Part 2 was done based on a request from Bruce, a neat reader of my stories.

Two weeks later, I was judging another of Ethan's dirt bike competitions. After the final race, Ethan approached me and said: "Shaun, I have masturbated several times remembering our wild sex. I want you to fuck me again. You are the best fucker I have ever encountered. I love your cock and ass. You know how to make me crazy with lust."

I immediately got a huge hard-on as I could see was the case for Ethan.

"WOW, Ethan you have me lusting after that gorgeous body, ass and cock. I cannot wait to fuck the shit out of you again. Your ass is so like silk as my hot cock slides in and out with the ultimate pleasure. Your ass muscles do a real job on my aching cock. I have never had a more powerful ejaculation than the night we fucked. And your cum is like ice cream going down my throat. I could eat gallons of your seed. You drive me wild with lust."

"Oh, Shaun, I see you are about to split those pants from that swollen cock. Let me relieve that tool for you."

"Ethan, I have already wet my shorts with precum. I see a wet spot on your pants. I bet it is precum, right?"

"Shaun, Yes, I am leaking cum. We have to get away from here before I jump on you in front of all these people. We could get arrested for indecent exposure. I have to have you suck my cock. I must suck your cock and then have you drill my ass. I am sweating and feeling goose bumps all over my body. Look what you do to me, you whore, you slut"

"Ethan, look at who is calling whom a slut and whore. You have been sucked and fucked by as many hot studs as I have. We are both sluts. Your dirty talk is about to make me blast a load just standing here. I am wild with desire for you, my new fuck buddy."

We took a shower st my hotel. We spent much of the evening over dinner and with drinks still horny as hell.

I approached Ethan with a proposition. "Ethan, we can go back to my room and finish the evening sucking cock, eating ass and fucking. I have to get my nuts off with you. But, here is my big proposal. Can you go with me tomorrow as I do a modeling for a national magazine and we could hook up with one of the other hot models for a three way? My modeling buddies would love that ass of yours. What do you say?"

"Shaun, hell yes, fuck yea, I can hardly wait. It has been a year since I was in an orgy or even a three-way. I am all up for the challenge. You just made my cock hard as a diamond drill with the proposition."

We rushed back to my hotel room. We had put off sucking and fucking as long as we could. We spent hours kissing, eating each other's ass, took turns sucking our buddies' cock, and took turns as we swallowed our partner's fuzzy and wet balls. After at least two hours of wild sex, I lubed Ethan's ass, lubed my sore and swollen cock and inserted my big cock inch by inch into his smooth pink asshole. Once again his ass felt like fucking a silk blouse. My cock experienced erotic pleasures and sensations only fantasized in erotic adult books.

"OMG, Ooh Shit, Shaun, your cock is driving me wild. Oh, it feels so good. You have the best hard tool ever to pound my ass. I feel your cock massage my prostate. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, do not stop. Come in my guts. I want your cum."

"Hell, Oh Ethan, Mmmmmmmm. I love your ass. I cannot stop. Here I come. WOW, OMG, I feel the cum blasting out of my cock head. Take it all."

I pulled out and plunged my leaking and cum wet cock down Ethan's throat. He sucked me dry. We kissed. I grabbed his cock and sucked hard. In about one minute, he filled my mouth with his thick warm strings of cum.

The next day we traveled by car to the next city where my modeling took place. There were 10 hot guys who modeled for a famous magazine.

At the end of the show, I introduced Ethan to my favorite model. His name was Kody, a 6 foot, strawberry blond, and blue eyed hunk. He weighed 160 pounds with a slim hard body. I had fucked or been fucked by Kody each time we had done a modeling show together. Kody was a great fuck and he knew how to drill an ass. I had told Kody about Ethan and that he would be joining me at this show.

We went up to our hotel room and wasted no time. We got undressed.

Ethan's mouth was wide open as he saw Kody's huge snake. "OMG, Kody, you have a monstrous thick and long cock. Has anyone ever taken all that boner up their ass?"

"Well, as a matter of fact Ethan, your fuck buddy Shaun has been able to take all my jewel ever time I fucked him."

"You must be kidding me, Kody. Shaun is that true? How big is that cock?"

"Ethan, it is true. I love taking all that cock down my ass. It is a real kick. His cock is a whopping 11-inches. You will get your chance tonight. I did not tell you that we have a special treat for you."

We spent at least an hour taking turns kissing each other, sucking the cocks, rimming ass, fingering the asses and sucking on the big balls of one another. It was a wild and erotic session.

It was now time for the big surprise for Ethan. We lubed his ass with gobs of lube, lubed Kody and my cocks and placed me on my back on the bed. I ordered Ethan to get on top of me placing his face in the opposite direction from my face.

"Now, Ethan, go down on my cock as you have done before."

When he had finished taking all my cock up his ass, Kody moved in between my legs and Ethan's ass. He began pushing his cock upward entering Ethan's ass.

"Hell no, Shaun and Kody. Oh stop I cannot take both these big cocks. You will split me wide open. I will need surgery. Oh, Shit. The surprise is to DP my ass. Oh, I am so turned on. Well, lets try it."

It worked as inch by inch Kody's big cock went all the way in. We spent 10 minutes driving our two cocks deep into this beautiful ass. The pleasure from two cocks rubbed together was awesome.

The erotic sensual feeling caused Ethan to blast a huge load onto the chest, stomach and face of Kody and at about the same time we both shot what seemed like a river of cum into Ethan's beautiful ass. We pulled out and got in a circle as we sucked the cum off of the three cocks.

We showered and went out to a Gay club that featured a sausage party.

Great sex.



Naughty Eric


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