Charlie sat on a bench watching the other students pass by on their way to classes. He watched their movement, some on bicycles, a few on skateboards, most on foot and Charlie shyly, cautiously, watched some with attraction, desires he hadn't come to accept. It wasn't the women, with all their various body types, differing characteristics, their range of beauty, for that was not what captured his eye. What he daydreamed about during the day, fantasized about while in bed late at night when he thought his roommate was asleep and he eased his hand down into his boxers, felt his achingly hard erection, the head already wet, slick, and he quietly brought himself a brief moment of relief, was the image of the male form.

There were so many body types, variations of maturity and masculinity he couldn't keep his eyes from roaming over so many of the guys who made their way by him. The guys with black hair and fair skin, the dirty blondes with olive skin, the red heads with the soft line of freckles over their nose, and so many others Charlie could lose track of time, forget his surroundings, till he would find himself late for class. Charlie had his English text open, tried to read the assignment from that morning, but his loneliness, his desire for companionship kept his mind distracted, his eyes constantly looking up. A guy with long brown hair, his backpack slung over one shoulder, earbuds in his ears as he strolled down the sidewalk in a ripped t-shirt and faded worn jeans and Charlie looked at the exposed slivers of flesh through the rips, looked at his crotch, the jeans worn soft bulged with masculinity that made Charlie feel hot. He watched the guy after he passed, watched how his jeans moved with his ass as he walked off into the distance.

Charlie turned and looked out over the wide plaza that cut through campus and he saw a bicyclist approaching, his tight shorts and loose tank top revealing the lean body underneath. Charlie watched the bicyclists, his legs pumping slowly on the pedals as he wove through the people walking and as he moved close by, Charlie looked at the guys smooth arms and legs, the way the muscles were so clearly defined, moving gracefully as he pedaled away.

Looking back at the library, the building he knew he should be heading toward, one he could find a quiet corner and focus on his studies, he saw a guy coming toward him and Charlie tried hard to look away, not stare but the guy had blonde hair cut short and his face was classical, with a strong jaw and angular nose and his cheeks were high and prominent and Charlie tried to look away but instead his eyes roamed down the guy's body, over the simple shirt he wore, lose at the collar with a couple of buttons undone revealing his smooth upper chest, and Charlie's eyes moved down over the wide black belt and its metal buckle over the bulge of his crotch within the dark blue jeans, tight fitting, accentuating his long legs and narrow waist and downward Charlie's eyes roamed to the heavy black boots, their fall on the concrete walk solid and firm and Charlie had to remind himself to breathe, as he let his eyes roam back up while the guy moved near, close enough to see how his cheeks glowed rosy red, his face so smooth he appeared not to shave and Charlie suddenly realized the guy had noticed him staring and Charlie let his expression give him away, his surprise and embarrassment at being caught looking so hard and just before he turned away he saw the guy smile at him.

Charlie didn't know if the guy thought it cute the way he was staring at him or if he found it amusing, something he would make fun of later, and he closed his English textbook, stuffed it in his backpack and jumped up, walking fast as he made his way to the library, to sit in some corner, hiding while he felt stupid, and lonely. But even in the dark recesses of the library Charlie found opportunities to let his eyes roam, let his desires and lust get the best of him, allow his imagination to run wild. The guy with the long brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail, his face framed by long sideburns, and at a computer, the shorter guy, with a gymnast's body, stocky, thick muscled. Charlie struggled with his desires, knowing his feeling of being alone made it worse, much worse.

That night in his dorm room, while Ryan, his roommate, was out he went online to check out the gay and lesbian support group on campus, read about their meetings, the events they held and he read how many gays and lesbians met others at the group's events. He brought up the application, and began to fill it out, but in the end he closed the site, shut his computer down and sat staring at the wall. He sat there for a long time, his mind a jumbled up mess and he knew he was being silly, let his fear and shyness get the best of him, knew this wasn't like back home, some rural community where he would have been treated as an outcast if he had let them know he was gay. This was a college town, the views more progressive, open, accepting, but Charlie struggled to cross that threshold, take the step he needed to open up to others. He was even afraid of his roommate finding out.

