As I began my senior year of high school I suspected that I was gay. After football practice, I found myself showering longer than necessary just so I could see the other guys cocks. I had to concentrate to [revent myself from getting an erection. But after I left and returned home, I'd always have to jerk off.

Greg Jacobs, our star quarterback, and I were the last two to remain in the shower room one day when he said, 'Hey, Mark, you sure stay in the showers a long time. How come?'

Wondering if he suspicioned anything, I simply answered, 'I just enjoy the hot water. It helps relax me.'

'Yea, I know what you mean,' he replied. 'Same here.' I noticed his cock seemed to be fuller than normal and he was stealing glances at mine.

After that day, Greg would always come in and take the closest shower to me and when the one next to me became open he'd casually move over to it. He would remain in the showers until it was just the two of us there.

Then one day a couple of weeks later he asked, 'Hey Mark, after practice why don't we work out some before we shower? We could spot each other. I checked with Coach and he said it was okay as ong as we made sure the doors were locked when we left.'

'That sounds great,' I said.

'Okay then, we'll start tomorrow.'

The next day after practice, when all the others hit the showers, Greg and I began working out. As we did, the others left and Coach came by and said, 'Don't over do it men. And remember to check the doors when you leave. I'm out of here.'

'Will do, Coach,' Greg said.

After a few minutes Greg suggested we hit the showers. We did and as usual he ook the shower next to me. As we talked football, I noticed him rub his cock numerous times.

He did this every day and after the first week, he began to get more and more erect. Then, every day he'd get fully erect and so would I. He complimented me on my size and I did the same to him. Then it happened.

One day as we stood there boned, he said, 'Hey man, if you're like me you jerk off daily. I'm horny as hell right now. Why don't we do it here?

He began stroking his soapy cock and I smiled and said, 'You just do it once a day?' and began stroking mine.

'Fuck no! I usually do it at least twice a day and usually three or four times a day. How abut you?'

'Same,' I said.

Before long, we both climaxed, watching each other fire out our huge loads onto the wet shower floor where they worked their way to the drains.

then a few days later he suggested we stroke each other. I was excited with the idea of finally getting to feel another guys cock in my hand and feel another guys hand on mine. We did and it was awesome.

We didn't practice or work out on Fridays since we had a game that night. On one Friday, during lunch period he came to me and said, 'Hey Mark, I want to talk to you. Meet me out on the walkway.'

I finished my lunch and went to meet him.

'Yea, what's up?'

'My parents are out of town till Sunday. I was wondering if you'd like to come to my place after the game and spend the weekend with me. They said it would be okay.'

'Let me check with my folks and I'll let you know at the game.'

'Sounds good.'

That afternoon I talked with my parents and they said it would be okay. I left out the part about his parents being ut of town.

I packed a small bag and put it in my car as I headed to the school to get ready for the game. When Greg walked in, he looked my way and I smiled and gave him a thumbs up sign. He smiled and nodded.

When we had a chance to talk, I told him I had my things in my car and I'd follow him after the game.

We won the game and after showering and dressing we left the gym and I followed Greg to his house.

Once inside, he said, 'Make yourself at home.'

He got us each a soda and said that he had a few movies I might like to watch. He pulled out two straight porn movies and a bi movie with two guys and a girl.

'Where the fuck did you get these?' I asked.

'A few months ago, my dads boss had to go out of town for the weekend and asked me to house sit and take care of his dog. I got to nosing around and found these and much more in a box in the back of his closet. These were on the bottom, so I sliped them out and kept them. So far he hasn't said anything to me or dad.'

'Damn, these look hot,' I said. 'Put one in.'

'In a minute, but do you ever go nude at home?'

'Sometimes, why?'

'Well. I do every chance I get, and I was wondering if you'd want to go nude this weekend. It's not like we haven't been nude around each other before.'

'Hell, Greg, this is our weekend. I'm game.'

We wet to his room, taking the movies with us.

After we stripped, he put in the bi movie in the DVD p;ayer in his room and as it began we got comfortable on his bed, laying there side by side.

As they began having sex in the movie, we both began to slowly stroke our cocks. After a few minutes the girl began sucking one of the guys. Then suddenly the guy getting sucked started sucking the other guy.

'Holy shit!' I exclaimed.

'He seems like he's enjoying doing that,' Greg said.

'Sure does and I don't see the other guy objecting to letting another guy suck his cock.'

'He seems to be enjoying it also,' Greg added, then asked, 'Just between me and you, have you ever had another guy suck your cock?'

