' Your mighty serpent crawled up inside me

And pierced my stomach with its probing head

Its body ever stretching, never recoiling

As it spewed its hot, white venom deep in my guts

Then slithered out of me

Leaving me with a deeper respect for snakes .' Treshawn Mann was relieved to hear applause after he finished reciting his poem at the Welmon College fall talent show. Treshawn's roommate, Demarques Shad, a.k.a, Chocolate , was grinning from ear to ear out in the audience.

Treshawn was especially glad that Demarques liked his poem. He wished he had the nerve to tell Demarques that the poem was inspired by a wet dream he'd had of him. Demarques was Treshawn's ultimate crush. Demarques was tall with an athletic build, rich dark ,silky skin , soft wavy hair , and deep brown eyes. The icing on the perfect chocolate cake for Treshawn was the fact that Demarques was also gay and wrote poetry.

Treshawn did not win the talent show, but seeing Demarques smiling and loving his poem made him feel as if he'd won the grand prize.


'Props and pounds my nigga.' Said Demarques giving him a fist bump after everything was over. ' That was brave and tight as hell; you should have won..'

'Now you know a poem about me getting fucked up the ass wasn't going to beat out any of the gospel numbers, Chocolate.

'And man did they really start singing them when you finished,' teased Demarques. Treshawn chuckled. Before he could come up with a funny response , Everette, Demarques's part time piece of ass swished over.

'Ooh Yello!' He screeched with girlish glee. 'That poem was the shit.'

'Thank you.' Said Treshawn, pissed by the fact that Everette, whom he practically grew up with, still called him Yello, the nick name he despised.

'No honey ,thank you, cause I am in the mood to have a big assed snake crawling all up me ; Chocolate what you doing later?'

'Damn Everette! Have some tact,' frowned Demarques.

'What the fuck ever tact is , believe me I'd rather have some dick instead.; what you doing later , Chocolate ?'

'Get the fuck away from me,' hissed Demarques in disgust. ''For real, Everette; go!'

' Fuck you, Chocolate.' Everette rolled his eyes. 'Your poem was fuck'n stupid.' he hissed at Treshawn before stomping off.

'You sweet bitch!' Treshawn shouted behind Everette. He and Demarques burst into laughter.

' Hey, you fucked him.' Teased Treshawn

'Don't remind me.'

'Seriously though, what are you doing later?'

'Oh, you want some dick?'

'Hell fuck'n yea.' Thought Treshawn, but he laughed it off and said, 'No crazy; I was wondering if you wanted go to the pizza shop and grab a slice or go hang out at the coffee house and listen to some of the poets.'

'The coffee house sounds like what's up.' said Demarques.

'I got one more class, then we'll meet up around seven.'

'Sounds good.' They gave each other pounds then walked away in opposite directions, each of them regretting not having said more.


Treshawn returned to he and Demarques's dorm room wearing only a towel. His slender frame still moist from the shower. Demarques looked up from his lap top and frowned.

'What's wrong?' asked Treshawn.

'I can't come up with the right metaphors. I got this kick ass poem in mind, but I can't find the metaphors.'

'It isn't mandatory that a poem has metaphors ,or rhymes for that matter.'

Treshawn removed his towel, and with his back turned to Demarques began to apply lotion to his body. Demarques admired the master piece that was Treshawn's ass.

'Two golden cakes.' Said Demarques out loud


'I found the perfect metaphor for your ass; two golden cakes ,sweet and tempting , daring me just to nibble, when I'm longing to devour'

Treshawn did not see nor hear Demarques get up from the computer desk and walk across to floor. He felt Demarques embrace him from behind. Treshwawn inhaled , deeply. Demarques still wore his boxer briefs, and Treshawwn loved the way the material, stretched by Demarquess hard dick felt against his own naked ass.

'I'm about to really give you an appreciation for snakes_____________

Treshawn woke suddenly, sitting upright in bed. His boxers were saturated in his discharge.

'You ok?' asked Demarques.