As he sat there, feeling anxious he heard a key in the door and he quickly grabbed up a textbook and pretended to be reading when Ryan walked in.

"Hey Charlie, still at it" Ryan stated as he came in, tossing his backpack down on the floor and climbing up on the upper bunk. "Man, I'm beat" and he turned toward the wall. It was typical, Ryan having very little to say, and Charlie even less, the sharing of a room all there was between them. Charlie closed the book, turned off his desk lamp and by the light filtering through the blinds made his way to his bed, pulling off his shirt and jeans before he eased down on his lower bunk. After a few minutes he heard Ryan's heavy breathing and he pushed the sheet down below his boxers, ran his hand over them feeling his erection, one he had every night and every morning, and sometimes, all too often, during the day, and he ran his hand over it, felt the hardness of it and quietly he raised his hips and eased his boxers down till they were below his balls, his cock free to arch up over his stomach. Charlie took it, slowly stroking his hand along its length, masturbating in the dim light, his mind flashing images of the guys he saw that day, the skater, the bicyclist and the guy with the baby face, the one with the tall lean body, and he imaged them standing in front of him, he down on his knees, feeling of their crotches, putting his mouth to them feeling their hard cocks through the fabric and the image of him opening their jeans, taking out their cocks, sucking them came alive in his mind as his hand moved faster and faster. Charlie held his breath, tried hard not to move too much, as he pumped his cock, feeling the wet slickness in his hand as he moved from head to base on the shaft and it wasn't long before he felt his nuts draw up tight, his body tense up, and his cock shoot out his load over his chest and stomach. He lay there holding is wet slimy cock, feeling the relief, although still unsatisfied.

After several days on campus Charlie realized he began to see certain guys over and over, in the cafeteria, going to the library, or sitting outside at one of the campus greens. There were a couple of them who began to nod by way of greeting when Charlie saw them, and others as oblivious as the first day of class. Charlie began to give them names, those he saw frequently. The Hippie, a guy with long red hair, always wearing low waisted jeans so worn and ripped Charlie was surprised they stay up and a stretched out t-shirt that hung on his lean body and no matter where he was at on campus he had his guitar case. There was Skater-Punk, with his dyed hair cut short on the sides and long to top, wearing baggy shorts, his wallet chain hanging loose and long. He wore t-shirts with political slogans, environmental causes or something blunt and profane, all with their sleeves ripped off and some even had the entire side cut out revealing his skinny body and on occasion the silver ring in the right nipple. Outside the library Charlie would see The Reader, with his black hair cut short and groomed neatly, usually wearing a v-neck black or dark gray sweater over a white t-shirt and black jeans and he always carried a novel. There was the Geek with his Batman t-shirts, and so many others, but there was one whom he saw more often than the others. The guy from his first day on campus who had smiled at him, the guy who turned up in three of his classes; the guy he call Him. It was Him he thought of the most. It was Him who revolved the closest to Charlie, was in his space when he least expected it. It was his History class that Him had came in right at the start of class and took a seat only two over from Charlie, so close Charlie could see him out of the corner of his eye. He remembered the shorts he wore and his long legs, with their light dusting of blonde hair covering his lower legs and he remembered glancing over as Him was opening his textbook and he looked at the way the muscle shirt fit with his arms exposed, the skin so smooth and the hair so fine as to be nearly invisible and Charlie kept looking at how the shirt had fit tight over the broad shoulders and chest, and he had noticed how it hung loose around the guy's narrow waist. All through the class Charlie kept glancing over at Him, looking at his profile, his body they way it seemed to be too tall for the seat and narrow aisle. The class had seemed to be, at once too short, over before he wanted it to be, and also too long, seemed to go on forever, Charlie feeling exposed to the one guy who made him truly nervous, his shyness painful.

