Then, one night while off duty, I began chatting on line and met a guy that sounded hot and from our conversation, we seemed to 'click' and agreed to meet at a fast food joint. He told me what he'd be driving so I could find him. I pulled into the lot and spotted his vehicle. After parking, I walked up to the drivers window.

Just as I was next to his door, he turned and looked at me. His drivers window was down and when I saw his face, I froze.

We stared into each others eyes a second then he said, 'Oh, fuck! Sgt. Baker are you 'discreet fun'?'

I was looking straight into the face of Capt. Lucas Baker, my immediate supervisor in the military police.

'Uh, yes sir, I am and I assume you are 'lovesitall'?'

'Yea, and this is fucking awkward as hell.'

'I agree, sir.'

'Mark, we're both off duty and off post. Call me Luke and I'll call you Mark. Agreed?'

'Sure,' I replied, not knowing what to do or say.

'Mark, follow me to my place. We need to talk.'

He started up his car and I jumped in mine and followed, wondering what would happen and if I would be 'outed' and discharged.

We arrived at his apartment and I followed him in. After closing and locking the door he turned to me and said, 'First, here I'm not an officer or your supervisor, and you are not a sergeant or one of my officers. We're just two guys that met on line.'

'I can handle that,' I said.

'Second,' he continued, 'anything that is said or happens is strictly just between the two of us.'

'Most definitely,' I replied.

'With that behind us, lets relax with a beer and chat.'

As I settled on the sofa, Luke grabbed two beers from the fridge and sat near me on he sofa. After we each took a swallow of our beer, he surprised me by asking, 'So, you like hot sex in bed with another man?'

'I'm not going to start lying, yes, I do, and if you need to report it, I'll understand.'

'Mark, settle down. If I did report it, I'd have to reveal how we met and I'd be in just as much trouble. Besides, I love hot sex in bed with another guy also.'

We talked and I found out that Luke was thirty-nine and was divorced but no kids. He was bi when he joined the Army and after he married he found he preferred cock to pussy. He said he started with men when he was in high school with his wrestling coach.

While on a deployment, his wife me another man and filled for divorce. He said that was one of the happiest days of his life. he said he had met several guys in the chat room we were in and they were understanding and kept the encounters secret. He said if I wanted him to when he chatted with them he'd give them my screen name. I told him I'd think about it.

I told him about me and how I started in high school also.

Looking at me, he moved closer on the sofa, and suddenly had his hand on my crotch, massaging my cock and balls. My cock began to stiffen as he leaned forward and we kissed.

After the kiss, he smiled and said, 'Let's get comfortable.' I smiled and we stood and began undressing each other. I less than two minutes we had each other totally nude.

Luke was damn good looking, muscular and hairy, which turned me on greatly. We kissed again and as we did, I ran my fingers through the hair on his chest. When we parted, he smiled and asked, 'You like that hairy chest?'

'Oh, hell yea. I love hairy guys.'

'Well, there is some on my back also and my ass is also very hairy.'

'Perfect,' I replied.

Both our cocks were rock hard and we were almost equal in size, both between seven and a half and eight inches.

As he reached down and began stroking mine, he said, 'You know, Mark, I've had he hots for you ever since you transferred here. I've even jerked off thinking of sex with you.'

'Really?' I asked. 'I've wondered what you'd look like nude also. From the bulge I've seen in your pants on occasion, I've dreamed of tasting it.'

'Well, let's not waste any more time,'he said, taking my hand and leading me to his bedroom. After lying in bed and kissing a few minutes, he flipped around and got into a sixty-nine.

We sucked each other slowly and lovingly not wanting to rush things. I was loving having Luke's cock in my mouth but it felt strange knowing he was my supervisor.

After a while, we both drew close and climaxed at almost the same time. I shot first and as I felt him swallowing my load, his cock exploded into my mouth. His load was large and thick and I swallowed it eagerly.

After draining each other, we kissed again, and afterward he asked, 'How long did you sign out for?'

'I'm due back at two in the morning.'

'Call the guard shack and tell them you'll be out until Sunday evening at six. I want you to spend the weekend with me if you want to.'

'I'd love it,' I replied. I went to my pants in the living room and got my cell phone and called the shack. They changed my return time to Sunday and when I returned to the bedroom I said, 'All done.'

They had contact numbers on all personnel off base in case of an emergency, so if we were needed both our cell phones would start ringing.

As we kissed and cuddled, Luke asked, 'Did you have dinner before we met?'

'No, I figured we'd just have a little sex and I'd get something to eat on the way back to the base.'

'Yea, same here. Why don't we get dressed and go get some chow?'

'Sure,' I said. We both slipped on our shirts and pants, going commando and headed out.

As we drove to a small cafe with family style meals that he knew of, he said, 'Mark, you know that this meeting will change things at work, don't you?'

'Why should it?' I asked. 'We're both mature enough to keep our personal lives separate from our work relationship.'

