From Part 1........

After that day neither of us had any problem about taking out our cock and jerking off.  Then, after about another three weeks or so, I saw him turn and reach for his trash can.  I decided to reveal more about myself and asked, "Would you like for me to show you something that feels much better that jerking off?"

"I guess so.  Sure."

I got up and walked over to his desk and as I knelt down he said nervously "I didn't know what you meant.  I'm not sure."

"It's up to you," I told him.


Part 2...

After kneeling down, I looked into his face and said, "After I show you how it feels, if you want me to stop, just tell me and I will."

Leaning forward, I swallowed his beautiful cock in one steady movement.  As I buried my nose in his thick pubic bush, I heard him moan softly.  I began giving him the best that I had and as I did, he softly said, "Fuck, Mark, don't stop.  Please don't stop."

I knew he was hooked and began sucking him with more zest.  As he continued to moan softly, I could tell that he was nearing his climax by his body actions. His breathing became faster and soon he said, "Fuck, man, I'm about to blow my wad."

I sped up and seconds later, with one huge spasm of his body, his cock exploded violently, firing volley after huge volley into my mouth and down my eagerly waiting throat.  I continued sucking until he was completely drained, and after milking him totally dry, I looked into his sweating face and smiled as I swallowed his huge load.

"Fuck it, Mark, that was awesome, but I can't believe you swallowed it."

"Hell, Greg, it's almost pure protein, and besides, I love the taste."  Looking into his face, I continued, "I've wanted to do that ever since the day I interviewed you, and anytime you want it again, just say so."

Still kneeling in front of him, I grasp my cock and began jerking it off and soon fired my load into my hand before bringing it to my mouth and licking it up.  He watched intently, slowly shaking his head from side to side.

We returned to work and after a short while I asked, "Does  Sue give you head?"

"Fuck no!" he exclaimed.    "She thinks oral sex is sick.  In the corps, I did have a few girls give me head but very few went all the way and none of them were as good as the one you gave me.  Hell, your mouth is as good as Sue's pussy, maybe better."

"I consider that a great compliment," I told him.

The next day was Thursday and during the afternoon, he asked, "Say, Mark, do you like Chinese food?"

"I love sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup.  Why?"

"How about I pick you up about seven Saturday night and we go out for dinner, my treat?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied.  I knew then that everything was cool between us after our encounter in the office.

Saturday arrived, and I was looking forward to my evening with Greg, hoping the evening would end  with me giving him another blow job.

Finally, the clock neared seven, and I waited.  Then came the knock on the door.  I had expected Greg to call me to meet him outside.

I opened the door to find Greg standing there, his arms loaded with our dinner. "What the fuck is this?" I asked.

"I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of picking up our dinner and eating here where we can be more comfortable."

"I don't mind at all," I replied, noticing that Greg wore shorts and a tank top, instead of his normal slacks and sport shirt. 

We sat out our dinner on the coffee table  and started eating.  Our conversation was normal during the meal and I asked why he and Sue weren't spending the evening together.

"Her mother in Florida is ill and she few down there for the weekend. She is scheduled to be back on Tuesday afternoon."

Then, after eating, the mood changed.  Greg looked at me and asked, "Buddy, do you mind if I get more comfortable?"

"Hell no," I replied.  "Make yourself at home."

He casually leaned forward and removed his shoes first and them his tank top.  For the first time, I got a perfectly clear view of his muscular hairy chest.  My cock began to stiffen.

"You going to join me?" he asked.

"Well, if I do what I normally do when I'm home, I'll end up totally nude."

"Hey man, don't let me stop you.  It's your place, and besides, after a stint in the Marines and a membership at the gym, you won't be the first guy I've seen nude."

"Maybe not, but I bet I'd be the first nude guy you've seen with a boner."

"You're wrong, buddy.  Saw it many times in the corp."