After that day, he saw Him several times, in the cafeteria, on campus between classes and in three of his classes. Him seemed to be nearby all the time and Charlie studied him, looked at his body as best he could, his quick glances in classes or the roam of his eyes when they crossed paths. Him had long delicate fingers and his arms were muscular and toned, his wrists thick and solid looking, and Charlie would imagine those hands touching him, caressing his body, probing down there, opening him up, getting him ready to fuck. One morning in the cafeteria while eating breakfast Him had sat at a table directly in front of Charlie. He was wearing a blue plaid shirt and cargo shorts and it being a bright sunny morning, sunglasses which he still wore. Charlie couldn't see Him's eyes and this gave him a sense of greater leeway as he found himself staring, watching him eat, the way he gracefully brought the fork up to his mouth, his full lips parting to take the food. How long this had gone on Charlie didn't know but when Him laid his fork down and looked up at Charlie, his eyes hidden behind the dark lenses, Charlie knew he had been caught staring again and when Him smiled at him, Charlie grabbed up his tray and made for the exit.

The last three days of his second week on campus it rained, at times violently, the thunder and lightning viscous and the campus was riddled with damaged umbrellas discarded by frustrated students trying to stay dry as they made their way to class. Saturday saw the sun rise bright, the skies clear, and a sense of fall really filled the air, it being the coolest it had been to date. Charlie woke and decided to ride his bicycle after he had breakfast. By mid-morning he was dressed in black cycling shorts that fit tight to his narrow waist and he knew from looking in the mirror showed his round ass and he pulled on a tank top, loose on his lean frame, his arms looking unnaturally long. He thought he looked skinny, too skinny to be dressed this way, but he did it anyway, remembering how so many other guys with similar builds dressed like this and he had found them appealing, something attractive in their appearance and he hoped, he wished, someone would feel the same when they saw him.

He rode casually through campus, where only a few students were moving about, and he cut over to the main street that separated the small town from the campus where he rode along with the traffic before turning, taking a side street, peddling hard as he made his way up the hill. He worked his way through the commercial blocks, then into the residential areas. He rode for hours, and he felt the burn in his legs, felt the way his clothes clung to his sweaty body, and he constantly had to wipe his forehead to keep the sweat out of his eyes. He made his way back into the commercial district, and when he came to the top of a hill he stood up and pedaled hard, building up his speed so he could coast through the air, moving quickly through it, feeling it cool him, dry the sweat on his body. He knew the bottom of the hill was an intersection with a major street and he steered onto a side street before getting to the bottom, the road bike slicing through the air, its momentum holding fast. It was a side street Charlie had not been on before and he saw it had older businesses on each block, some of which did not cater to students, but to the permanent residences. Charlie stood up and began to pedal to keep his momentum and he saw a traditional barber's pole by the entrance to the last shop on the block and as he approached the intersection he saw Him come out, move out into the daylight, his hair newly cut, and as Charlie approached he saw Him put on his sunglasses and turn away from him, heading down the sidewalk.

Charlie kept his eyes on Him, watched as he walked away, his bike gliding through the wind, just coasting along, when too late to react, Charlie not paying attention, a parked car started to pull out, didn't see him coming and Charlie caught the front corner, his bicycle slammed into the fender twisting around and tossing him off. He cart wheeled over, landed on his back and rolled a couple of times, his limbs banging on the asphalt until he came to a rest. For a moment he heard nothing, his vision a blur. He was afraid to move, afraid he had broken something, an arm or a leg, and he lay still, closed his eyes and held his breath, waiting for the pain to rise up.

Charlie heard all the voices, yelling and telling people to stay back, he heard someone over him asking him how badly he was hurt. Charlie opened his eyes slowly, a face in silhouette over him, a halo of bright sunlight surrounding him.

"Hey man, you okay? Can you move?"

Charlie eased up, the ache of strained muscles, of knees and elbows burning with pain slowing his movements. Charlie reached up and unfastened his helmet, letting it fall back to the road surface as he sat up. He looked around, dazed at first, noticing his bike lying by the front of the car, the front tire flat, the wheel bent, then he noticed all the people standing around, some asking him if he was okay. Then he noticed Him, squatted down beside him, a look of concern on his face, and Charlie noticed he had bright blue eyes.

