he ran. He dove in and surfaced near me. We swam and joked around for a good while before I headed back to shore, asking if he was joining me.

"Yea, in a minute or so. Right now I seem to have a minor problem."

"If it's what I think it is, I have one also. Happens all the time. It's no big deal. Just shows that you're human."

I backed toward the shore slowly emerging from the water and revealing my own half hard cock. i saw him smile as he started toward me.

As he came into shallow water, his cock appeared to be slightly more than half erect. I waited for him and we walked back to the porch together.

"This happen to you often?" he asked.

"Just about every time I go out. It's no big deal that it happened to you. All guys get boners at one time or another unexpectedly."

"Damn, you're so fucking cool and open. I like that. So many people are so uptight and straight-laced. It's refreshing to find someone so relaxed and at ease with life."

"That I am," I replied.

Once on the porch, I kicked my shorts aside and sat down staying nude. He hesitated a second then did the same. I went in and got us another beer.

We later grilled some steaks and went for a sunset swim. When we returned to the porch, he said, "If that offer is still open, I accept."

"Pack as much or as little as you want. Take your pick of the upstairs bedrooms."

"I have one question," he said.

"Ask away."

"Any objection if I work nude at times?"

"Nope. Since we're both comfortable with it I was planning on staying nude myself. I usually live that way. Do what ever you want."


He drove back to town that night and returned the next morning about ten with a bag with his clothes and toiletries. I had told him to make himself at home and come on in without knocking. He did and as I sat on the back porch reading the paper and sipping coffee, I saw him head upstairs.

Unexpectedly, I saw him come down the back stairs from the second floor balcony. He had picked the room that opened onto the balcony. He was nude.

Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday as far as our activities went. After one swim, as we started ashore together, he came up beside me, throwing his arm around my shoulders and saying that he hadn't been so relaxed in years.

I glanced down and saw that his cock was fully erect. My was quickly in the same condition. When we reached the porch, he made no attempt to hide it or cover it up. he simply sat down and let it lay against his stomach. I did the same, feeling that soon things would go farther.




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