I decided to see if he would follow my actions so I kicked off my shoes, stood , removed my shirt then my slacks.  As I always was, I was commando.  Seeing my boner pop out he started laughing.  Tossing my clothes aside, I sat back down and picked up my beer and said, "You're the one that suggested I join you."

"So I was," he replied.  then after a moment, he stood and removed his shorts,  I wasn't the only one that was commando, or boned.

"You know, Greg, I could swear that you had all this planned ahead of time," I said.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked.

"Just slight," I replied, "but I don't mind at all.  Hell, anytime you want to come over we can get comfortable."

"I'll keep that in mind," he said, "but for now, I've got something that needs some attention."

"So, you have no problem with another guy having fun with your cock?"

"Not if it's you," he replied. "I never thought I'd ever let a guy do what you did, but I loved it and want more."

"Well then, let's get more comfortable.  Follow me."

I led Greg to the bedroom and pulled back the covers on the bed.  He took the hint and lay down, folding his arms behind his head.

"Buddy, you're going to get more than what you got in the office," I told him.

"Really?  How?"

I lay net to him and began kissing his cheek before starting to lick his hairy arm pits.  I then moved to his nipples and began licking them and gently sucking his nipples.  He began to moan softly. I licked my way down to his navel then to his thick bush. Bypassing his cock, I gently began sucking his balls.  He moaned louder.  I was now in a sixty-nine position but had no hopes of Greg doing anything but lay there.  I soon began sucking his cock. 

He became audible and began saying how great everything was. I was enjoying taking my time in bringing him to his climax.  Then, I felt something that was totally unexpected.  Greg had his fingers wrapped around my cock.  As I sucked his cock, he expertly stroked mine.

We both raced to a climax and just as his cock began filling my mouth, my own cock exploded it's load out onto his hairy chest.  As I drained his cock, he milked mine dry and wiped his hand on his chest. 

After swallowing his load, I sat up and looked at him and said, "Man, I damn sure didn't expect that."

"Well, since you were taking care of me I figured that it was the least I could do for you."

"It wasn't necessary but I damn sure enjoyed it," I told him.  "Now I need to clean you up."

I leaned over him and began licking my own cum out o the hairs on his chest.  When I was through, I said, "Shall we clean up properly now?"

I led him to the shower and together we washed each others body.  Once we were out and dried off, we returned to the living room for another beer.

Looking at him I asked, "Greg, May I ask just what brought all this on?"

"I've been watching three way movies for a while and have watched guys suck each other, kiss, fuck and rim.  It turned me on but I wasn't sure just why.  Then, after you sucked me off in the office, I realized that I was very curious about sex with another man and who better could show me besides  the guy I worked with and trusted."

"Greg, with Sue gone, would you like to spend the rest of the weekend here with me?"

"If you hadn't asked me, I was going to ask you."

He had questions about man to man sex and I answered the all honestly.  Before long it was time for bed.  We cleaned up our dinner mess and afterward headed for the bedroom.  As we lay in bed I said, "Greg, if you would like to see what it's like to fuck a man, I'd love to have that tool up my ass."

"Hell, yea!" he exclaimed.

Once he was hard, which didn't take long, I lubed his cock and my ass.  Laying on my back so I could watch his face, I pulled my legs up and told him that my ass was all his.  He began his insertion and soon was balls deep in my hole.  We both said how great it felt.

He began to piston in and out and as he did I could see the pleasure in his face.  As he leaned closer, I clasp my fingers behind his head. He had a steady rhythm  and it was awesome.  Then I noticed something in his face.  Without warning, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine and seconds later our tongues were exploring each others mouth.  We kissed passionately as his cock exploded deep in my bowels.  We were both in ecstasy.  He looked into my face and smiled then said, "In all honesty, I can say that your ass is definitely better that Sue's cunt."

"A man's ass is always better than a woman's pussy," I replied.

We headed for the showers a second time and this time as we stood under the fine hot spray, he leaned to me and kissed me again.  Moments later, we were cuddled together in bed, his head on my shoulder.  Then, he lifted his head and kissed me again and said, "Thanks for making this a wonderful evening.  Moments later we were sleeping contently.

