Hearing the knock at my door, I wondered who it could be since I wasn't expecting anyone.

When I opened the door and saw who as there, without thinking in said, "Holy shit! What are you doing here?"

"Well, if that's the way you feel, I guess I better leave," he replied and turned to leave the porch.

"Don't you dare! Get your hot sweet ass in this house," I told Buck, the hot trucker I had given the ride to.

Smiling, he followed me inside and once the door was closed, he grabbed me and as he hugged me, he kissed me passionately.

After the kiss, I asked, "How long are you here for?"

"All week if you want me."

"Hell yea," I replied.

Smiling, he picked me up and after asking directions to my bedroom, he carried me there and gently lay me on the bed. After another kiss, he began lovingly removing what few clothes I had on then he himself stripped.

Seconds later we were making hot passionate love quickly going into a sixty-nine. Later after roughly fucking each others ass, we dressed and went out to lunch.

It was great seeing Buck, and I only worked two days then took the rest of the week off.

Mid week, I took Buck to my favorite bar and watched with pleasure as others tried to seduce him and take him home and him tell them he was already taken by the hottest guy in the bar.

My best friend, and occasional sex partner, Jim was one of them.

"You told me about him, but I never dreamed he was this fucking hot."

"He's even hotter in bed," I replied.

On Saturday I had Jim and a few others over for burgers and at one point when Buck had excused himself to use the restroom, Jim looked at me and said, "Mark, you may not have realized it but Buck is in love with you."

"What? No he isn't."

"Oh yes he is. I've been watching the way he looks at you. It's pure love in his eyes."

I just shook it off as bull shit although I did care a lot for Buck.

On Sunday, he returned to the road after we agreed to continue meeting when we could.

By Wednesday, being without Buck I was hornier than ever and decided to check out the local gay chat room. After having made a date before and it turning out to be someone I knew, I was sure it wouldn't happen again.

I logged in and began chatting with some of the guys in the room. After a few minutes, I got a private chat from a guy going by 'luvsitall'.

He was a local guy and after chatting and checking out each others profile, we found we had a lot in common.

Then I got another message from his saying "Horny as hell here. Let's get together and service each other."

"Sounds good to me," I replied. "Where?"

"My place. I live alone and am nude and I don't want to dress. I'm Sam."

"I'm Mark and it will be hot having you answer the door totally naked. What's the address?"

He gave it to me and I recognized the street.

"You're only about ten minutes from me. See you soon."

I logged off, slipped on only a pair of shorts and tee shirt and some flip-flops and headed out.

Right at ten minutes later I pulled up in the drive of a nice quaint small house on a quiet street.

I hurried to the door and knocked. He cracked the door, saying, "Mark?"

"Yea, Sam, It's me."

He opened the door and I hurried in and as he closed the door, I got to look at his magnificent body. He was tall with a large muscular chest and slim waist. His arms were those of a body builder as were his legs. His hair was brown and his eyes were bright blue.

However what I loved best, other than his nice long cock, was the fact that his chest stomach arms legs and back were covered with a nice hot layer of dark brown hair.

He grabbed me and began hugging me pressing his lips to mine. As we kissed he quickly stripped me. Soon, we were on his bed, fondling each other as we kissed passionately.

Before long he began giving me a full body hot wet tongue bath, not missing one part of my body. Once he had completed the tour of my body, he returned to my rock hard cock and quickly swallowed it to the balls. I gasped and he began working his head up and down on my cock.

It didn't take me long to reach my climax and told him I was close. He paused just long enough to tell me he wanted to eat every drop, and seconds later I began feeding him. I was so hot, I didn't think my cock would ever stop shooting cum. Sam eagerly and hungrily swallowed every drop as he milked me dry.

Within seconds, I was doing the same to him and it was delicious.

We lay cuddled together and as we did we began talking and he asked what type work I did. After telling him that I was the old proverbial traveling salesman, he laughed and asked if I had a cock waiting in each town. Laughing, I replied "Not every town."

I asked what he did and he smiled and said, "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you."

"Oh, really. That secretive?"

"Not really, but I'm going to trust you to keep it to yourself."

"You have my word," I replied.

"I'm a county deputy sheriff."

"No shit? That's fucking hot, and I understand your concern for privacy."

"Thanks," he replied. "It's rare for me to be in that chat room but I was so fucking horny. I want you to fuck me also."

"It will be my pleasure."

Soon after, I had my cock buried in his hot tight bubble ass and it felt awesome.

I soon filled his ass with my thick load and I knew that there was something I had to do. Holding his legs high, I buried my mouth on his hole and began eating my own cum out. As I did, he moaned softly saying "Fuck yea. Don't swallow it. Kiss me and share it."

I did and soon he was fucking me and after filling me he ate his load out and we again kissed and shared.

As we lay there cuddled together, he said he had a favor to ask e. When I asked what it was he looked into my eyes and said, "I want you to fist fuck me."

"Sure," I replied.

He reached into his night stand and retrieved a small can of Crisco and handed it to me. I knew what to do and moments later I was pistoning my arm in and out of his hot hole as he moaned in pleasure.

With my arm going in up to my elbow he told me that it was going to make him cum again. I told him that when he was close to let me know so I could eat it. After about fifteen minutes, he told me he was close and I quickly swallowed his rock hard cock. It erupted filling my mouth with at least three times what he had shot earlier.

Later he said only one other deputy knew that he was gay and they often serviced each other.

About a week later, I hit the chat room again and made another date. He came to my place and I found that I had broken all odds. I knew this guy also. He was Carl Sims, the shipping manager for my company. Carl was twenty-nine, single good looking and hung.

He was mainly into oral and loved sucking cock. After a cock had climaxed and fed him he loved to lay with it still in his mouth, and if the guy needed to urinate it was fine with him. He had no problem drinking the guys piss.

Carl and I began getting together once or twice a month. During this time I continued having sex with Buck, JD, and Sam, among others. Then, the boss called me to his office.

I was nervous as hell until I found out that he was promoting me to sales manager and that I would no longer be on the road except for rare occasions.

I was thrilled but I knew I'd be giving up sex with Buck, JD and a few other hot regular studs. I called Buck and said I needed to see him as soon as possible.

He asked what was wrong and I told him that we'd talk when we were together.

He came to see me that weekend and I sat him down and told him that I would no longer be able to meet him out on the road. Of course he asked why and I told him.

"Buck, I just couldn't turn it down. The pay is nearly twice what I was making as a salesman."

"Baby, I totally understand. I'll just have to get here more often to see you." He gave me a hug and led me to the bedroom.

He would visit on as many weekends as possible and it was great. Then one weekend he said he needed to talk to me.

After some hot sex, he sat me down and said that he was no longer going to be on the road.

"Are you saying that you won't be coming to town on weekends?"

"Yes, I am. However, there is a sliver lining to it."

"Oh? And just what would that be?"

"I'll be driving local and will only be out of town on Wednesday nights."

"So?" I said disgustedly.

"My local run will be right here in this area. I'm moving here."

"Fuck! Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well, just so you know, you will be living here with me."

"I was hoping you'd say that because I love you with all my heart. I want you to be my partner for life."

"Baby, I'm yours forever."

That day Buck and I became lovers When we announced it to our friends, my buddy smiled and said, "I told you so."

We play with others but only as a couple. And guys at the bar compete to be one of the lucky ones to come home with us.

THE END......

COMING SOON......The Uncle



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