Sex is just just a thing, but this this was different. He was different. He was unlike any other guy before, and truthfully this is going to be more than just a one night stand.

His name was Brandon. He was 23 half Latino, he stood around 6'2'' and was sexy as fuck. He had a muscular and toned body. Beautiful tan skin, ans the most amazing green eyes that I have ever seen. And his hair was as black coal.

I had seen him before around the mall but never thought that he was gay, or that he would be attracted to me.

I was shorter around 5'8'' and more of a muscle cub like build. I was 25, brown hair and brown eyes. I was the manager of Jazzed, a urban outfitter store in the Glendale Mall. After getting my things together and getting ready to close the store I saw a guy running up.. It was him.

"Oh shit are you closing?"

"Yeah, store closes at 9." I said back trying not to look at his body in his white nearly see though tank.

"Damn I need to get something to wear tonight to RaveMan, its my night off this week I am a go-go dancer there and I have nothing to wear out tonight its about to be live tonight."

Pshhh, Like I didn't know I bought me something to wear tonight, RaveMan was the the spot and tonight especially, the last Saturday of the month.

"Your a regular here right I see you a lot, I'm Ethan the manger of the store. I'm sure I can help you out." I said as I opened the door.

"Brandon's the name!"

"Sweet, but make it quick buddy I'm on the same mission I would miss the last Saturday blow out for anything.

He picked up a rather stylish light pair of jeans, and a tight fitting blue and black striped tee shirt. With a pair of black brief's to match.

"Damn son! Imma be hot tonight!"

"Nice!" I said back while ringing up his items.

"With 50% off its going to be $34.94."

"Why 50% off?"

"Because your cute, hahaha don't make me change my mind now." jokingly I said.

"I can deal with that. What do you have in your bag there?"

I pulled out my outfit choice of the the night well most of it anyways, I had picked out a pair of black jeans with rips in the knees, and a pair of black and gold bat man briefs.. he chuckled it was kinda embarrassing but i laughed to.

"So your going shirtless?" He said jokingly

"No hahaha, I have a shirt at home its a surprise..." I said.

"A surprise, I take it as I will see you there?"

"You Might" I smiled

"I'll see you tonight Ethan"

"See ya tonight Brandon."

After taking a shower and getting ready I was pumped to head down town. I couldn't get him off of my mind. The traffic was rough, but I gave myself plenty of time to get down town. Ten minutes later there it was... RaveMan and all its beauty.

After waiting in line it was finally time to go in.

The boys on the go-go box where looking good tonight, and a club mix of Dance Hall Queen by Robyn was on this was going to be a good night.

I love to dance, but after a few drinks I LOVE to dance. I'm getting ready to do my thing when I feel a tap on my shoulder.


It was Brandon he remembered

"Hey, whats up?"

"I'm going to go have a smoke, wanna join?"

"Sure" I smiled

So we made our way outside

"Keep Calm and Stop Shaving. I like it, I love hairy men."

"Yup, I live by it hahaha"

"So do you like to dance?" He asked

"I love to dance, I cant wait to hit the floor."

"Well then I guess we need to dance tonight." He said as he put out his cig.

Without hesitation we made our way back in. We hung out all night long. Drink after drink, and laugh after laugh. At some point we go lost in the music and with each other. It was a feeling that I had never felt before. At the point of the last song of the night Brandon looked me in my eyes and just as it felt like the light was slipping away, he looked at me and said..

" Ethan?"


"Can we get out of here?"

I was shocked...

"Sure we can." I smiled back.

We made our way to the parking lot as the club closed and locked up my car. Then made our way to his place three blocks away, still here in downtown. Once we got there we made our way to the elavator and went up to the 23rd floor to his place. Once we got inside he went over and turned on some music and got me a beer. We sat down on his couch.

"Ethan, there was something about tonight.. Do you belive in fate? Do you think that it was fate that we met today?"

"Brandon I do belive in fate and there is a reason for everthing that happens."

"Ethan I know that there was something between us..."

At that moment he looked me in my eyes ad leaned in to kiss me. His lips where so soft. I could feel his hand in my shirt. He climbed over on my lap and started to kiss me deaper and deaper like we where in love. In the mist of it all I let out a little moan he was turing me on and making me horney. I could feel my pants getting tighter and he so could he he started to move his hand down my chest and started to undo my pants. I was 8'' of rock hard cut cock, he started to kiss me lower and lower until he made his way down to my crotch.

He looked up for a okay and I simply nodded my head. He licked me up from the bottom of my sack up my throbbing shaft and my stone hard head. He wrapped his soft warm mouth around my cock and started to suck on me. Going deeper and deeper I felt as if I was going to cum I was moaning out so loud when he stopped and looked at me.

"Do you like anal?" He asked eagerly

"I love being fucked" I replied

I could see a massive bulge in his pants, he stood up and took his shirt off and undid his pants. The bulge was huge and hard now. He pulled down his briefs and it swung out he was hung... it had to be the biggest dick I had ever seen...

"Its 13 inches" He smirked and said in a sexy smug and cocky tone.

I got down on all fours while he go out his lube. He spread my cheeks and bent down to apply some lube on himself.

"Are you ready?'

I was so horny I moaned out a simple

"Fuck me Brandon, Please baby"

He leaned in and started to tease my tight hole with his head, I could feel the massive head as it was entering my ass. He was gentle and slow with less then half of it in at first until the pain past then he put in more and more, until it was all in...

"Mmmmmm!! Ohhhhh.... Yesssssss!!!" I let out... It was ecstsey his massive dick inside me there was no pain.... just pleasure.

"Take it, take it baby...mmmmmm Your so tight..mmmmm..mmmm!!!" He said painting

He was fucking me so hard my dick was getting harder and harder. He pulled out and completely undressed me, and took me to his bed. He laid me down on his bed back side down, his massive dick hanging over me... I was his. He leaned in to kiss me and started to make out with me. He pulled me to the edge of his bed and lifted my legs and spread them, he pushed his cock in to my asshole and started to fuck me harder that before. I reached down and grabbed my cock and started jacking off, I was so horny the the harder he fucked me the quicker I jacked.. I felt my body tensing up and I knew I was going to cum he pulled out and started to jack himself off. While I was jacking off together we moaned louder and louder competing with one another. I let out a big


And blew my load all over my hairy chest and stomach. Brandon stood up over my face and started do moan louder and louder, I could see his muscles rippling all over him. at once as he blew his massive load all over my face. He let his hand of it as it fell it smacked me in the face and he rubbed it and the cum all over my face... then leaned down and started to kiss me..

" Lets go get cleaned up, baby." He said and we went and got in his shower.

When we got done we laid in his bed together...

"Brandon I don't want this to be a one night stand...." I said, I felt like he was right fate did bring us together.

"Then lets not make it one Ethan, lets not make it one."

I got next to him and cuddled up to him, and as I fell asleep I knew that this was no one night stand it was the first night of many...many nights yet to come.



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