When I went back to the front of the house, I noticed the front door slightly ajar. I stepped up and listened. All was quiet.

Pushing the door open, I began stepping in saying,'Everything okay in here?'

I immediately froze at what I saw. There in the room with Clay were three 'biker looking' guys. Two sat on the sofa, nude from the waist down, stroking their hard cocks. One wore only a tee shirt and the other, with a neat short goatee and moustache, wore only a white 'wife beater' undershirt. The third guy was totally naked on his knees in front of Clay sucking Clay's cock.

'Every thing's cool, partner,' Clay said. 'I just got a little sidetracked.'

'Yea, I guess you did. I can see that,' I replied, stepping further into the room and closer to the sofa to get a better look at Clay's cock.

As I did, the guy wearing the wife beater shirt reached out toward my cock saying, 'Come closer, officer. I'll take care of you.'

clay looked over at me, smiled and nodded toward the guy. I moved closer and the guy began rubbing my hard cock through my uniform ants. releasing his bud's cock, he moved to the edge of the sofa, unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. As soon as it was exposed, he immediately swallowed it and began sucking me.

Clay had been watching and when I looked over at him he smiled and nodded.

The guy in the tee shirt stroked his own cock for a few minutes then stood and walked over toward Clay, watching him get sucked.

I was looking down at the hot extremely stud watching him suck my cock, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Turning to see what it was, I saw Clay and the third guy kissing passionately, sucking each others tongues. Then, suddenly, Clay broke the kiss and leaned down, swallowing the third guys cock, sucking hungrily.

After a few minutes, the three of us getting sucked all climaxed. I watched as Clay not only took the third guys load in his mouth but also swallow it completely.

As Clay and I put away our cocks, clay looked at the three guys saying, 'Gentlemen, just to make sure things are quiet, we'll stop by later and check things out.'

'Anytime, officers,'one of the guys said.

Once in the car and back on patrol, without looking at Clay, I said, 'I assume what just happened was one of the things you were referring to that never happened and wasn't discussed.'

'You got it. It's only discussed between you and I.'

'Are we really going back?'

'Hell yea! At least I am, but in my own vehicle. If the unit is seen there too much, it might raise questions. Are you in for going back?'

'Sure,' I replied.

'Great. You can follow me if you want to or ride with me.'

'I'll follow,' was all I said.

Nothing more was said about it for the rest of the shift and after we returned to the station and logged out, I followed Clay back to the house. After parking, we entered the house without knocking.

'Everything is quiet, officers,' the goatee guy said, however now all three of the men were totally naked.

'Good to hear, gentlemen,' Clay responded.

We had left our gun belts at the station and our guns in the cars. We began stripping and when we were done all we had on was our uniform shirts, and they were unbuttoned, revealing our muscular chest.

The guy that was standing earlier that Clay had sucked knelt and began sucking Clay. The guy with the goatee that had sucked me earlier again began sucking me. Once he had me hard and primed, he said, 'I want that up my ass.'

Clay watched as the guy sat on the edge of the sofa and leaned back, pulling his legs up and exposing his hole. I immediately got into position and entered his ass, going in balls deep in one swift movement.

As I pounded the guys ass, the guy that had sucked Clay earlier, walked up and stuck his cock into the mouth of the guy I was fucking.

Clay and his guy got into a sixty-nine but I could see Clay watching me fuck the guys ass as he, himself sucked cock.

I decided it was time to reveal myself to Clay and reached for the cock near my face that was getting sucked. I pulled it out of the mouth of the guy I was fucking and quickly swallowed it and began sucking.

Soon, all four of us climaxed moments apart, with Clay and his partner going first. As I climaxed up my guys ass, he other guy filled my mouth. As Clay watched I eagerly swallowed and after pulling out of the guys ass, I quickly swallowed his cock and sucked him to a quick climax, then tongue kissed them both.

'Gentlemen, you never know when we might be back to check things out,' Clay said as we both began dressing.

We walked out to our vehicles and all that was said came from Clay. 'See you in the morning,' he said.

