Theres nothing like walking down the streets of brooklyn on a cool sunny day in september.

I grew up on these streets, born and raised.

My name is Isaac Rivera age 17 I'm a senior in high school,l jet black hair, dark brown eyes sporting a short fauxhawk just because I want to. 5'7 light to dark skin a decently toned body. thats my physical appearence but my personality?..... well I guess you have to keep reading to find out.

As always after school I walk the 10 blocks to my fathers gym called HECTORS GYM.

My father has owned that gym since he was barely an adult.

as usual I walk by the familiar streets I pass by the same stores and bakeries and delies It's usually mundane but this is my home I have no complaints.

I arrive at the gym open the doors and walk inside.

and as always HE'S there in the middle of my fathers gym is a boxing ring.

My father was sparing with a familiar face a face that I've known for so long.

Zeek Griffin, there he was swinging punches and flailing kicks like it was art

he stands at 6'2 feet tall 17(me being older than him by a month),buff light ski,n dark red hair in a burr hairstyle with sweat dripping all over him from sparing and working out with my father who was his trainer and coach the look on his face was determination. but what really got me were those emerald green eyes. They had me the moment I first met him. Yeah hes a typical irish american 6'2 buff beautifully green eyed red haired dream.

Did you figure out what kind of person I am?

Zeek manged to get my father in a headlock eventually my father tapped out.

My father a tall 6'5 dark skinned macho puerto rican with a ton of hair on his chest.

He gave a Zeek a pat on the back everyone who was huddled around the ring cheered and congradualted Zeek on a good workout.

Zeek then turned around and saw me he raised his fist up and smiled at me.

I did the same.

(In the locker room)

Zeek was changing back into his normal clothes after a shower. I walked in on him, all he had on were his jeans which wear ripped. he heard me come in and looked at me with the ridiculously amazing smile ( Oh man the Irish) "Yo" he said in a deep sexy voice with a hint of a brooklyn accent in it. I went up to him and gave him one of those hand shakes that lead into a hug (I dont know how to describe it in words sorry) all I could do was stare at those muscles. He had an amazing body great abs and beautiful pecs he had a thick neck and thicks cafs he hadnt shaved in awhile so he had some scruff going on but I definetlly didnt mind.

all he did was look at me.

"Nice sapring match you had there you're getting faster by the day." I said

"and Stronger" Zeek said flexing his arms.

I just rolled my eyes.

"You know what that does to me " I told him

" I know" he said with a wink.

he continued to change.

" So I didnt see you at school today." I told him in a concern tone.

" I know because I wasnt there."


"cause I didnt feel like it"

"c'mon Zeek this is our senior year if you don't go to school you'll...."

He interupted by giving me a kiss. Man this guy can kiss.

"Shut up Izzy"he said with a quick smile.

he then continued kissing me and I let him.

my hands were on his chest and his hands on my hips.

This was my favorite part of the day sneaking into the locker room and being alone with this guy.

I'm familiar with every part of this kids upper body.

my back was against the locker he held me close just kissing me.

his hands eventually moved into my back pockets and he lighty grabbed my ass while still kissing me revrently.

the locker room door opened and we itmediatly parted our lips

Zeek and I started up a random conversation like nothing happened.

a couple of the guys who were working out came in and headed to the showers.

we just acted causually.

When the coast was clear Zeek looked left and right to see if anyone was looking.

he gave me a quick kiss and winked at me.

"Hey you better be at school tomorow you slacker."

and with his back turned to me he raised his right arm and flicked the bird

haha I knew he was kidding.

That night I went home. I turned on the lamp on my drawing desk and took out a peice of paper and started drawing. Since last year I've been drawing a graphic novel Im only 70 pages into I'm not nearly close to finish I dont even have an ending for it Heck I dont even have a title.

you wanna know what it's about?..........

haha sorry I can't tell you ;-)

I turned out the light and went to bed.

before I went under the covers I looked at the picture of my mother next to my bed I pick it up and give it a kiss and I say good night mom sweet dreams.





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