"Hello Little one. Whatcha want?" Max was playing Black Jack with some rough looking inmates, from the looks of it, he was definitely winning.

"We need help." "What kinda help?" I looked a Ray, then I looked a Max. "We need help killing the warden," All of the inmates stopped, looking at me, then bursted out laughing.

"Yeah, we can kill the warden and come out alive."

"Come on Franco, just listen to the boy"

One of men with this long scar going down his face, replied to me with a chuckle. "He killed Sasha! He's got to go!" Ray was fuming, I would be to.

"Wait the motherfucker killed Sasha?"

"I thought they executed her ass!"

"Nah the warden shot her a few days ago." Max said with a blank face, putting down all his cards. "Wait pretty boy. What are we going get if we do succeed?"

"You get your freedom, and nothing more." The men looked at each, then looked at Ray and I.

"Alright what's the plan?"

"Okay, it seems that the warden kills anyone who comes into serious contact with Nieve, so one of us has to make it look like yall are real buddy-buddy,"

I eyes had went by and I looked at Max. He was the only one I haven't gotten into close contact with.

"He's right Max. We're going to have to get closer, so much closer." Ray licked his lips knitting his eyebrows together, glaring at the blonde-haired boy.

It felt like he showing dominance as an animal would. He was saying he was the alpha, and all other males were his betas.

No one was equal to him in any way shape or form.

And I kind of liked it.

"Don't touch him, I'm warning you Ryder." Max rolled his eyes, spit on the floor, then looked at Ray.

"Ain't meh fault he has da face of a whore. Probably probably da reason ya done fucked, ain't it?"

"Fucking Bastard!"

Ray's hand's release in, out. He think of making a fist and punching Max, but doesn't do it. "I swear Ryder, if I find one fucking scratch on him, I'm bustin' a cap in yo ass,"


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