"I'm okay" Charlie said as he looked at the road rash on his elbows and then down on his knees, "just scrapped up some is all. Help me up" he asked Him as he moved to stand.

His knees and elbows burned with the pain, all stiff and hard to bend, and Charlie made his way to his bicycle, picked it up and began to drag it off the road.

"Here let me help. Man you took a tumble and your bike is wrecked" Him said as he slipped his arm under Charlie's and around his back. Charlie felt the way the strong arm supported him, the press of Him against his own body and he felt foolish, allowing these thoughts to cascade through his mind at a time like this. Charlie finally convinced everyone he was okay, and when the fire department, then the police and finally the ambulance arrived he had to begged them to let him go home, told them he was alright, just scratched up some. Through the whole aftermath, the statements, the checking of his blood pressure and other vital signs in the back of the ambulance, the putting of bandages on his elbows and knees, the slow withdrawal of those who saw it happen, through it all, Him stayed by his side.

The paramedic was putting the bandages on Charlie's knees, telling him to change them later that day when Charlie looked up at Him and smiled, glad he was there.

"You're in three of my classes, aren't you?" Him said to Charlie.

"I think so" he replied, the notion of doubt such a lie.

"I'm Austin" and suddenly Charlie had a name, a real name and he tried not to show how this made him feel as he tried to keep his voice calm.

"I'm Charlie."

When the paramedic finally let Charlie go, he moved back to the sidewalk and picked up his bicycle, thinking he'd have to push it back to his dorm. He looked at Austin as he came up behind him.

"Thanks for sticking around. I best get going" he said suddenly finding his situation humorous, "I have a ways to go since I have to push this thing back to the dorm instead of riding it."

"Fuck that, you can't push that thing all the way back to the campus, wait up and I'll get my Jeep" Austin said as he hurried off, rounding the corner before Charlie could respond. Soon an older CJ7 pulled around, the body neatly refurbished, the suspension lifted and the sound of its exhaust throaty and when it pulled up next to Charlie Austin knocked it out of gear, set the parking brake and climbed down. He took Charlie's bicycle to the rear and Charlie saw there was a hitch mounted bike rack and Austin quickly had his bike secured. Charlie eased up in the Jeep, his knees stiff and sore and when Austin climbed in beside him he kept telling himself not to stare, not to look at Austin the way he had in the past.

"Thanks, I'm in..." and Austin interrupted him.

"Magnolia Hall, yeah I know."

"You know which dorm I'm in?" Charlie was shocked, not sure how to respond.

"I've seen you coming out most mornings when I'm walking to class. I live in the apartments across the street from that side of campus."

"Oh..." and Charlie's voice trailed off, not sure what else to say.

They rode in silence, not even the radio was on, and Charlie looked at the scenes along the public walks as they passed by, keeping his eyes diverted from Austin. Austin drove smoothly, shifting through a couple of gears between each stoplight.

"You have to change those bandages tonight."

"That is what the medic said."

"Have you got the supplies to do it?"

Charlie stifled a laugh and looked over at Austin, "Hell no" and then he laughed.

"Look it is getting late in the day and I was going to just crash at my apartment. Why don't you come back there with me, I'll prepare some hamburgers or something and you can change those bandages. I'll take you to your dorm afterward."

"Seriously, we don't even know each other and you..." Charlie was at a loss for words.

"I see you all the time, so we don't really know each other. Isn't that what college is all about: getting to know other people? Come on, you have got to feel like shit and what are you going to do for dinner? Walk to the cafeteria that is blocks away?"

Charlie wanted to say yes, but his fear made him hesitate, had him acting standoffish. When he looked over at Austin, looked at his face with his eyes hidden behind the shades, his rosy cheeks, the smooth soft skin along his jaw he just shook his head okay.

"Okay! Let's go to my place."

