Staring at the man outside my door, I froze as did he. I couldn't believe who I was seeing.

Suddenly, he half smiled and said, "Holy shit! What are the odds of this?"

"Astronomical," I replied, before inviting him in.

After he entered, I closed the door not believing I was alone and naked in a motel room with James David Porter, better known as JD.

JD was the shipping and receiving manager at my first customer call the next morning, and was hot, muscular and very straight looking. I had known JD for the entire four years I had been calling on this customer and never ever dreamed he was gay. He was constantly talking about how much pussy he was getting.

He could tell I was self conscious about being the only one naked and asked, "Mind if I join you?", and began removing his clothes.

"Sure," I replied. "That was the idea when I invited you over."

"Mark, I've wondered about you when you called on us at the store because of the way you looked at me and a couple of the other guys, but wasn't sure. If I had been, this would have happened sooner."

He stepped up closer to me and took me in his arms, kissing me passionately. Seconds later we were in bed in a hot passionate sixty-nine.

Soon, we brought each other to a roaring climax and after eating each others thick loads we kissed again.

We talked and I found out that all his talk about pussy was just stories to cover his real desires. He said sometimes he was referring to a man's hot ass.

After a while he began playing with my ass and soon had his tongue buried deep inside me. I loved it but really wanted his big long cock in me. Moments later I got it.

JD fucked my ass slow and lovingly for a long while but as his second climax drew near he worked faster and more aggressively, and I loved it.

"Fill me with that load, baby," I said and seconds later he did just that. It was awesome, feeling his hot thick load fill me bowels.

He slowly extracted his cock and moments later I was plowing his ass with my cock like there was no tomorrow. I soon filled his deep cavern.

"I wish you could spend the night," I said. "But I'm sure you need to get home so you can be at work tomorrow."

"Mark, I always carry a change of clothes with me when I go out for that very reason. I can stay if you want me to."

"Hell yea I want you to. I've wanted you since the day we met."

We had more sex and later drifted off to sleep cuddled in each others arms.

The next morning after a hot sixty-nine, we showered together, and as he dressed for work, I kissed him. As he started to leave, I smiled and said, "I'll see you shortly." He smiled back and winked.

Later, I arrived at the store and after meeting with the manager and taking his order, he said, "Before you leave bee sure to check with JD. He's got some items to return."

"Will do," I replied.

I headed back to the warehouse and found JD going over business with two of his workers, Max and Bret. Both were hot as hell but Max was recently married. Bret was single and from what everyone knew was a player, fucking a different cunt almost every night.

"Hey, Mark," he said as I approached. "I've got some returns for you to write up. Let's head to the office."

I followed him to his office and after entering he began pouring us each a cup of coffee and asked, "What do you think of Bret?"

"I know he's hot as hell. It's obvious he spends a lot of time in the gym by the way he's built. Why do you ask?"

As he handed me a cup of coffee he said, "I got a surprising call after I let your room this morning."

"Oh? What was it?"

"A good friend of mine called me and said that he was at the bath house over in Jackson last night and he saw Bret there giving his ass up to anyone that wanted it."

"What?" I said, surprised.

"He's a customer here so he said he stayed out of sight so Bret wouldn't see him. During that time he said he watched Bret get fucked eight times while sucking five cocks."

"Damn! No shit?"

"Yep. He said Bret was telling everyone to fuck him and that he would be back tonight and wanted more cock."

"You going to go?" I asked.

"Hell no. I have a strict policy of not having sex with anyone I work with. Why don't you go and see what goes on?"

"I just might then call you and fill you in."

"Do it, baby and let me know."

I agreed and that night I headed over to Jackson and to the bath house.

I paid my entry fee and once inside I put my clothes in a locker and locked them up. Like everyone else there, I stayed nude and began checking the place out. There was no sign of Bret.

I found the sauna and began sucking cock. I was working on my third one when I say him.

Bret walked in and he was awesome. Not only was his body well built but so was his cock. I heard one of the guys say, "He's the guy that was here last night and wants to be gang banged."

Bret left and others began following. I finished my cock and joined the others. Bret had gone to the exercise room and had lay across a barbell on a weight bench. That way he could get fucked while others straddled the bench and fucked his mouth.

I stood back an watched several fuck him while he sucked others then began to move in. I eased up to one guy and whispered, "I know him but he doesn't know I'm into guys. Keep him distracted for me."

"Sure thing, bud."

The guy stood to the side and got Bret occupied in sucking his cock while I eased over to the bench and lay on my back. I quickly slid back so that my head was between Bret's legs. He got the guy off and turned to find my hard cock right under his face.

Just as he started sucking my hard cock, I began sucking his while I watched another guys cock piston in and out of his ass. Before long, Bret and I fed each other a huge thick load. As I swallowed his, I felt him swallowing mine.

Slowly, I began sliding out from under him and soon he saw my face. Before he could react, I grabbed his head and pulled his face to mine and began tongue kissing him. About the same time toe guy fucking his ass climaxed.

Bret had recognized me and before anyone else could enter his ass he stood and looked at me. Walking around to face me, he said, "Follow me. We need to talk."

I followed him to one of the private rooms an after we entered and he locked the door, he asked, "Mark, no one at work knows anything. What will it take for you to keep quiet about what you saw tonight?"

"When I'm in town all I want is for you to spend one night with me."

"Is that all?" he asked.

"That's all."

"Man you got a deal. You can fuck my ass and mouth all night long. Use me any way you want. Make me your sub."

"I just might," I replied.

Bret noticed I was hard again and I watched as he dropped to his knees and expertly swallowed my cock balls deep. Soon, he brought me to another climax.

He gave me his phone number and I told him that I'd be calling him the next time I was in town.

"I can't wait," he replied with a devilish grin on his face. He returned to the crowd and I got dressed and drove back to my motel. On the way, I called JD and told him to meet me there.

He was waiting when I pulled up to my room and once inside we stripped and I filled him in on everything that happened.

After I finished, I told him. "You might want to reconsider breaking your rule of no sex with co-workers. He's damn good and never gets enough."

"Well see," he replied.

I spent the rest of the night having unbelievable sex with JD.

For the next few months I would meet Buck when our schedules let us and would spend my first night in town with JD and my second with Bret.

Sex with all three was fantastic, but Buck was the most passionate. JD was hot and Bret was simply a slut sub that liked to be used and abused, with no limits at all.

I began using chat rooms to make dates in other towns and soon had regulars in each town. some were married studs that would slip away from home for a guys night out and meet me for sex. One was another of my customers who would call his wife and say he was working late and we'd have sex in his office after hours.

Then one weekend when I was home relaxing, there was a knock at the door. I went to answer, wondering who it might be since I wasn't expecting anyone.




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