I drove home knowing that Clay now knew that i sucked cock also and wondered what would happen or be said the next day.

The next morning everything was normal at roll call, of course, but I expected something to be said after we left on patrol.

We discussed the things covered in roll call as we patrolled and were on the edge of town when Clay said, 'There is an abandoned warehouse up here I want to check out. At times the homeless gather there as do druggies.'

We pulled in and stopped and walked up a ramp to the dock and into the old warehouse. I followed Clay to an area between the open bay doors. He stopped and turned to me and stepped closer, suddenly grabbing me and kissing me, shoving his tongue into my open mouth. Happily, I returned the kiss and we kissed passionately, wrapped in each others arms.

When we separated, Clay looked at me and said, 'I've wanted to do that ever since you became my partner. Somehow I just knew you were into men.'

'I wanted you also, but wasn't sure until you said I'd see things that were never to be mentioned or discussed. I then had an idea, but seeing you get sucked then suck the other guy, I was thrilled.'

'Now, partner, I want that cock of yours,' he said rubbing my growing cock.

'Only if I get yours afterward,' I said.

'Share and share alike. I like that kind of thinking.'

Soon, my pants were around my ankles and my cock was buried in Clay's throat. After he gave me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had and swallowed my load, I sucked his beautiful hard cock. After getting ourselves put back together, we returned to patrol.

Now that the ice was broken, we openly discussed sex. Clay confessed that he had been called to the house where the guys lived before and they did it just for the sex.

We were off the next two days and clay invited me to his place after work. I accepted but said I wanted to go home and change.

'When you get there, don't bother knocking. Just come on in,' he said.

'Got it,' I said.

I arrived and walked in to find Clay in he kitchen preparing dinner for us. He was totally naked, and upon seeing me said, 'Hey bud, get comfortable.'

I immediately stripped and helped with dinner. That weekend Clay and I experienced all kinds of sex, anal, oral, and mild bondage.

Besides blow jobs while on patrol a couple times a week, we spent almost every weekend together, either at my place or his. At times we'd go out of town and pick up guys or couples for group sex in our motel room.

I had told Clay about Luke and when Luke took some leave and visited me, we let Clay join in a couple of nights.

Luke had told me he liked Clay and that I as lucky as hell to have him as a patrol partner. he also said he had decided to stay in he army and retire after twenty-five years.

'So, what do you plan to do after that?' I asked.

'I've got three years to go and I think I might open my own security guard company.'

'Luke, you'd be great at that,' I said,

I hated to see Luke's visit end, but he promised to visit again.

Clay and I returned to our normal routine when one day on patrol he pulled into a deserted parking lot and parked. Turning to me he said, 'Mark, I have something I need to say.'

'Sure, what?'

'Mark, I've fallen deeply in love with you. I never thought I'd find a guy I wanted to settle down with for the rest of my life but I have. I'd be honored if you'd agree to be my life partner.'

'Clay, I'm shocked. I love you also but didn't know how you felt.'

'Well, I saw how Luke looked at you. Mark, he loves you or at least I got that impression. I wanted you to know just how I felt.'

'Clay, I care deeply for Luke and we have something special, but it's you I love, and I'll gladly be your life partner.'

I moved in with Clay, changing my address to a post office box at work. Thing were great between us, for over two years.

Then something happened.

We were on patrol and got a call to respond to an armed robbery at a local bank. We responded 'hot', meaning we had lights and sirens going. On the way we were informed that the suspects were still inside and armed.

We arrived and took our positions, waiting.

An hour later, the hostages were released and soon after the four robbers came out shooting. We all returned fire but in the battle I was hit in the upper right arm and went down.

As I lay there bleeding, I looked around and saw Clay on his back on the ground. Crawling to him, I saw he had been shot twice in the chest. His vest was no math for the armor piercing shells the thugs were using.

We were both rushed to the hospital, Clay in critical condition. The doctors didn't give him much of a chance. He pulled through surgery but was on a respirator. I stayed by his side as much as I was allowed.

What was I going to do if I lost him?

TO BE CONINUED....................



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