I work for a major trucking firm that has as many as fifty to one hundred rigs on the road at any given moment, hauling secret cargo for the U.S. government.  All are equipped with computers that register when they start, any stops, how long the stops are, their speed, and other pertinent information.  As the driver auditor, I can log into the computer of any rig at any time and the driver never knows.  It is all random and for safety purposes. Most of the rigs that are monitored are carrying top secret cargo. As our business increased, I needed more help.

Because of the secrecy of my job, the office had a key pad on the door for entry and the only windows were on the outer wall of the fifth floor office.  I went to my boss to request a co-worker and insisted that I got to interview him also to make sure we could work together comfortably. After selecting Greg Waters, we got him a top secret clearance and his training started.

Greg was twenty-six and engaged.  He was a former Marine and extremely good looking and well built. When he wore an open collar shirt, his dark chest  airs were visible.  His eyes were a emerald green and sensuous.

Greg quickly picked up on his duties and we worked great together.  With the extra help, there was time for both of us to take breaks there in the office.  We both began bringing our laptop to work to surf on during our breaks.  Time passed quickly and  before we realized it Greg was soon approaching his first anniversary.  I decided that I would take him to dinner that weekend.

On the Thursday before our dinner plans, we were both taking a short break and surfing the web when Greg got up to go to the bathroom. He hadn't closed his laptop and I was curious as to what he was looking at, because when he stood up, it appeared that he had an erection in his slacks. 

When I glanced at the screen, I realized that he was watching a porn movie of two men and a woman and the two men were in hot action with each other.  I didn't realize that he had stepped out of the bathroom, when he nervously said, "Am I going to be reported?"

"Hell no," I replied.  "I couldn't care what you watch.  I watch porn also."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yep.  We're cool, okay?" I said, then added, "Hey man, I get boned also, so don't worry about it."

"Thanks," he said with  smile.

A few days later, I was curious about what he had been watching, and decided to question him about it.

"Greg, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Well, the other day when I saw what was on  your laptop, I was just wondering if you have ever been in a situation like that."

"No, but if I had the chance I would, but there is no way that Pam would agree. I'm curious about what it is like to have another man there.  they seemed to be enjoying each other sexually."

"So you have never done anything with another male?"

"No, I haven't. "

I decided to let the subject drop.  I felt sure from what he had said that he was curious about sex with another man.

After that, when we took a break and switched on our laptops, I openly would rub my hard cock and walk to the restroom with my boner very visible in my pants.   Greg would just smile, and he, too, would openly rub his boners.

A few weeks passed and I decided to take it further.  As I watched a gay video clip on Xtube, I began rubbing my crotch.  Once I was fully erect, I casually unzipped my jeans and extracted my seven and a half in tool.  Very casually, I began to stroke it.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Greg watching me intently.  After a few moments I returned my cock back into my jeans and returned to work. 

A few times a week, I would extract my cock and stroke as I watched a gay video clip or chatted in a gay chat room.  Greg would always smile at me while rubbing his boner through his pants.  Then one day, he surprised me and extracted his cock and began stroking.  It was obvious that his was at least eight inches and uncut.  My mouth began to water.

There we sat, bot of us stroking our cocks.  I turned sideways and faced him as I brought my trash can so it was between my legs. 

"Might as well go all the way," I said. 

Seconds later he turned to face me and placed his trash can between his legs.  "Why not," he replied with a smile.

Seconds later we were both firing our huge loads into the trash cans in front of us.  However, I desperately wanted his huge load to be firing off into my mouth.

After that day neither of us had any problem about taking out our cock and jerking off.  Then, after about another three weeks or so, I saw him turn and reach for his trash can.  I decided to reveal more about myself and asked, "Would you like for me to show you something that feels much better that jerking off?"

"I guess so.  Sure."

I got up and walked over to his desk and as I knelt down he said nervously "I didn't know what you meant.  I'm not sure."

"It's up to you," I told him.




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