'No, never. The first time we jerked each other in the showers was the first time I ever felt another guys cock or had another guy touch me. Have you ever been sucked by a guy?'

'Like I said, just beween us?'


'Yes I have and it's fantastic. Guys are so much better that women.'

'Really? I've heard thaqt and thought about it just to see what it's like.'

'You really need to,' he said.

'Who did you let suck you?'

'A few years ago I was at Baker Park and saw guys strolling off into the woods. I decided to follow and see what was going on. I waked up on two guys where one was sucking the other. the one getting sucked motioned me over and I went to them. He had me take out my cock and as the other guy sucked him he bent over and sucked me.'

'Did he get you off?'

'Yea, and swallowed my cum.'

'Did you ever go back?'

'Hell, yea, regularly. I never had a problem getting sucked. Some days I'd have two or three guys suck me off.'

'Fuck, maybe I need to go there.'

'Maybe we can both go there tomorrow.'

'Hell, yea.' I replied.

We continued watching the movie and soon saw the two guys tongue kissing as the woman alternated sucking their cocks.

'have you ever done that with any of the guys that sucked you?' I asked.

'Yea. It's actually better than kissing a girl. the guys really get into it.'

'Damn, I've never done anything.'

He turned onto his side, facing me and reached for my cock. As he began stroking me, I reached down between us and grasped his cock.

I turned my head to face him and found him staring ino my face, smiling.

He began leaning in toward me and soon our lips met. I felt his lips part and his tongue exit his mouth. I parted my mouth and offered my tongue and we kissed passionately.

When we parted he asked, 'What did you think about that?'

'I liked it,' I replied.

We kissed again and afterward he asked, 'Mark, would you like to see what it's like to get sucked?'

'What?' I asked.

'If you want to see what it's like to get sucked, I'll show you.'

'Fuck, Greg, have you sucked cock before?'

'Mark, I'm gay. I've been gay since I was fifteen. I've wanted sex with you since last school year. I started hanging around the showers longer just to see you naked. Then I had the idea o working out and stroking together. When I found out my parents were going to be gone for the weekend, I decided this was my chance to get you in my bed. If you don't want it, I'll understand. All I asked is that you keep my secret and not tell anyone at school.'

'Greg, you've been honest with me and now I have to be honest with you. I've suspicioned I was gay for a while now. I loved stroking with you in the showers. When you invited me over I was hoping things would develope and we could experiment together. I had no idea you were already, shall I say, experienced. I'd really like to try all you can show me.'

'Really? I'd like that.'

'Well, I'm all yours.'

Greg kissed me again then began kissing down my body, licking and sucking my nipples first then going lower and once between my legs he sucked my balls then swallowed my cock. I gasped at the warm wetness of his mouth. He soon brought me to a roaring climax and after taking my load I watched him swallow.

'Well?' he asked.

'That was fantastic,' I replied. 'You can do it anytime you want.'

'Thanks. I will do just that.'

We kissed again and I decided it was now or never. I did to him what he had done to me, and when I reached his cock my heart was pounding.

Lifting his hard cock from his stomach, I opened my mouth and took it in. The feeling was erotic and I loved it. I began sucking him like he had sucked me and when he was close he warned me. I ignored his warning, wanting to taste his thick creamy cum. He soon exploded and I took it all, svoring the flavor of his man cream. Once I had it all, I swallowed.

'Fuck, Mark, you're a natural at that. It was fantastic.'

'Thanks,' I said. 'I hope you let me do it again.'

'Like you told me, anytime.'

Before the weekend was over, I has sucked Greg numerous times and had lost my virginity to him. We had fucked each other several times and I was loving it all. He had even taught me to rim.

We continued getting together several times a week after school and on weekend camping trips. Our sexual encounters continued throughout the school year and into the summer.

He had received a football schlorship to the university there in town and I decided to join the Army. We promissed to keep in touch and get together when we could.

I joined the Army and went through my training. After two years, I was moved from my administrative position and sent to school to become a military police officer. Before being sen to poice training I took a short leave and returned home. Of course Greg and I got together numerous times.

I completed my training and began my duties as an MP, stationed stateside. My sexual activities were almost non-existant being in the military.

I was transfered to another post near a larger town and thanks to the internet found discrtete guys to have sex with ocasionally.

Then, one night while off duty, I began chatting and met a guy that sounded hot and from our conversation, we 'clicked' and agreed to meet at a local fast food joint. He told me what he'd be driving. I pulled ino the lot and spotted his vehicle and after parking I walked up to the drivers window.

When I saw the driver, I froze.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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