Josh began work and we were completely comfortable being nude together. The more we were together the more comfortable we became. It was common for one or the other of us to be sporting a boner for no particular obvious reason.

After about a week, one night while laying on a blanket on the beach just at dusk, Josh casually reached down and began fondling his cock. Once it was fully hard, he slowly began stroking it.

My cock got hard and I looked over and asked, "Mind if I join you?"

Smiling over at me, he said, "I was wondering what your reaction would be. Feel free to join me. Every guy needs release and any guy that says he doesn't jerk off at times is a fucking liar."

"You got that shit right. I do it frequently," I replied.

"So do I, and I hope I wasn't too forward by starting it."

"Josh, I hope you feel as comfortable with me as i do with you. Feel free to do whatever you want whenever you want. I'll do the same."

"I do," he answered, "and you got a deal. I'll race you to see who gets off first. Looser does the dishes tonight."

"You're on."

We both began stroking wildly and I climaxed about two seconds before Josh.

After watching each others loads fire out onto the sand, Josh laughed and said "Man, that was fucking huge. How long you been holding back?"

"Since Friday night in the shower," I replied.

"Damn!" he exclaimed.

That's the way things went, although I was hoping things would go farther. In the house, we'd sometimes run into each other and when our bodies met our eyes locked together. Our heads seemed to move toward each other as if to kiss, when Josh would suddenly turn away. It was as if he wanted to kiss me but suddenly had second thoughts.

All during the repairs to the exterior, that's how things went. We'd take walks on the beach, sometimes putting his arm over my shoulder, or we'd jerk off on the porch or beach in the evenings.

He finished the exterior then began remodeling my master bath. That took only two weeks. As the end neared, I was hating to see Josh leave. It had been great having him here.

Then it was over. The remodel was complete. It was a Wednesday and as I wrote out his final payment, I asked if he had another job lined up.

"No, not at this time. I might take some time off and see if I can find a rental out this way that I can afford. Most of my work is in this general area and the drive is a bitch."

"Well, I have a suggestion if your interested."

"What's that?"

"Stay here with me until Monday. Relax and we can do some looking together."

"I'd like that. I'm going to miss being out here."

"Look, even after you leave, you're welcome here every weekend if you want to come out. You have a standing invitation. There is no need to call."

"Fuck, Mark, are you serious? I'd love that."

"Hell yes I'm serious. If you don't come I'll think your pissed at me for some reason."

"I don't think I could ever be pissed at you for any reason. I think too much of you."

"I feel the same way about you."

He stayed and we spent some time looking for a place he could afford. I wanted to ask him to move in with me but unless there might be sex, I didn't know if I could stand it. I might do something to ruin our friendship.

He left Monday morning after giving me a big hug, saying, "See you Friday afternoon some time."

"I'll be waiting. I'll have dinner for us."

As we stood just inside the front door he smiled and winked at me before heading to his truck. I watched as he pulled out of the circular drive. As he turned to the right to pass in front of the house, he suddenly turned back into the other entrance and returned to the front of the house.

Leaving his truck running and the door open, he ran back up to the door and into the room, grabbing me by the shoulders and kissing me passionately.

Breaking the kiss he turned and ran back to his truck and drove away, leaving me stunned and excited at the same time. I tried to call him but he wouldn't answer. I continued to call during the next few days but still no answer. I knew I'd just have to wait and see if he really would return on Friday.

I had steaks ready for the grill Friday afternoon as I waited on the back porch,nude, watching the surf. About half passed five, I was startled when he stepped from the house, still dressed, and asked, "Am I still welcome?"

I jumped up and stepped up to him and quickly took his face in my hands and tongue kissed him for a long minute, before saying, "You better believe you are."

Hold me loosely in his arms he said, "Mark, what I did Monday when I left was something I had been wanting to do the entire time I as here."

"I was wanting it also, but why didn't you do it sooner?"

"I have a policy not to mix business with pleasure. When I left on Monday, you were no longer a customer. The job was complete and paid for."

"First, get out of those clothes and get comfortable. Then,get us a beer out of the fridge while I start the steaks."

After I had put the steaks on the grill, he came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist then kissed me gently on the lips.

Looking into his eyes, I asked, "Just so I know what to expect, does the kisses mean there is more to come later?"

Smiling, he said, "You better believe it. Lots more."

We ate dinner then went for a swim, but it really wasn't a swim. Standing in waist deep water we kissed and explored each other's body with our hands. After a while, I led him back to the house and as we entered, I asked, "My bedroom?"

"Any where you want," he replied.

We lay in my bed and began kissing again and fondling each other. Moments later,he began kissing and licking his way down my body. First to my chest, then stomach, balls and then to my ass where he began rimming me wildly. After a few more moments, he returned to my balls then after lifting my cock he swallowed it completely.

