I decided to write the other side of the story... hope you enjoy.


"Fuck this day" I thought to myself as my motorcycle started sputtering as I cruised down the highway. The bitching I had done last week to the precinct mechanic obviously didn't make much of an impact. This thing has been acting up for weeks.

I pulled off into a turnaround just as the engine died. The day had started off so well, the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, and I was happy to be on the road for a change instead of sitting at a desk. Now I'll be stuck waiting for the mechanic to come rescue me.

I hopped on the radio and made a call to dispatch. "An hour? Are you kidding me? I have to sit here for an hour waiting for that son-of-a-bitch mechanic to get his ass up here?" Oh that ass of his. Travis was our in-house mechanic. He was a hot little shit, with a tight ass and a big mouth. I laughed to myself when I realized the reason my motorcycle might still be broken is because as soon I as had finished berating him about my engine issues last week, I drug his furry little ass into the supply closet and fucked him senseless. He either forgot why I was there in the first place, or he was giving me a reason to pay him another visit.

My name is Blake, and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a bit of a hunk. My parents gave me some dang good genes. I tower over everyone around me standing at 6' 8" tall. My Irish-German heritage gave me a head of thick, red hair, dashing blue eyes, and a full, rich, red beard. My countless hours at the gym had also finally paid off - I'd been bulking up and reached latest achievement of hitting 300 lbs, and it's all muscle.

As I pondered just how many different ways I was going to take my frustration out on Travis, a car pulled off to the side of the highway and a fuzzy bear of a guy got out and approached me.

Normally I would be apprehensive of someone approaching me on a highway like this guy was doing, but his walk and his demeanor as he approached eased my mind.

"Is everything OK? You look a bit distressed?" he asked.

I looked the guy up and down through my helmet and took him in. He was cute. Not quite 6' tall, and with just enough weight on him to make him a bear, but still quite well put together and handsome. His thick, fuzzy beard and short hair made my cock stir a bit. Maybe I'll make something out of this day after all...

I took off my helmet off and shot back at him "no, everything is not fucking 'ok.'"

The second I pulled off my helmet, I noticed the guy blushed and sucked in his breath. That's all the signal I needed to know I was about to have some fun.

"My motorcycle kicked the bucket and my god dammed radio won't turn on so I can call for some help." Ok, I lied. I knew Travis was on the way, but I could play this another way. The guy stammered a response that was incoherent. Oh yah, I'm gonna have some fun with him. I began to set my plan in motion.

"Are YOU okay?" I asked as he continued to stammer. Fuck this is going to be fun, I already have him wrapped around my finger and I've barely said two sentences to him.

"Hey buddy, everything OK with you?" I asked again, bringing his attention back to reality.

Through some more stammering and back and forth, I finally asked to borrow his phone. I stepped out of earshot and called Travis. In order to execute my plan I needed him to cover for me.

"Where are you? I've got a hot piece of ass standing here and I need you to cover for me."

"I'm less than a mile away, I've got the trailer with me and was going to bring you and the bike back to the precinct."

"Perfect. Hold off about 5 minutes, I'll leave the keys under the seat - the bike isn't going anywhere anyway. Pick it up and tell boss man that you dropped me off at home and I'm taking the rest of the day off while you fix my bike."

"You must have snagged a real hot one, you owe my you lucky bastard."

Owe him my ass. "Owe you? I OWN you, bitch. Just wait until I come down there and take my revenge out on you for not fixing my motorcycle. I'll see ya later." I hung up before he could even respond.

I directed my attention back to the bear at hand. "Turns out I'm stuck here for a bit, soonest they can get a truck up here is in a couple hours. I don't suppose you would mind giving me a ride? My house is just a couple miles away, I can get out of this gettup and come back with my car to wait for the repair truck."

"Absolutely, would be my pleasure. My name is Drew." He reached out his hand.

I took it and gave him a nice, tight squeeze. The beginning of asserting my domination. I think his knees gave out on him a bit.

"Blake. Nice to meet you" he stammered.

With the motorcycle secured, we got into his car and made small talk. He admitted to me that he thought I was handsome, which just furthered my determination to have some fun with him. I played it cool at first, even managed to make myself blush, and then I started asserting myself. I gave him directions and began getting sterner and sterner with each turn. As luck would have it, my motorcycle broke down not far from home. Through years of hard work and determination, I had managed to purchase an 80-acre plot of land out in the country. It was my oasis, and my playground.

