OH—The Pain of Anal Awakening

“Yeeeeoow—Yeeeeoow!” I wailed, awakening to excruciating pain in my ass, the alarm blaring unmercifully in my ear.

In the midst of morning disorientation my misguided arm flung towards the nightstand and began flailing at the clock radio on the nightstand, trying to hit the snooze button, in an attempt to silence the fucking noise.

I thought to myself, surely after months living in that bedroom I should have a fix on the radio and only need one swat to silence the damn thing. Finally, the alarm fell silent.

With the alarm off I once again began listening to soft adult contemporary music while lying there cold, naked and afraid. 

After a few more minutes of grogginess, the pain in my ass didn’t subside, it only worsened. Again, the jarring sound of that fucking alarm began its ear-splitting squawking. I made an attempt to roll over towards the edge of the bed, trying to reach the radio. I needed to silence the harsh sound for good. “Shit—fuck!” I exclaimed. The overpowering pain in my ass prevented such movement.

I lay there on my left side, alarm blaring in my ear, my head-splitting, ready to explode, my asshole on fire, pulsating with unbelievable pain.

Searing pain in my rectum along with the nauseating stench filling the room left me with a sick feeling. 

My body, from chest to groin, was covered with a sticky substance that was now quickly drying. My cock seemed to be glued to matted pubic hair.

Once again, unbearable pain prevented any attempt to spring into an upright position.  

I tried reaching for the fucking alarm clock once more. I wanted to throw the son of a bitch against the wall. Its annoyance had assumed an ‘attack mode’ on what seemed to be left of my brain.

“Ow—Oh Shit—Fuck!” I yelled again, as if cursing and yelling would help subdue the pain. The unbearable pain prevented any attempt to get my feet onto the floor, while I fumbled for the radio on the nightstand.

The bed linen covered with drying body fluids and a funky heavy odor of stale perspiration prevailed. The clues forced me to the conclusion that something was seriously amiss. And then, when I tried to move again, the searing pain made me realize that the ‘intruder’ in my ass was preventing me from sitting upright.

Every time I attempted to sit up, or even move any part of my lower body, the pain became jarringly worse.

In some dark area of my mind I seemed to imagine that Vlad the Impaler was doing his best to minimize humanity and that I was the start of his next victim.

On a scale of one to ten the pain in my ass was about 25 each time I made any attempt to move. It was impossible for me to get to my feet so that I could turn off the brain shattering noise.

 As I began looking around, studying the room in some sort of foggy detail, I feared I’d been taken prisoner by some evil being from the mist of time and then transported to its’ lair, where, as a teenage virgin, I would be offered up in some satanic ritual.

Sure enough my own bed, my bedroom.

Then it dawned on me. I’d just finished another of those torturous dreams, maybe nightmares, where I’d been fucked up the ass by an incubus demon with a humongous phallus. 

Demons and dildos possessed my soul and my ass of late. My perception about evil spirits overtaking my body while I slept, ravaging my ass in an attempt to steal my soul and virginity, had become more realistic and overpowering with each nightly occurrence and seemingly diabolical event.

I had been using progressively larger dildos since I began working part-time at the local adult store: the place where I began to amass my collection of sex paraphernalia and other pornographic material.

Without warning, I realized that I’d become a prisoner of porn and phallic toys—not that it was bad at the time of realization.

I started serving the sentence months prior, using a tube slender pink dildo. About five inches long and approximate girth of a hot dog, the vibrator type, and began slowly graduating to larger ones.

Compared to all others, the current dildo plugged into my ass, the biggest of my collection thus far was a mammoth thing that wouldn’t exit my ass.

Aware it might be too big for my small sensitive asshole when I first saw it, I bought it anyway.

As a sexually adventurous young deviant, the more I studied it sitting on the glass shelf in the display case at the store each day, the more I wanted it. Not a big seller my boss marked the display monster phallic toy down, so by days end I bought the damn thing at the marked-down price. Along with my store discount I thought I’d made a great purchase. I put the toy in a brown paper bag and with a cringe walked it home.

After a few nights studying the new dildo, with great care and copious amounts of anal lube, I managed to work the monster sex toy up my ass. It took a few hours of preparation before I managed to get it all the way in my ass. Then after a few minutes fucking my ass I pushed the jumbo size toy all the way up my ass and fell asleep–exhausted.

With the monster toy still inside the next morning I’d been trying to get my feet onto the floor, but with no luck. Eventually and unsteadily, I stood next to my bed at arms length from the headboard in the event I needed support. My feet spread shoulder width. Within the mist of uncertainty, I had somehow managed to gain reasonable stability.

I bent forward, reaching between my thighs. With both hands I grasped the base of the mammoth object crammed between my creamy white globes.  I sensed that it was well and truly embedded.