Charlie was shocked, his preconceptions destroyed, when he entered Austin's apartment. He had assumed Austin to be like the jocks, the frat boys and some of the other guys he was around in the dorm. Posters of girls, sports paraphernalia, cars or video game promotion posters was what he expected in a room with a certain disheveled chaos about it. Instead the apartment was neat, the furniture old but modern, the leather's worn and soft and the walls had photographs lining them. Black and whites mostly, but one wall was all color, vivid shots taken in nature, and Charlie stood in the middle of the room slowly turning around taking it all in.

"What are you majoring in? Photography?" Charlie finally asked when Austin came from the kitchen with two drinks in hand.

"Oh no, that is my hobby, something I love to do, but I'm majoring in Landscape Architecture."

"Really?" and Charlie looked down at the brown liquid, caught the scent of it, and knew it was bourbon.

"I figured you could use it" Austin said as he motioned toward Charlie's glass.

Austin led Charlie to a chair and they sat and talked, about where they were from and what it had been like so far, being freshman, and Charlie admitted he was having a bit of a hard time and didn't know many people. But Austin had smiled and said he now had one friend and they moved to the kitchen where Austin prepared the hamburgers and pulled out chips and condiments. Their conversation continued, moving from favorite movies, music and by the time they had ate, sitting back at the small table, finishing off their drinks it was nearly ten o'clock. Charlie suddenly felt uneasy, a little like he was overstaying his welcome but Austin leaned forward and looked at one of the bandages on an elbow.

"That looks pretty bad, we should get it changed. Come on" and Austin was standing by Charlie, hand out before he could protest. Austin led him to one of the chairs in the living area, telling him to sit. Austin disappeared and after a while came back with a large medical kit where he began to sort through the items, getting what they would need. He also had a brown bottle which he sat on the side table and Charlie recognized it as hydrogen peroxide.

"I can do this" Charlie told Austin, but he ignored Charlie, easing down on his knees in front of Charlie looking at the bandages on his knees.

"Let's ease these off; tell me if you feel them sticking" and Austin worked the tape loose and eased the bandage up around the perimeter and then he eased it completely off, gently, moving slowly. Charlie watched how Austin moved so gracefully, his movements measured, confident, and he watched Austin removed the second knee bandage and when he told Charlie to hold each arm a certain way he removed each of those bandages till he had them all off and tossed in a trash bag.

"Damn, you're going to be scabbed up for a while" Austin said in a low voice, his eyes focused on Charlie's elbows. He cleaned each one, applied an ointment and carefully taped on a bandage. He held Charlie's arms in a way that made Charlie acutely aware of his every touch, how each finger pressed against his skin and he suddenly found himself looking at Austin, really looking at the way his hair spread out over his head, it cut so short, he could its pattern of growth, and he noticed how Austin's eyebrows were only slightly darker and his eyes had long lashes, beautiful even lashes and there were his eyes, bright blue, so focused on the task at hand he wasn't aware of Charlie's stare.

"Now let's get the knees done; do they hurt?"

"Not too much" Charlie replied his voice sounding far away for he was so distracted by Austin resting his hands on his thighs, aware of how it was making him feel, this sense of touch, electric, warming, he felt his cock stir, felt his attraction to Austin, his desires flare up and it embarrassed him, and he tried to pull his legs together, tried to pull his tank top down and cover his crotch, hide the erection he was getting. Austin put his hands on Charlie's legs and slowly pushed them apart, gently making Charlie spread them a little.

"It's okay Charlie, really" he stated in a soft whisper and Charlie didn't know if he meant it was okay he was letting Austin do the bandaging or if it was okay he had an erection that strained against the tight thin fabric of his bike shorts. Charlie could barely breath he was so anxious, so nervous, and even so, he was still aroused by Austin's touch. Austin cleaned each knee and he blew softly on the boiling hydrogen peroxide as it burned and bubbled on the torn flesh and Charlie felt the cool air, the way it felt on his legs, tickling of the hairs mixed with the pain that bubbled away on his knee. Austin applied ointment, more slowly this time, easing the thick salve over the wound and Charlie realized Austin's eyes kept darting upward, looking at his crotch, staring at his erection that pushed outward in the tight cycling shorts and Charlie was ashamed at first but then he notice how Austin looked not with disgust but with a longing, his eyes having a pleading to them and Charlie relaxed, let his legs ease open a little more, suddenly no longer anxious, nor afraid, for he saw a look on Austin's face he knew, knew from all the times he stood in front of the mirror trying to see why he was different, had desires the other boys didn't have, making sure his desires were not visible on his face. But he knew at times those desires were visible, and he knew they were now visible on Austin's face.