Slowly and lovingly, he began sucking my cock and he was awesome at it. As I neared my climax, he could tell and began to suck me faster. Seconds later, my cock exploded and as it did, I heard him moan audibly over my gasps of pleasure.

After collecting my load, he smiled and swallowed and said, "I've been wanting to do that since the day I met you." He then kissed me.

After the kiss, I looked at him and said, "Now, it's my turn."

I did the same to him and soon received my reward. His load was huge, thick, creamy, and sweet.

Afterward, as we lay cuddled together, I asked if he had brought a bag. He said yes but he had left it by the front door just in case he wasn't welcome.

"You mean you couldn't tell from the kiss Monday that you would definitely be welcome?"

"I thought I'd probably be welcome."

"And why didn't you answer my calls?"

"If I had, I'd probably have turned around right then and come back, but I had to see about another job."

"I'll forgive you this time," I told him then asked how long he'd been gay.

"I found out I liked men at sixteen," he said.

"How did it happen, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I don't mind at all. I had been to a basketball game at school. My buds that I rode there with met up with some other guys that had some weed and went off with them to get high. I was walking home and it started raining. This guy in his thirties stopped and offered me a ride. He drove slow and as he did, he began to feel my leg. I had never done anything before and found it exciting. I admit that i was curious to see what a blow job felt like. The rain got harder and he suggested we stop at his motel until it let up. I said okay. We got inside his room and he suggested I get my wet shirt and jeans off and let them dry. I did and he began saying how nice I was built and rubbing my chest then back and ass. I got boned and he grabbed it and said that he'd like to take care of it for me. I was nervous and scared but I said okay. He had me strip and he stripped and we got in bed and he sucked me off and ate my ass. When he kissed me I could taste my own cum in his mouth. I decided to try it since he was from out of town and didn't know me. I sucked him off and swallowed and found I liked it. Been at it ever since, although I dated and fucked pussy in high school to hide it. How about you?"

"Well, this house was built by my grandfather and when he died he left it to me. I'd spend my summers here with he and my grandmother. When I was fifteen I began jerking with a bud of mine back home. Sometimes we'd jerk each other. I became curious about doing more but was afraid to suggest it to him. That summer, I was visiting here and walked down the beach a short distance and stripped down and began jerking between some dunes. While I was going at it, a guy on vacation walked up and saw me. He asked me straight out if he could suck it. I said yes. He did and I loved it. We'd meet every day and he'd suck me. Abut a week later I asked if I could do him. I sucked him off and enjoyed it. He was renting a place down the beach so I started going to his place. I lost my virginity to him one afternoon when he fucked my ass. We spent the entire summer having sex almost daily."

"Damn. I didn't get fucked until I was eighteen," he said.

We got up and went to the kitchen and got a beer and went out onto the porch. As we listened to the surf, he said, "Mark, I want to get fucked out in the surf. You game?"

"You bet I am."

Hand in hand, we jogged out into the surf. Once I was boned, Josh locked his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist. As he lowered himself, I held my cock steady for him to slide down on. Seconds later, I was buried up his ass. He began to ride me saying how great it felt and how much me wanted to feel me shoot my load up into him. Before long, he got his wish, saying how awesome it was to do it in the water. I had to find out so I held onto him as he fucked my ass. He was right, it was awesome.

When we returned to the house, we decided it was time for bed. I told him he needed to get his bag and head to bed. He looked at me sadly, picking up his bag and starting toward the stairs.

"Hey, upstairs is off limits now. When you're here you'll be sharing my bed. Remember that."

Suddenly smiling, he said, "Got it."

We had hot passionate sex all weekend both inside and outside. Sunday evening when he started to leave I held him and asked, "Since you're wanting to move out to this area, would you consider moving in here with me?"

"Only if you let me pay rent," he replied.

"You wouldn't be renting a room. You'd be sharing mine.'

"But I still want to pay rent."

I agreed and he set a price. I made him lower it saying part of his rent would be minor everyday repairs. He agreed.

That week he moved in taking the extra closet in the master bedroom. We were happy and content with the arrangement.

Then a couple months later, he came up to me one evening at sunset when we were standing in the surf and said, "Mark, I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my life. Will you be my lover till the end of time?"

"Yes, Josh, I will. I love you also more than anything."

He dropped to one knee and said, "I, Josh Baker, take you, Mark Jacobs, to be my life partner from now to the end of time. I promise to love honor and cherish with all my heart."

He stood and I knelt, pledging the same to him. We kissed and went in to consummate our union.

That was six years ago and both our businesses are booming. Most people along the beach know we're lovers and accept us openly, always inviting us to parties.

I cherish the day Josh came into my life.




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