Ray was my one and only first love, that I can say.

Even after our first time together, I was sure about that. I sat in the courtyard, on a bench, reading Huckleberry Finn.

Then I went to sleep, dreaming Ray was Huckleberry, I was Tom, Jerome was Jim.

But instead in the scene where Jim was freed in Miss Watson's will, he was hung, dying along with Pap.

We were both wearing overalls, no shirt, no shoes, and a straw hat. I was cryin' but Ray wasn't.

He was standing silently, no tears falling. He took his straw hat, put it over his chest, then put to it so it covered Jim's face.

"Ya okay Huck?" The soft southern accent in the dream suited him; the word rolled off his tongue like rain streaming off your skin.

"Yea Tom."

I reached up to him, then I smile at him.

He smiles back at me and just my dad, his smile had faded away.

I come to my sense, Ray's leaning over me, blocking out the sunlight. He was shirtless, had some gloves on, his work jeans and boots. "Hey Ray." "Hey Nieve."

He pecked my cheek, snatched the book out of my hands, looking at it.

" 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn' "

"Read it before?" He nodded, sitting next to me. "My ma used to read it to me at night. Said I was a lot like Huck." I chuckled, nodding in agreement.

"Your an delinquent, Ray."

"I'm a serious man, Nieve. I ain't no teenaged punk." He was a very serious person, even with those conversations with Sasha. Sasha and I were the only ones he opened up to as regards to have some type of friendship or a form of intimacy.

It seemed I was the only one he'd open up to. I got up, walking back in the doors of the prison.

"Where are you going?"

"Where do you think I'm going? I finding out what's wrong with that warden, you in or not?"

"Alway, Nieve. Let's do this."

Ray and I can't do this by ourselves, we needed a another person. So I thought of one avaliable person.



Lulu Rabbit

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