A voice on the intercom said there's going to be a lock down. "Damn it Ray...." I heard Sasha say, turned to her, asking what was wrong. "Nothin' to worry your pretty self about Querido. Ju-."


I look in the direction of the voice, my eyes widen more when I see Ray being wrestled down by guards.

A older man had the young man in tight cuffs and he watched as the man looked at him, then headed into his a room.

"Who was he, Sasha?"

"The Head Warden. By the way he was looking at you, he's got it out for you," Damn.

My first day here and I got to deal with the warden. "Nieve." It was Ray.

He had a little bruising and a few cuts on his face but beyond was fine. "Ray! Are you okay?" I walked up to him, touched the side of his face.

He winced but he didn't move away. "I'm sorry Nieve, he hurt you, I couldn't stop myself." "What do you mean Ray?" As I ask I see Sasha look at Ray, shook her head, then left.

"I killed him Nieve. I killed Jerome, for you."

"W-What?" It was my fault that another human being- horrid or not, was dead.

"Nieve he's gone, he won't hurt you anymore. Everyone will be gone so there's only me and you." He walked over to me, I noticed there was a gun in his hands, I backed away to a corner in the cell.

He held the gun to my head, waiting for the gun shot... but it never happened. It was all a dream.

I woke up, sweaty, in a frenzy, I was thrashing on the top bunk bed.

Ray was sitting on the lower bunk, looking at me while holding a deck of cards.

"Hey, you play?" I nodded then, climbed from my bed down to the floor below.

Then we were sitting of the floor playing Goldfish; it was pretty amusing to see a man who- was a drug dealer, playing kids card game. Not losing his place in his set of cards, reaching over my body, giving my a kiss.

His breathe smelled like peppermint patties, like the kind your grandmother would eat, but then again not like it. It burned against my lips, my eyes were closed at the first few second, then I opened my eyes.

Ray's were half lidded and were looking at me. He kissed me again, bitting my lips, then rubbing them after he was done. The only thing that came to mind was this:

"Saying thank you again?"

"Nah. It's a term of endearment. I want to you Amie. Do you want me too?" I looked into his hypnotizing eyes for a second. "I don't know."

Although I did know. I was basically attracted to him on so many level. The danger, the kind, the false sense of security. He smiled lazily at me and climbs back down.

"Come, play Goldfish with me Nieve."

"Goldfish." He says with a chuckle, I huffed, slamming my cards on the ground. "Don't be such a sore loser." "Says the man that won." I couldn't even win at this game.

Or any game at all.

Not even the game of life. I got the divorced by my wife and was bankrupt in less than twenty minutes. I was ten and it was my mom who was playing with me.

As I started to cry, she reassured me that one I would get married and have kids of my own.So much for having dreams.

Thanks mom, thanks mom a lot.

But then again that was my fault for loving the woman who raised, my fault for thinking in the moment.

"What you boys doing?"

"Whats it look like we're doing Sasha."

Sasha snapped at him and knocked him against the head. "Damn! what was that for?" She didn't give him an answer.

She sat on the lower bunk bed.

"Anyways, I've got news boys."

"What is it Sasha?"

I put down the stack of cards I was holding, turning to look at her. "Jerome's dead." Ray laughed, shuffling his cards. "'Bout time someone got his ass," Jerome really got killed.

If it wasn't Ray, then who was it?

"He got the chair, but it ain't surprising. He should've got it a long time go. They say his attack on Nieve was the last straw. The warden ended his term pretty quick."

"Wait, wait. How the hell did he find out?" Sasha shrugged and pulled out a flask.

She took a gulp of it before replying to me. "I don't really know. He's the warden. He probably has this place bugged. Even the god-forsaken shower. That perv,"

The warden did it?

Who lets the warden kill of prisoners as they please?


I looked at Ray who way chuckling on his bed. His tall, lean body was stretched and ultimately cramped by the bed.

"If he wants to look at those bastards, that's his business."

I laughed to myself for a second. Maybe the warden was a perv, that's something I know for sure is true.

A loud banging of the cell door distracts everyone; it's a guard.

He looks a little rough for an Asian, his small black eyes stare into my soul. He yanks open the door, grabs me by the arms, and stares me right in iris of my eyes.

"Inmate Sixteen, the warden reported you his office. Let's go."

"Mr. Deyes."


He glances at my wrapped up arms and grinds his teeth.

"Call me Paul."

"Okay Paul, why am I here?"

Paul, the warden had warm colored hazel eyes, but behind them was something bad, o, sinister behind them. They had the same bottomless as Ray's, but his eyes stared right through me, like I was made of paper.

The smile he had was intended to look to friendly, but I knew too much to believe it's intentions. His dark hair was longer, slicked back down his neck, his goatee was shaped like a triangle on his chin.

He got up from his desk, walked over to me, touched my face. His hands had burned, more like stung against my face. I flinched back, slapping his hand away, before I backed out and ran out his office.

I had to admit, it looked pretty stupid.

He kind of reminded me of the super villains I used to see in my childhood cartoons.

But he had a different thing to rule than the world.


Lulu Rabbit

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