Grasping the bulbous base of the sex toy using the might of a professional baseball player when grasping a baseball bat, I gained traction and yanked.

That exercise was fruitless because of the sheer size of the larger than life dildo.

Not only was the shaft thick, but the cockhead was obscenely prominent. I began to wonder how penetration had ever taken place. The tightness of my sphincter muscle formed an unbreakable seal around the object.

The phallic item, about the thickness of a beer can, wouldn’t budge. The more I tugged on it the tighter the seal.

I stood there scared. I wanted to scream and cry out at the pain I had inflicted upon myself. Not that I remembered part 1, but part 2 of the hazy delirium seemed sure to send me to the hospital and maybe some re-hab institution for the marginally impaired.

No matter how hard I tugged on the substantial base of the black rubber dildo I couldn’t wrench the oversize sex toy from my rectum. The fact was, trying to pull on it made the situation worse. I questioned, how could my ass, or anyone’s ass for that matter, take something that fucking big up inside one’s anal cavity?

I envisioned the embarrassment of calling 911 for paramedics to transport me to the local Emergency Room where smiling and giggling young medical practitioners milling about the ER all wanted to have a look-see before beginning to assist the doctor removing the huge dildo from my rectum.

Finally, after moments standing next to my bed I mentally coaxed the sphincter muscle into relaxing just enough to release the choke hold on the large rubber toy. As my sphincter slackened its stranglehold, I jerked the demon dildo from my ass. “Yeow,” I cried out as the large cockhead exited my ass.  

With the seal around the big dildo broken, the phallic toy exited my ass, sounding like a clap of thunder.

After the immense dildo slipped from my rectum I almost lost my balance. The ten-inch phallic toy exited my ass with unmistakable reverberations of flatulence. Because of the vast amount of lubricant used I lost grip of the heavy rubber dick. The monster dildo fell to the floor at my feet with a thud, and then bounced unceremoniously.

Once I regained my sense of balance I stood there, the brain reeling from the experience with the feeling of cold air rushing inside my gaping asshole. I involuntarily gasped at the cold intrusion. I could feel the lubricant dripping from my rectum.

I pondered my next move as the sensation of air filling my open anal cavity and dripping lubricant began to subside. The pain lingered however. 

With an urgency borne of exasperation I kicked the dildo under the bed before I attempted to walk towards the bathroom.

As I attempted to walk, my asshole continued its depository noises along with the occasional notification from my lower belly that it might be bloated, which produced tiny creeping sounds of flatulence.

The pain forced awkward steps towards my bathroom. Once there I began drawing a tub of warm water. As water began filling the tub I stirred in a cup of Epsom Salt. Then I lowered my body into the tub where I began to relax, letting my tender bottom soak up the minerals to … hopefully … ease the pain.

After a few minutes I grabbed a washcloth and began lathering it with scented body wash.  

The face.

The neck.

The under arms and tops.

The chest … with its light dusting of blonde hair.

I was proud of that little patch of hair, in fact, I was proud of my entire body.

The washcloth’s fabric stimulated my nipples.

As I relaxed with my back resting against the tub, my fingers tips found their way to the erect pink buds protruding from slightly darker areolas. I began flicking and playing with them. They became harder the more I played with them. 

For some reason, every time my sensitive nipples were titillated they became erect to about the size and color of erasers on a wooden pencil.

Now they felt ‘out of body’ as electricity shot through my being … straight to my cock making it stand tall like an ICBM.  The areolas seemed to become enraged with anxiety. Anticipation—As if they wanted more blood to execute their intention, driving me stark raving mad!

I had to be careful, if I played with the hot tips too long my missile would be sure to launch.

I eased my right hand below the warm waterline.

My rocket had fully recovered; however, the robust member did not interest me. I had other things in mind.

My hand moved around my cock past my balls to examine my sensitive asshole.

My finger tip began searching the opening, feeling for any injuries.

Not finding any evidence of injury, I slid my middle finger up into the tender cavity with ease for as far as possible.

I fingered inside my rectum to make sure all was well. I had to assure myself that my asshole was fully operational. At least satisfy myself that it would perform without danger during a purge.

Easing out of the tub was not easy.  I grabbed my handheld mirror along with a small flashlight. One has to be prepared for blackouts no matter how infrequent … or when—Boy-Scout readiness.

I squatted and prepared to inspect my painful bottom.

With the mirror in hand I spread my two fleshy mounds to examine the wrinkled brownish bunghole for anal fissures. I could see redness around the aperture, but no external bleeding or blood oozing from ruptured veins.

Thankful for no visible sign of fissures my buttock appeared as though it took an awesome ass pounding, but seemed to have survived in-tact.

Although no visible injuries were evident, the pain in my ass remained palpable, and at times, seemed to pulsate at will.