'Yea, I just need to wash up.' Treshawn was embarrassed to get out of bed ,and let Demarques see the mess he'd made in his underwear, but going back to sleep with the wet sticky goop in his crotch and running down his thigh was out of the question.

'Goddamn, who were you dreaming about?'

'I don't even remember.' Lied Treshawn going over to the sink and removing his stained boxers. Like in his dream, Treshawn did not hear Demarques come up behind him.

'Chocolate!' he said startled as Demarques's firm hand took the wash cloth from him and proceeded to wash his dick, all the while grinding on his naked ass from behind. Like his dream, Treshawn loved the feel of Demarques's hard dick rubbing against his naked ass through boxer shorts. Demarques alternated between kissing Treshawn's neck and nibbling on his ear during the bathing..

Treshawn's penis had been thoroughly cleaned and aroused to the point of appearing purplish. Demarques turned him around so that the two of them were face to face. Demarques dropped to his knees and continued to stroke it with his hands. Treshawn could feel the warm moist lips approaching and knew that he was in for something wonderful. He was the most surprised to hear himself say 'Chocolate don't.' just as Demarques was about to fully take him in his mouth.

'Ok.' Said Demarques getting up off his knees and heaving a heavy sigh of frustration.

'I just don't want things to get weird between us.' Apologized Treshawn.

'They already have.' Mumbled Demarques as he climbed back into bed and pulled the covers over his head.


Two nights later Treshawn woke to what he thought was an earth quake. The floor and his bed were shaking. The moans and groans coming from Demarques's bed were animalistic. In the dimness of Demarques's nightlight, Treshawn could see Everette riding Demarques with reckless abandon.

'Hey Goddamn it!!!!!!!!!!!' Roared Treshawn as he sprang out of bed and hit the switch, flooding the room with light. Everette rode on.

'Excuse you.' Said Treshawn literally snatching Everette off on Demarques and hurling him to the floor. 'I got a fuck'n early class, ya'll may have to meet up and do this shit some other time.'

'Damn Treshawn! You didn't have to throw nobody.' Said Demarques. When Demarques got up off the bed to check on Everette who hadn't moved since being 'placed' on the floor, Treshawn got the first look at his naked ,semi hard dick. The total length and girth of it made Treshawn wonder how Everette's little narrow ass wasn't broken in half.

Demarques helped Everette get up and gather his clothes. As soon as Everette was out the door, he turned to Treshawn and raged , 'That shit was foul and you fuck'n know it!'

'What's foul is you two fucking all loud , while I'm trying to sleep.'

'It never bothered you before, so what's really up.'

'Kiss my ass, Chocolate, I was the one who said no to you.'

'That's right ;you did, so why did you block my nut tonight?'

'I'm done with it; like I said, I have an early class.'

'Don't think I'm not gonna fuck when I want too.' Demarques's words fell on deaf ears, as Treshawn had already pulled the covers over his head.


'I hate that nigga so bad

I just want to cram my dick down his

throat and make him choke on all the shit he

talked to me. I want to bend him over

and mount him doggy style like the bitch he is

just ram rod him with no condom or lube

so he can feel the friction I have for his ass

I want to fuck the arrogance out of him and skeet

my frustration all down his back

Damn I love that nigga so bad

I just want to curl up in his arms

and feel safe

I want him to treasure me like a mother

treasures her newborn. I want my heart /my hands/

my mouth/my ass/my dick/ my balls to be his reasons for breathing

conflicted in how I feel about this nigga

one minute wanna kill this nigga

the next wanna take my own life for this nigga

I'm conflicted

Man, Fuck that nigga!' The coffee house patrons roared with applause when Treshawn finished reciting his poem. The recent friction with Demarques had made him quite prolific. He only wished Demarques could have heard the poem that he inspired. Treshawn sat at the counter and pondered for the umpteenth time in two weeks why he didn't fuck Demarques that night. He had wanted to do so since the first day he met him. The truth of the matter was that Treshawn was in love with Demarques , and he did not know if Demarques felt the same. He could be content with being fuck buddies with any other guy on campus, but he had to have more with Demarques. His thoughts were interrupted by a fine brown skinned brother with a low fade , wearing a pair of baggy jeans and an oversized black tee shirt. Treshawn immediately recognized that he was a member of the rap group that performed earlier. Their music left a lot to be desired for Treshawn. It was typical hyper masculine, hyper sexual, chauvinist trash that perpetuated stereotypes about back men. Fucking bitches and getting high was the theme of every song.