Austin sensed how Charlie had finally relaxed, his legs gone slack and spread a little more and he could see Charlie's cock, so hard, its thick shaft pressing against the cycling shorts, something normally considered obscene, but not now, for he liked the way Charlie was responding to his touch, the visual display of how he made Charlie feel and he carefully applied each bandage to Charlie's knees and gently pressed the tape down around the edge of the bandage, then he leaned over and pressed his lips to the bare skin above one of the bandages, gently, and when his lips touched the skin, he let his mouth open slightly, his tongue slip out and touch Charlie's flesh. He tasted the saltiness of it and it aroused him. He slid his hands along the side of Charlie's thighs, felt the soft hair tickles his fingers and graze over his palms and when he felt the legs of the cycling shorts he ran his fingers along the edge till his hands rested on top of each thigh. He scooted up, rose up on his knees and moved between Charlie's knees and when he looked up he saw how Charlie was watching him, his eyes glazed over, his mouth slightly open.

"Kiss me, Charlie" Austin whispered and Charlie brought one hand up and ran it over the short stubble of Austin's hair, felt the softness of it and he moved his hand to Austin's neck and held him as he leaned forward till he could press his lips to Austin's, feel the warmth of them, the softness and he let Austin's tongue slip between his lips and probe inside his mouth. As they kissed, tongues dueling, Charlie felt Austin run one hand to his crotch, felt it stroke his erection, grasp it through the fabric and hold it tightly causing him to moan into Austin's mouth.

Austin sat back and reached for top of Charlie's shorts and as he pulled them down Charlie lifted his ass and let Austin pull them down, shorts and briefs together. Charlie's cock flopped out, hard, rising up in his lap, the head wet. Austin rose up and took the bottom of Charlie's tank top and eased it up, over his head and gently down his arms avoiding the bandaged elbows. Charlie sat naked, his lean body exposed, his cock up hard and leaking, and he didn't think about the differences between Austin and him, how his body was so lean, his chest and stomach so flat and smooth, still a teen's body, for Austin grasped his cock, stroked it slowly, smearing the pre-cum along his shaft.

"You have a pretty cock" Austin said in a low voice and he leaned forward and ran his tongue over one of Charlie's nipples, felt the hard nub as he raked his tongue over it, and Charlie leaned back, felt Austin pressed up between his legs, the soft denim of Austin's jeans rubbing his thighs, and he felt the way Austin worked his mouth over his chest, tongued one nipple then the other, took one between his teeth and bit it lightly, tugged on it and Charlie cried out, pushed up with his hips pressing his cock into Austin's stomach as he held Austin's head against his chest.

"Fuck" Charlie cried out when he felt Austin move down his over his stomach, lips and tongue dragged over his skin, around his navel, probed into it and he felt the smooth lips, cheeks and jaw rub his cock as Austin held it as he rubbed it over his face.

Austin held Charlie's cock in his fist, watched the head flare up as he gave it a squeeze, a bubble of pre-cum rose up in the slit and Austin licked it off, polished the head with his tongue then let it slip between his lips as he sank his mouth down the thick shaft. As he sucked Charlie's cock Austin began to remove his shirt, frantically unbuttoning it, pulling it roughly off his shoulders and working it off his arms. When he buried Charlie's cock all the way into his mouth, his nose pressed against Charlie's abdomen he breathed deeply Charlie's scent and he began to work open his jeans, tugging them open and pushing them down to his knees. Austin bobbed his head up and down, making Charlie's cock wet and slick. Over and over Austin moved his mouth along the thick shaft, making it hard as possible, slick and wet with his saliva and when he pulled off he saw how Charlie looked disappointed, how he desperately wanted to get off and when Charlie started to say something he put his forefinger to Charlie's lips keeping him quiet.

