I told Elio that I really enjoyed that aspect of having a public sexual escapade between two guys where there was sense of fear of getting caught at the act.Elio laughed and said one time he was on a bus from Bogota to Medellin which usually took 8 to 10 hours depending on road conditions. He said he was sitting in back of the crowded bus and the seat next to him was vacant still and the last person to board the bus was a black Colombian soldier.The soldier asked whether he could take the window seat next to him.The soldier sat down and waited for bus leave the station and start the long journey through the mountains.Elio introduced himself and the soldier said his name was Camillo and that he had just finished his mandatory service to his country which lasted two years.He said he had been stationed near the frontier between Colombia and Venezuela and was glad he had finished his service and that he was going to married in two weeks and start his life.

Elio said he was a married man from Medellin who had been there on business representing vendors fron the Mayorista,the largest wholesale food market in Medellin.Camillo asked him whether he liked traveling by bus and Elio said that since he a tall and he found the seats in the bus very small for his size.Elio said to Camillo I hope he didn´t mind sitting with him since they were kind of cramped in the seats together.Elio said he always brought along a blanket since it got cold in the mountains traveling at night.Elio had the blanket over his lower body and was just starting to fall asleep when he felt the soldier ´s right hand resting on his thigh and as time passed cold feel Camillo´s hand get closer to his crotch.Elio said his cock immediately started to get hard thinking maybe this young soldier was interested. With every bump of the bus Camillo hand had the opportunity to move closer until it was resting on Elio´s erect cock. Elio couldn´t believe what was happening but was open to it. Elio asked Camillo if he wanted to share the blanket with him since it had started to get real cold.Camillo gratefully accepted the offer.

Elio was starting to doze off again he had shrugged off in his mind that Camillo´s hand was resting on his cock because of the cramped conditions.after a while he felt Camillo ´s fingers somewhat massaging and feeling Elio´s cock and seeking out his balls with deft fingers. Elio spread his legs letting Camillo check out him out enjoying the scene that was developing before him.It was pitch black in the back of the bus and all the passengers were sleeping.All at once he felt Camillo unzipping his pants ,entering inside seeking out his cock.By this time Elio was rock hard.When his cock was free of its confines Camillo put his head underneath the blanket and Elio said he almost shot his load when he felt the young soldier´s lips engulf his member.Elio loved getting head from a black guy since they had big lips and were the best cocksuckers.Elio rested his hands on Camillo´s head letting Camillo know he was into getting his balls emptied.Camillo was savoring his neighbors big cock and Elio peeled his pants down so Camillo had better access to his goods. Camillo had reached underneath Elio´s ass to seek out his rosebud. Elio felt a finger enter his ass while at the same time thrusting his cock into the soldier´s mouth.After what seemed to be eternity

he let Camillo have what he was working for.The first spurt of his cum was so large it filled Camillo´s mouth completely and Elio felt him swallow its contents.Elio let Camillo finish draining his balls and his cock began to soften inside the black man´´s mouth.

After Camillo had completed his service he brought his head out from under the blanket and was hoping he was going to be the receiving the same thing from Elio. Camillo brought Elio´s hand to his crotch.Elio knew right away what Camillo wanted but he had never sucked a cock in his life.He had always been the receiver of a blow job. Still he was curious because when Camillo put his hand on his cock it seemed enormous.He looked around,everyone seemed to be sleeping so he put his head over Camillo´s lap where he found himself staring at a huge black mamba. It had to be at least 16 inches long and was drooling it´s potent venom already. Camillo had Put his hands on Camillo´s head forcing him down close to his black shaft.Elio could see Camillo´s hairy balls nestled in the short nappy hair and he could smell the musky scent of Camillo´s cock and balls.Camillo had his fist at the base of his cock directing it´s head to Elio lips. At first Elio wouldn´t let Camillo´s cock enter but with a little more force opened his mouth receiving its head.Just as he was tasting the musky liquid covering its glans his mouth filled with the soldier´s savory reward .It was the first time he had received another´s guy cum.All he could do was swallow since Camillo had a strangle hold on his head forcing him to satisfy him. Elio was surprised Camillo hadn´t given any indication that he was unleashing his load. Camillo continued to feed the remaining contents of his balls to Elio.Elio continued to suck this soldier´s cock intoxicated by the smell of sex underneath the blanket. Camillo was still hard and evidently wanted to use Elio´s mouth again. The black soldier let loose of Elio´s head and started to thrust its blackness down Elio gullet .Elio could only take about four to six inches of his black shaft and within a minute of sucking it was receiving another mouthful of cum from Camillo. Only then did Camillo´s cock start to soften. Elio brought his head from underneath the blanket and Camillo was fast asleep. Elioo said it was one of the most exciting experiences he had ever had. And actually had liked the taste of another´s guy essence.

After about three hours of rest Camillo was was back giving him Elio head and was determined to receive another load from Elio´s balls which Elio gladly gave to him .In the morning they arrived in Medellin both satiated and satisfied.

Camillo gave Elio his number and said he enjoyed sucking him off and if Elio felt the need for a repeat he was open to it although shortly he would be a married man like Elio. Elio opened his wallet and showed me a picture of the young black soldier who had made his bus trip very memorable indeed.Needless to say when Elio felt the urge to suck a black cock Camillo was always willing like a good soldier with his cock in standing attention. Elio said since that day he had been attracted to black guys since they were very sexual animals always open for a quick seual encounter.I asked him if Camillo had ever fucked him he said no but that he had fucked Camillo many times and Camillo loved receiving his big cock whenever both felt the need to relieve themselves.I told Elio that was a great story and it got me real hot thinking about it.I knew very shortly I would have the pleasure of meeting my next door neighbor´s cock face to face.As I left to go back to my house I could see the outline of Elio great cock just lying under the surface of his faded blue jeans.




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