"So whatcha mean when you was talking about Jerome?"

"I don't think he got the chair, Ray. I think the warden did some something to him, just like he did Sasha."

Ray and I were laying on the bottom bunk bed, my head in the crook of his warm shoulders, his arm slung on my chest. It was comfortable. "He does come off a little weird."

"A little? Ray the man has cameras in the showers. He's mad Ray. I think that with Sasha wasn't true,"

He stroked my cheek and sighed.

It seemed like the few months during been incarnation, Ray and I have gotten extremely close. The day he said he wanted me, the day he stole my first kiss, the day he comforted me when Sasha died.

It felt like he would die for me and I would do the same for him.

"You feel soft," His chin laid on my head as he felt around my body, exploring my body, you could say.

"This pretty face, this face is too damn innocent." His fingers ran their tips on my lips, kissing my jaw.

"You smell like cigarettes. Salems'?" He nodded, his hands stopping at the low of my back.

"You should really stop smoking,"

My hands are tracing his chest, feeling every muscle, every ripple. It felt hard, kind of tender, then hard again. He looked down at me, pushing my hands away, giving me a pained expression, his emerald squinted at me.

"Don't start something unless you serious about it."

"What if I am serious?"

"If that means your saying yes to my question, then you should know you can't back out this."

"I know I can't. Even if I didn't want to, you'd probably do something regretful."

I was kissing him, pulling off his work shirt, his hands fount a resting place on my backside. His hands felt like the belong there, my body was waiting for him.

There were rushed breaths, zippers being un-zipped, and a great amount a kissing. My lips were swollen, and he just kept abusing them. He nibbled them, caressing them, gently caressing them with ease.

Then we stopped for brief moment, staring at each other. Both of us were naked, laying together clumsily, beginning to have sex. My hands took a hold him as he squeezed my ass, I take him into my mouth with caution.

We felt like two virgins, like teenagers without experience.

"God Nieve!" His hands reach for a bit of lubricant, when he was done, I rode him without effort. I had sex with one person in my life and that was a girl. I was at a party, we were both under the influence of something. My first time felt nothing like my first time with Ray, it was more passionate than awkward I suppose.

My muscles clench, relaxed and released on top of him. He stared in my eyes with pure unbridled lust, and a hint of affection. His hands traced my hips, kneading his hands on them, digging his nails in.

Panting, moaning, groaning and sounds of creaking went throughout the room. In the moment of desire, he flipped me over, overpowering me. The weight had gently topped me, I felt the energy coming off of him flow into me effortlessly.

The thrusts became faster, his movement became harder as he laid on me. I was in true bliss; my body was shaking with pleasure, my heart was racing and it was getting hard to persuade myself to even stop.


"Call me Ramon, Amie."

He stared at me those emerald eyes, god those eyes.


Arms wrapped around his waist, I looked at him as we finished. Our bodies were covered with sweat; he was still inside me. I kissed him and asked him:



We moved so that I was laying on the bed in the missionary position. His dick prodded at my entrance, he was looking at me in the eyes, shyly kissing me as he pushed himself in. I bit my bottom lip, stopping myself from letting out any noise.

"I want to hear you Nieve, let it all out," I let out a strangled moan, gripping on to his shoulders.

I reached the highest peak of tillation, I felt the orgasmic feeling creep up on me.

"Ray, I'm coming!" His thrusts drove with urgency, coming with me. I let out a sigh of contentment, Ray laid on top of me his green eyes looked alluring as the stared into mine, giving me shivers throughout my body.

"This is real. You know that right?"

"I know Ray."

"Your mine now. If I see ya doing this with another guy, ya damn well know what will happen to that guy, right?"

"I do, Ray."



"Your too fucking big." He smirked, then closed his eyes for a second, then opened them again.

"That's a good thing isn't?"

"It's a very good thing Ray."


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