'That's true, but when I ride with you guys like I do at times, it will now be more with you than the others.'

'You can't do that, even though I'd love it. You have to rotate to prevent any suspicions.'

'Oh, I know it but you'll still get more ride alongs than the others.'

We ate and returned to his apartment, immediately stripping. As we settled on the sofa after he put in a gay porn DVD, I asked, 'Your screen name is 'lovesitall'. What does that include?'

'Anything except blood, pain, or scat. I do enjoy some water sports, meaning I like to hose and get hosed but I'm not into drinking it, although I have done it with special guys. What do you include in 'discreetfun'?'

'The same as you, although I've never drank, but for the right guy, I might.'

'Well, since we like the same things, you won't mind if I do something. Lay on the floor and lift your legs.'

I was expecting to get fucked but instead, Luke began eating my ass and did so for nearly an hour. I was in heaven. When he finally stopped and kissed me, I looked at him and said, 'Now, fuck me.'

'My pleasure,' he replied.

Within moments, Luke was sliding his cock up my ass uncovered. He had asked if I wanted him to use it and I had told him 'Hell no! I want to feel you shoot up me.'

He fucked me slowly at first as we kissed, then with more vigor. Soon, he began moaning and I knew he was getting close.

'Fuck yea, Captain, fuck me. Shoot it all up my waiting ass.'

And he did just that seconds later.

'Oh, yea. I love it. Shoot it all,' I said.

He did and as he slowly pulled out, he said, 'That's the best ass I've had in ages. Mark, you are one hot fuck!'

'Thanks, and your one hot fucker. You know just how to satisfy a man.'

He lay beside me and as he did I moved between his legs and lifted his legs, quickly burying my face in his hairy ass, licking and drilling in deep with my tongue.

'Oh, yea,' he said, 'I love having my ass eat almost as much as I love having it fucked.'

I ate his ass for almost as long as he ate mint then fucked him.

As I pumped his ass, he moaned, saying how great it felt. As I neared my climax, he said, 'Fuck that ass, Sergeant! That's an order. Shoot that load in me.'

I did and we both moaned and cried out at the same time.

After showering together we kissed and made out some more, then talked about others in out unit that we thought were hot.

We both agreed on each other selections and he told me that he felt that Corporal Tim Wilson might be gay, or at least bi.

'What makes you say that?' I asked.

'There have been times when I'd get a semi-boner thinking about you and I'd catch him looking at it and a bulge would begin to rise in his pants.'

'Well, let me say this about Wilson. I've heard him spreading rumors about other guys and who they are supposedly sleeping with and such.'

'Such as?' Luke asked.

'He told me that he had 'heard' that there was a sergeant in the motor pool that was fucking a major's wife. He said it had been going on for a while. I think it best if you keep those boners in check or he might start rumors about you.'

'Thanks for the warning,' he said.

We went back to the bedroom and after another hot sixth-nine, we cuddled together and went to sleep.

The weekend was filled with sucking and fucking, and all too soon, I had o return to the barracks I lived in.

Having some seniority, I had weekends off, only working one weekend every other month. My weekends off were spent at Luke's place and on some occasions when he rode with me on patrol, we'd go to a deserted part of the post and suck each other.

Luke began inviting some of the guys he had met on the website over for Friday night orgies and it was awesome.

Luke saw to it that I got as many promotions as possible. Then word came that I was to be transferred to another post. Luke stepped in and went to the post commander and asked if he would override the transfer saying that I was the best he had and he didn't want to loose me. For some reason the commander refused to allow the transfer.

Luke was thirty-seven and I was twenty-eight. When my reenlistment date approached, I told Luke I didn't want to make a career of the Army. He said he understood and asked what my plans were.

I told him that I had applied with the sheriff's department back home and that they wanted to talk to me.

'That's great,' he said, 'but I'm going to miss you terribly.'

'I'll miss you also but I expect you to visit me anytime you can get leave.'

'I was hoping you'd say that. Wild horses couldn't keep me away.'

I left the Army and returned home and went to work as a patrol officer with the sheriff's department. My partner was Sgt. Clay Wilson, a thirty year old, seven year veteran of the force.

He was hot, single and we got along great. It soon got to the point that we knew what the other was thinking when out on patrol.

After several months, Clay said to me, 'Mark, sometimes you might see things out of the normal routine. Remember to keep it to yourself. If you don't, it could make your career hard.'

'I understand,' I said, but really wondered what he meant. A couple of months later I found out what he meant.

We were on patrol one night about midnight when we got a call on the radio to check out loud noises coming from a house on the edge of town.

We responded and when we arrived, Clay had me check out the back while he went in the front. I did and waited a few minutes before going back up front. Seeing the front door slightly ajar, I stepped up and not hearing anything, I asked 'Everything alright in here?', and stepped in. I wasn't expecting what I saw.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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