At some point during the night I awoke to find Greg gently sucking my cock.  I was rock hard and he was doing a damn good job.  I had no intentions of stopping him.  I reached over and turned on the bedside light so that I could watch him in action.  It didn't take me long to climax and as it neared I warned him. He didn't hesitate and kept sucking.  Moments later my cock erupted, filling his mouth with my thick cream.  My curiosity was satisfied when I saw him look into my eyes and swallow.

"That was awesome," I told him as he lay back besides me.  I gave him a thank you kiss then asked, "What made you do it?"

"It's something I've wanted to try since you sucked me in the office.  That night I jerked off in the shower and ate my own load to see what it was like.  It wasn't bad at all"

We returned to our slumber and didn't awake until almost nine that Sunday morning.  Then to my surprise, Greg suddenly flipped around and we had our first sixty-nine.  It was an unbelievable to really see this stud in action.    Later in the day he began fondling my cock and said he wanted me to fuck him.  I said I would gladly.

He got into position and after lubing us both up, I began my insertion.  I could see the pain in his face but he refused to let me stop.  Before long, I was in balls deep and held it there to let him adjust.  After a moment of passionate kissing, I began to work in and out of his hole.  He moaned in pleasure and before long I reached my climax.  As my cock exploded in his hole he said loudly "Fuck Yea, man!  I love it!"

We showered and I invited him to stay over until Sue returned.  He quickly agreed and we went to his place to get clothes for work on Monday and Tuesday.  That night as we sat together on the sofa fondling each others cocks, he quickly dropped to the floor an sucked me off.  After swallowing my load he looked at me and smiled and said, "I needed some dessert."  of course I in turn sucked him off.

We rode to work together Monday and as we worked he would occasionally blow me a kiss. Then once we were back at my place, he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately before saying, "Mark, I don't know how to say thank you for helping me to see my true self.  I realize not that I am totally gay.  In the Marines, I would always steal glances at the other guys cocks and when ever I fucked Sue, I would think something was missing.  But these days with you nave opened my eyes and I have never been happier or more at ease."

Sue returned and during work we would suck each other and later he might fuck Sue. On Thursday, he lied to Sue and told her he had to go out of town for some training for work.  Instead he spent Friday and Saturday nights with me and didn't go home until after dark Sunday.

On Thursday, he told me that he broke the engagement to Sue just telling her that he wasn't ready to settle down and wanted to date others.  She moved back home with her parents and his lease was coming up in two months.

As we took a break, I said, "When your lease is up, Put your furniture in storage and move in with me.  I have an extra bedroom but you won't be in it every night.  I'll introduce you to some of my friends and if you want sex with one of them you will have that room to use for privacy or to use if I score."  He quickly agreed.

He moved in and unless one of us picked up a man for sex he slept with me.   After a couple of months, I introduced him to a three way with a good friend of mine and I.  He loved it.

Then there was another surprise.

As we ate dinner one Saturday night before going to our favorite gay bar, he put his fork down and said, "Mark, there is something that I have to say and now is as good of a time as any."

""What is it?  Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong.  I never in my life ever thought I would say this to another man but I have fallen head over heels in love with you.  I don't know how you feel but I had to be honest with you about my feelings."

"Greg, I love you also, more than you will ever know, and I have for a while.  I didn't want to say anything until you had had a chance to experience more in your new life."

"Mark, I have no interest in sex with another man unless you are there with me.  I promise to be faithful to you."

"Baby, I feel the same way.  As of this moment you are my husband and I am your husband."

We kissed passionately  then went out to celebrate our union.  Our friends celebrated with us.  More than three ways, we invite several friends over for a party on Friday or Saturday night  and have an orgy.  Orgies are Greg's favorite.  I so love watching him enjoy his self with other guys knowing he is going to bed with me after they all leave.

THE END.....



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