I directed him to drive us down a dirt road that took us right up to the back 40 acres. When I surveyed the land before the purchase, I discovered a trail on the back 40 that led to an opening deep in the woods, away from prying eyes.

"Pull over here." I pointed at the head of the trail. Now to have some real fun.

"Get out of the car," I demanded. The look on his face was priceless. I had this guy scared shitless. I yelled "hands on the car, NOW!"

I came up behind him and gave him a good, solid groping from top-to-bottom.

"What the FUCK are you doing? What did I do?"

I grabbed his wrists and flung his hands down behind his back. I pulled out my cuffs and cuffed him tightly. Now he was truly my plaything.

"If you fight back or talk back to me like you just did, this is going to hurt a LOT MORE, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" he replied meekly.

I pulled him up off the car and directed him to the trail. I stayed silent as we walked, increasing the tension and confusion in his mind. I took him deeper and deeper into the windows until we came upon the clearing that was my target.

"On your knees" I commanded. He fell to his knees and tilted his head down to towards the ground. I circled him menacingly. "You're a coy little shit, aren't you? Thought you could just casually tell me that you had a hardon for me? You didn't think I noticed it the second you walked up to me?"

"I didn't, I, uhm..."

"SHUT UP!" I snapped. "I didn't ask you to speak, did I?"

"No, you didn't."

"Excuse me? Is that how you are going to address me?"

"No, you didn't, SIR."

"That's right. Until I tell you otherwise you will call me sir. I brought your bitch ass out here to teach you a lesson. You are going to pay for being a coy little shit."

"Yes, sir," he obeyed. Good. I have an obedient boy. Nothing makes me harder than knowing I have someone utterly and completely under my control. I brought my hand up in the air and the down quickly landing a hard, flat smack right on his ass. I heard him whimper, which just made my cock even harder. I walked back around to the front of him and turned around, placing my ass square within his view, teasing him. I was wearing my leather biker pants which fit me like a glove and showed off my ass like crazy. I knew he wouldn't be able to help but to look. When he did, I smacked him squarely across the head.

"Did I say you could look at my ass, you shit?"

"No, no sir."

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, sir."

"Sorry for WHAT?"

"I'm sorry I looked at your ass, sir."

Now to really fuck with his mind.  

"Are you ready for your lesson?"

"Lesson, sir?"

"Yes, your lesson. If you pass this lesson, I'll let you go. If you fail this lesson, well I'll have to punish you, and I'm afraid you won't like the punish at all."

"OK sir, I'm ready."

"Gooood boy..." I cooed sarcastically. Luckily I am always prepared for situations like this. I had these particular pants custom made with a removable codpiece - nearly invisible until you get up close and personal. Under it I was wearing my favorite jockstrap - old, worn, and stained with about a years worth of piss and cum. Under that was my 10" dick, adorned with a 2 gauge Prince Albert piercing.

I walked up to him and put my crotch directly in front of him. "Retrieve your freedom, boy," I commanded. What he didn't know... yet... is that I always keep a handcuff key attached to my PA. You never know when a spare handcuff key, kept in a safe place, can be useful. I was going to use it to make this submissive teddy bear beg me to release him.

"Sir? I don't understa-" he pleaded. I cut him off.

"RETRIEVE YOUR FREEDOM, BOY!" I yelled. I forcefully shoved my crotch into his face. "I don't have all day. Get to it."

By this time he had noticed the codpiece and he coyingly starting trying to pull it off with his teeth. Once he got the codpiece removed, I urged him on... "keep going, boy..." while my cock continued to stiffen.

Free of my codpiece, my swollen dick was proudly displayed, tucked tightly into the confines of my stinky, ripe jock. He shoved his nose into it and inhaled. He began tonguing my jockstrap and going at it with all his might. He sucked on it and licked it, getting a taste of the last few loads of cum I had dropped into it earlier in the week. Then he used my teeth to try and pull down my jock.

"Hear this, boy. One tooth on my rod and I'll knock you senseless. Understand?"

"Mmm hmmm..." he hummed in his euphoric state. Tsk tsk, boy. I smacked him on the cheek, bringing him back to reality.

"Don't sass me boy, and don't forget your place. You hear me?"

"Yes sir, sorry sir."