'What's up my name is Romey ; I liked your poem.'

'Thanks Romey; your group was good.' Lied Treshawn

'So, you into that homo shit, huh?'

Disgusted, Treshawn was about to leave when Romey grabbed his arm. 'Wait man, I ain't tripping.' Romey looked around to see if anyone was listening before saying. 'I gets down like that too; I got a girl and all, but sometimes a brother's gotta scratch the itch.'

'You seem cool Romey, but I really gotta go before the dorm closes.'

'Let me walk you back to campus.'

Treshawn never said yes or no, he just headed for the door and Romey followed.

Treshawn was grateful that the walk back to campus was only ten minutes. He could not endure another second of Romey discussing the size of his dick , and how long it had been since he'd gotten freaky with another dude. Treshawn said goodnight at the lobby entrance but Romey followed him to his room.

'Romey, I really gotta go to bed:;I got an exam in the morning.'

'Why you tripping?' asked Romey. 'You know damn well I want to fuck!'

'That is not my problem, now please leave before I call security.' Romey walked away. Treshawn made the mistake of not making sure he was gone before turning his back and opening his room door. Without warning, he was seized from behind and forced into the room. Treshawn fell to the floor with Romey on top of his back. In the dim light he could see that Demarques was in bed 'Oh God, Chocolate, please wake up.'

Treshawn tried to struggle but Romey's thick muscular build was too much for his slim frame to fend off. Treshawn tried to call out for Demarques, but Romey had a choke hold on him.

'I'm gonna teach your yellow ass about teasing my fuck'n dick.' Romey ripped at Treshawn's cargo pants all the while proclaiming in graphic details how he intended to fuck him right there on the floor.

When Demarques opened his eyes it took a second for him to piece together what was going on. The image he saw in the dim light did not look like a consensual ordeal. He was certain that Treshawn wasn't thee fuck on the floor type. He bolted out of bed and pounced on Romey who had damn near completely disrobed Treshawn. Demarques locked Romey in a tight head lock. Treshawn scampered to his feet and turned the lights on.

'I will snap your fuck'n neck!' he warned. 'Treshawn open the door.'

Treshawn did as he was told. 'You fuck with him again and I will murder your ass.' Demarques shoved Romey into the hall way and slammed the door behind him.

'Did he hurt you?' he asked a visibly shaken Treshawn.

'I'll be ok.' Said Treshawn.

'You're shaking; come here.' Demarques wrapped his arms around Treshawn and guided him over to his bed. 'You're cold as ice.' He proclaimed wrapping him and Treshawn up in his navy blue blanket.

'He followed me; I told him to get lost but________________ 'Treshawn's sobs cut off the rest of the sentence. Demarques wrapped his arms around him tighter.


Treshawn woke up alone in Demarques's bed. Demarques held him all through the night, but they didn't do ii. Treshawn respected Demarques for not taking advantage of him when he was vulnerable. The previous night assured him that Demarques was the one for him.

Treshawn's cell phone buzzed just as he got out of bed. The message from Demarques requested that Treshawn meet him at Lonnie's apartment around nine. Lonnie, the owner of the off campus party house was cool with Demarques. Treshawn figured the Lonnie was throwing another of his infamous Friday bashes and Demarques wanted him to come and have a good time after what had happened last night. Treshawn figured that a party was better than feeling sorry for himself. He decided that after he and Demarques returned from the party, he would let Demarques know how he felt about him. He was certain that Demarques felt the same way about him. Both of them just needed to quit with the stunts and shows and tell the other what was really up. Treshawn would take the initiative.