I was sure bruising would follow.

After inspection of my ass had been completed I prepared for a day of adventure at school and work. For months I’d been plagued by homosexual fantasies at home, work and school.

Almost every night I prepared my ass with ample amounts of lubricant, then tinkered gently hitting the plug against my butt hole … and then sliding it up and down against the sphincter until I became insatiably aroused.

 I then became adventurous enough to plunge the small phallic toy into my rectum for a night of vivid dreams about being fucked all night long.

I dreamed of being seduced by different good-looking, well-hung men I’d met throughout the day or on the Internet.

I dreamt that we engaged in all sorts of erotic sexual acts together—all the stuff that porn videos are made.

However, there was one individual in particular. To me, he was the most attractive of men.  I'd developed a great affection for him and he dominated my dreams most nights. He had caught my attention some weeks prior, and now his videos were locked away in my digital library, special file and password protected. Also, there were full-sized color posters of the nude actor that adorned my walls and a couple secured to the ceiling above my bed.

Those and a collection of videos featuring the ginger-haired actor of my dreams, his creamy body sprinkled with freckles along with alluring green eyes, that had captivated my attention for months was now in my drooling possession. 

Along with his videos in store, I had purchased a couple of his pinkish cream-colored life-like dildos. One of the models had a suction cup base. I left that one attached to the shower surround, so I could suck it and fuck it when I showered.

Whenever I took a shower; I would stroke it while comparing mine with the rubber toy. With my eyes closed, I’d rub the cockhead over my erect nubs and fantasize about him ejaculating on them.

Then I imagined him licking his creamy thick hot jizz off my nipples.

Finally, I would soap up my ass crack into a large frothy mass and let foreplay begin. As I grasp the tub, I bent over and began to back onto the toys’ head … fantasizing about him fucking me.

I’d begin by letting the head on the dildo ease in and tease my throbbing asshole. Then I continued by easing the full length of the dildo inside.

Oh! The immaculate JOY … the untold pleasure … the experience … that riddled my body from tip to toe.

I had to remind myself … at times … that I was showering instead of fucking my favourite porn star’s dildo.

Of a night whenever I put one of Rusty’s videos into the player, I began foreplay. That led to lubing my ass in preparation for penetration.

Before penetration, I finger fucked my ass with lots of lube.  For me, expansion was necessary and finger fucking a pleasure.

I really do enjoy anal finger fucking. I would begin teasing the opening and then would work my finger up inside my ass to find my button. After that, with my eyes closed, I would slowly begin working the realistic reproduction of Rusty’s 7 and 1/2-inch cock, with prominent head, up into my ass.

I fantasized about him fucking me with wilful abandon. I didn’t think about or want ‘love’ I just wanted coarse, un-orchestrated SEX.

His obscene knob played upon me. Of course my mind spent much time letting the mushroom head tease my asshole before inserting the whole thing.

As I carefully guided the dildo in and out of my ass using choreographic sequences, I would scream, encouraging … begging … the phantom Rusty to fuck me.

I begged him to play with my nipples and then bite on them with tender care while he fucked me.

While working the dildo in my ass, I’d scream every time his cock with huge cock-head hit my joy button.

After fully inside, I dreamt that he began stroking in and out.

I begged him to make me cum.

Every dream culminated in the ginger-haired actor fucking me to a climax … and usually the most powerful orgasms I had yet felt.

With massive amounts of cum on my body, I would slip into slumber-land letting the phallic toy linger in my ass throughout the night.

I didn’t give much thought to being queer, because I had a girlfriend but yet I was curious as to why I kept having erotic fantasies about having sex with men, especially anal, and especially about having sex with Rusty.

The redheaded devil incarnate overpowered me. In my reverie, I seemed to succumb to his will every time.

My imaginings about the porn star came on spontaneously … playing out at school, work … anywhere and everywhere.

My nightly dreams were surreal. They played out in my head in the most surreal manner. Rusty would be in bed fucking me with abandon.

I often wondered if he might be my girlfriend incarnate. You know, her clit, turning into this huge hard cock when aroused.

Roseanne and I had shared that fantasy many times when we fooled around as teens.

I told her that I fantasized about her clit turning into a dick, so she could fuck me in the ass. For some insane reason her fucking me in the ass turned her on too. Knowing that to be impossible I did enjoy her fucking me in the ass with her strap-on.

Roseanne turned me onto dildos in high school. My girlfriend, the ravishing redhead with green eyes, had long since faded from my vivid imagination and nightly dreams, only to be replaced by the well-hung ginger actor. The girl with alluring eyes whom I had been dating since high school provided me much sexual relief throughout those days, but no longer. I missed her. I’d traded her for sex toys and dreams about anal sex with men …especially … one particular ginger actor.



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