Austin rose up, his cock hard and sticking straight out and Charlie wanted to reach out and take it in his hands, wanted to lean forward even further and take it in his mouth, but Austin moved back out of reach and removed his jeans and boxers, tugging his legs free. Charlie wondered what Austin was going to do, if he wanted to fuck his ass and he wondered what it would feel like to be penetrated by Austin's erection. Austin eased back up to Charlie, gently pushed him back in the chair, got him to ease his ass down to the front of the seat, his lean body angled back, his cock curved up hard, flexing in the air. Austin moved over Charlie straddling his legs, and he moved up till he could rub his cock on Charlie's chest, smearing a trail of pre-cum over him, then Austin reached down and took Charlie's cock, held it up as he moved his body down where he could rub his ass over the slick head.

"I want you in me" Austin said in a barely audible voice. He moved his ass till Charlie's cock rubbed over his opening, and he teased himself with it, felt it stroke his needs, his desires and his lusts, felt it wet his opening, making it slick. Austin let his body drop down, stretched his hole open letting Charlie penetrate him. He moved down slowly, easing his hole down over the thick shaft, inch by inch, feeling it stretch the tight ring of his opening, sending signals of pain, and of pleasure, racing to his brain. Austin gently moved all the way down till he was sitting on Charlie's lap, with the thick cock buried in his hole.

"Damn, that feels good" Austin whispered in Charlie's ear.

"Uh-huh" Charlie moaned, unbelieving how it felt, Austin's tight hole slid down over his cock, it now buried in his warm soft tunnel.

Austin eased up, slowly, Charlie's cock sliding out of his hole till only the head remained lodged inside and he eased back down. Gently, slowly, Austin worked his body in Charlie's lap, took Charlie's cock into his hole, let it sink all the way in over and over till he was moving freely, smoothly up and down, taking Charlie's cock, his fuck and Austin hugged his arms around Charlie's head pulling them together and he felt Charlie's breath on his chest, felt his tongue rub over one nipple, nip at it, tug on it and Austin threw his head back and cried out, slamming his body down harder and harder.

Charlie had always fantasized it would be him taking cock in the ass, it would be him getting fucked, but he never imagined this, someone he found so attractive, someone with a strong masculine body letting him, with a skinny body, still looking too young to be a college student, fuck him. Austin rode his cock faster and faster and Charlie didn't think about the pain in his knees, or the pain in his elbows. He only thought about how good it felt to have Austin ride his cock. He began to push up, pump his hips as much as he could and he watched Austin ride his cock, take his own in hand and stroke it furiously, and Charlie noticed how Austin's body was tightening up, his muscles becoming so pronounced and he knew Austin was close. He watched Austin stroke his cock while his breathing became ragged and his rhythm of moving up and down suddenly jerky, his body slamming down harder and harder.

"Fuck...oh fuck" Austin cried out and he came, his cock erupting forcibly, shooting out wad after wad of thick white cum, splattering on Charlie's chest and down his stomach. Charlie felt Austin's hole milk his cock, ever spasm, and he shoved upward, holding tightly to Austin's thighs as he unloaded his cum deep into Austin.

When Austin finally stopped moving, settled down on Charlie's lap, his cum turning thin and running down Charlie's chest and stomach he leaned over and kissed Charlie gently, passionately, then he moved to Charlie's ear.

"Stay tonight, okay?"

Charlie ran his hands up and down Austin's sweaty back, felt the heat of him as his cock softened in Austin's hole and he kissed Austin's neck softly, one time.


Austin got up and helped Charlie to stand. He led Charlie toward his bathroom and as they moved around a chair and headed to the door way Austin looked back at Charlie smiling, mischievously.

"You do know after we shower I'll have to redo the bandages."



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