There were no cars or bikes parked outside of Lonnie's. No music shook the sidewalk, and there were no people running about outside, drunk and high out their mind. 'Am I too early?' Treshawn wondered. Nervously, he knocked on the door. Demarques opened it and Treshawn felt himself go weak in the knees. Demarques wore a white fitted cashmere sweater that accentuated his fabulous physique, and made his dark skim appear even more smooth and inviting. His white fitted jeans showed off his impressive bulge without being vulgar. Treshawn struggled to restrain himself from behaving as Romey had the night before. He'd always thought that Demarques was sexy, but damn, the brother had him contemplating rape.

'Looks like I'm early for the party.' Smiled Treshawn as he entered Lonnie apartment.

'No, you're right on time for our party'

Treshawn noticed for the first time the dimmed lights, and the abundance of black love scented candles throughout the living room, down the hall, and glowing in the bedroom beyond. Demarques guided him over to Lonnie's purple suede couch. 'Make yourself comfortable; I've got something I want to share with you.' Said Demarques as he stood in the center of the living room floor. 'This poem came to me last night when I was holding you Treshawn, and I wanted things to be special when I read it, so I asked Lonnie to let me use the crib while he's away for the weekend.' Demarques took a couple of deep breaths to ease the nervous tension he was filling before he began.

'I thought I liked Dark colas best

But now a Mello -Yello's got me feinding

And like lemonade on a hot summer's day

You're all that I am needing

I want put your straw inside my mouth

And taste your sweet libation

I wanna drink you down /all the way down

To the bottom of the glass

Sip you slow, never fast

Cause I want to prolong this liquid sensation

Hold the ice

I want you straight

So fizzy nice

I just can't wait

I wanna swallow you down

And let you tickle my insides

The way the butterflies often do

Whenever I start to think about

How much I want a drink of you'

Treshawn was so hard it hurt at the thought of Demarques's beautiful lips sucking him off. Rather than speak or applaud, he stood before Demarques and removed every stitch of clothing he had on. Demarques, following Treshawn's lead, did the same. Demarques dropped to his knees right there in the living room, and took Treshawn's ample cock in his mouth. Treshawn wanted to kick his own ass for not allowing Demarques to service him weeks ago. Treshawn held tightly to the back of Demarques's head, and fucked his mouth with the same intensity he hoped Demarques would later fuck his ass with. The thought of having Demarques's big black dick deep inside his ass made Treshawn erupt. Demarques swallowed every drop, fulfilling his desire to drink Treshawn down. Demarques lifted Treshawn and placed him on Lonnie's computer desk. If the dick sucking hadn't been treat enough, Demarques ate Treshawn' ass causing the pretty pink puckered hole to glisten like an exotic flower damp with dew. 'Goddamn, you taste so good' Exclaimed Demarques. 'I could do this forever, but I gotta get up in them guts; you gonna let me touch that stomach baby?'

'Yes.' Panted Treshawn, eager for Demarques to fuck him. He leaned forward and sucked on Demarques's monster for a few minutes making sure to get it extra wet. When he was ready Demarques climbed up on the table on top of Treshawn and lifted his legs above his shoulder. Demarques pounded away like a man possessed. Treshawn's screaming and moaning and the possibility of the desk breaking beneath them only motivated him to go faster, deeper, harder.

'Oh God! Chocolate, you're in my stomach!' Screeched Treshawn. 'You're in my stomach!'

'That's where I wanna be.' Panted Demarques, steady pumping He could feel his climax building. 'I love you so damn much boy!' he exploded right inside of Treshawn filling his hole up with warm, milky cream of nature.

'Love you too.' Panted Treshawn as Demarques fell spent against him.


Treshawn and Demarques did manage to make it to the bedroom by the third time they fucked that night. The third time they both agreed would be the last until the soreness wore off of both of them.

Demarques held Treshawn tight in his arms as he had the night before.

'Thank you.' Said Demarques

'For what?' asked Treshawn

'For letting me help you gain a deeper respect for snakes.'

Treshawn kissed him on the lips. 'Thank you.'

' For what?' Smiled Demarques

'Metaphors.' They nestled closer together, two men content, and drifted to sleep in each other's arms.



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