He looked up at me with hi puppy dog eyes. Oh fuck that gets me so good. That is one of my few weaknesses... seeing a boy looking up at me like that makes me go weak. It's so fucking sexy, and the vulnerability on those eyes almost makes me forget my own place as his master.

I regained my own composure while he continued his tongue assault. When he finally pulled down my jockstrap and freed my dick, it was at full mast and smacked him squarely in the face. The moment he saw the key, I could see the look of understanding on his face.

"You get it now, don't you boy? Remember what I said... one tooth against my dick and you'll regret it. Oh, and one more thing. Don't make me cum." More fucking with his head.

He stared for a moment and began working on my cock trying to free the handcuff key. I knew it wasn't going to work, it was impossible. The more he tried, the slicker everything became and more fruitless it would be trying. To his credit, I didn't feel a single tooth on my dick. This boy is talented.

The more he tried, the harder I got, and the more frustrated he got. I loved every second of it, and was enjoying the tongue bath this boy was giving the head of my dick while trying to get his prize. I closed my eyes for a moment, and before I could react, the boy had jumped up, turned around, and grabbed me squarely by the balls.

"FUCK" I yelled in agony. What does he think he's doing? The fucker! Just when I thought I had him put in his place, he tries to turn the tables on me? I wrapped one of my muscled arms around his neck and began to squeeze. Now I was pissed and this boy was about to learn his lesson.

He released his grip on my balls and his hands went directly to my cock trying to get my PA unscrewed so he could get the key. I squeezed my arm around his neck harder. At this point it was a race to the finish... either he was going to pass out, or he was going to succeed in his attempts to manhandle the key off of my dick.

His hands quickly found their target, and he managed to unscrew my PA, get the key off, and unlock one of his cuffs. Wow... impressive. This boy has some talent.

Well change of plans. I was going to spend the afternoon teasing this boy, and he managed to get a leg up on me. Amused, I decided to let him finish what he started.

"Good boy. That's thinking with your head. Lesson complete. Now, do you want to catch your breath and enjoy your prize?"

I could see the mix of anger, lust, and accomplishment on his face. He was rightly pissed off at me, but also thirsty to get his mouth back on my dick. When he regained his breath, he dove onto my rod with the fury of a hungry cocksucker. He turned out to be quite the talented little shit.

I grabbed the back of his head. "that's a good boy, ohhh... shit boy, you know what you're doing..."

He continued sucking with fury. I cried out "FUCK BOY, DADDY'S GONNA GIVE YOU HIS LOAD!"

I shot so hard I thought I was going to black out. I knew I was delivering an impressive load into this boy's mouth, thought I had no idea exactly how impressive it was until I opened my eyes and looked down at him. He had my cum running out of each corner of his mouth and his shirt was covered with ropes of cum that had leaked out. I slid my dick out of his mouth and looked down at those puppy dog eyes of his. Oh shit... those eyes. Umpf.

Yet again the boy surprised me, before I knew what was happening he was on his feet, threw his arms around my neck and jumped up onto my hips. My arms instinctively wrapped around his back and I shifted to accept the weight of him on my frame. He then planted his cum-filled mouth straight on mine and fed me a taste of my own seed. We made out, swapping my load back and forth for minutes, until finally we released and each swallowed our reward.

"Jesus, boy... after what I did to you, you sure showed me you've got some gumption in ya after all."

"Yes, sir," he cooed in my ear. I got chills.

This boy had gotten to me. I thought I was going to teach him a lesson and he caught me by surprise. I put it in my mind to feel this out and see where it could go. I wouldn't mind letting this boy become the master... for a little bit.

"I think you've learned your lesson for the day. Let's say we go back to my place and see about you teaching me a lesson instead?

He looked me square in the face, grabbed me by the balls, and squeezed. "Excuse me, did you forget something?"

"Sir, yes, sir..." I sputtered back at him. I even threw a fake salute. I was going to let him think he could have the control, but I wasn't going to give it up easily.

He didn't like my reply. He took his grip on my balls and squeezed harder... much harder. My dick started to get hard again, and I groaned in both pain and ecstasy.

"What was that??" he asked.

"I'm sorry, sir..." I replied. OK, he got my attention.

We started walking back to his car, me with my dick still hanging out and dripping, him with his shirt covered in cum and a big smirk on his face. It'll be fun to see where this leads...

To be continued...


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