As usual, I saw my neighbor,Elio in front of his house drinking a cup of coffee and having a smoke.He motioned me so I went out and during the conversation he mentioned that his family was leaving for the weekend to go to Cali. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to finally get to suck his cock,which at this point, had become an obsession of mine.Elio said that during the weekend he would show me how to hook up with a guy.He said he wanted to show me how it´s done.First of all, he said ¨No mierda adonde se come¨ translated to¨Don´t shit where you eat. Elio said he never had sex with men at his house because there were too many eyes in the neighbor and didn´t want problems with his wife,who didn´t know anything about his bisexual leanings.

Saturday morning we boarded the Metro which is a tram that run along the river separating Medellin from North to South.When we got to Parque Berrio we both got off and there were tons of people.Elio said this station was known for male prostitution where you could take your pick of all types of men.As we were leaving the station which was elevated above the streets,there were numerous staircases and different levels.Elio told me to stand at a distance and watch and learn.Elio positioned himself against a wall facing the crowd leaving the station, like he was either waiting for someone.It wasn´t five minutes when a young guy came up to me to offer his services.I felt my cock stir watching the scene develop.Elio was talking to him,I guess negotiating of a price and what the guy was going to do.I noticed that the guy abruptly left and Elio motioned to me.When I reached Elio he said the guy was his type, black with nice full lips to suck his cock,but the guy turned out to be activo.I said what did that mean he said there is three types of man to man sex in the Latino culture, activo meant the man only fucked and would let you suck him off,but he wasn´t into getting fucked or giving head. The second type was pasivo who wanted a cock in their asses.The third type was versatil which meant the guy was open to anything. Elio said he wanted a pasivo since he liked to get his cock sucked and sometimes, if the guy had a nice ass, he would fuck him.Elio said he wasn´t into sucking a guy´s cock and that he liked to control the situation being the macho man he was.

Elio went back to his position against the wall facing outward,I could see his semi-hard cock through the denim fabric of his jeans.I noticed there was a wet spot just below his left pocket where his cock was leaking precum.In two minutes, another guy came up to him and after a bit they both came toward me.Elio introduced me to Juan who was dark, nice looking and had a nice package at his crotch.So we left together and walked North underneath the elevated Metro.Elio asked whether I liked porno and I said yes and he said there was a cinema where we could go with our new acquired friend where it was out of the public view and complete the arrangement he had made with the young guy.We got to the triple X cinema which showed straight flicks continuously.Elio paid our tickets and we went inside the cinema which was dark, so dark that it took a while for one´s eyes to get use to.We took our seats in the rear of the movie house and I couldn´t believe my eyes. The movie was playing and some chick on the screen was sucking or fucking a guy with a big dick.Elio was seated between us,Elio stood up and peeled his jeans down to his ankles and sat back down.Juan started to fondle Elio´s big cock and Elio took my hand and put it on his member.He said he wanted us both to service his cock which I saw for the first time .It was at least 13 inches fat with enormous balls below.Juan who was to Elio´s left knelt in front of his seat and started to suck Elio´s great stalk.Elio motioned me to do the same and I knelt in front to my seat and joined in on the feast of Elio´s member. Juan would suck for a while and finally shared and directed the cock to my mouth.When I engulfed the glans,Elio shuddered and gasped saying he knew from the start I was a great cocksucker.I let it follow the sleeve of my throat to just above his nuts. Juan had started to suck Elio´s ball sack and even came up to share the great amount of liquid coming from its slit.I was so into it I didn´t even take my cock out.Elio said whoever was able to make him come would get his load and the loser would have to suck the winner´s cock. It was a contest for Elio´s seed that was still lodged in his balls.Elio was in control of everything which really turned me on to no end.

Juan and I would take turns sucking off Elio was was thrusting his cock into the mouth that was servicing him.With Elio being double timed it wasn´t long til I heard him gasp and quiver and I knew I was the loser since I could see the cheeks of Juan puff outward being filled with Elio´s semen.It kind of reminded me of a chipmunk who had his cheeks full of nuts.Juan didn´t swallow but I needed Elio´s cream, after Juan´s mouth was full I got below his mouth and received my friend´s load secondhand.Elio watched me and was pleased since he didn´t like to waste what he had just rewarded. Elio pulled his pants up and said he had to take a leak and said I had a job to do.I knew what he meant and Juan had pulled his pants down exposing a nice 10 inch cock. I got between Juan´s legs and started to suck him off.I was surprised and happy at the same time Juan hadn´t shaved his bush and he had a nice set of hairy balls to enjoy.As I was sucking off Juan ,a guy had come up and stood behind Juan´s head with his cock exposed wanting it serviced.Juan turned his head to the stranger´s cock and let it enter his lips.I could tell it was a good size and Juan was doing his best letting the guy fuck his open mouth.I continued sucking off Juan putting all my attention to the task at hand.I heard the guy gasp and Juan was taking his load which after let drip onto his cock below which made me suck his cock faster.Another guy had been watching Juan and brought his member to Juan´s eager mouth for service.As Juan was sucking this new cock I felt his legs begin to shake and quiver and soon my mouth was being filled with a nice size load of cream.

I could see Elio in the shadows with guy kneeling in front of him giving him a blowjob. Elio had a great big cock which attracted all comers.I noticed that it was a black guy,his favorite type.Juan had to leave,I guess to continue job of servicing cock for a living.Probably going back to Parque Berrio where they were many prospective men. Elio had come up to the rear of the seat where I was sitting and said do you want to feel something great.I said sure.He motioned to stand up and told me to take my cock out which I quickly did.The black guy sucking him turned his attention to my cock and I´m not kidding had my spent up load in one minute.While the black dude was sucking me off I had the chance to suck Elio who was ready to unload his big balls again. I let the liquid fill my mouth completely and swallowed it all to Elio´s satisfaction.The black guy stood with his ebony spear ,leaking precum wanting me to finish him off also.I was surprised at his age since it had to be a black guy in his sixties with a semi hard cock,but it was at least 15 inches and had balls the size if plums. I started sucking him and in no time had a nice load of thick cum.We then got ourselves together and left the movie house both satisfied and satiated.

Elio asked whether I had enjoyed what we did and I said it was the hottest thing I had ever experienced.Elio said don´t worry he and I would have a lot of escapades doing the same sort of things. He said Colombian men were always ready and willing for sex no matter if they were straight ,bi,or gay, that their brains were in the crotches and loved to have sex.I told him I did my best to beat Juan but Juan won and Elio laughed .He said he had let Juan win the race and that he was controlling when he was going to shoot his load.Elio said he wanted to show me a good time and knew I liked to suck cock more than anything and Juan had told him he had a big dick but Elio had told Juan he didn´t suck cock.I remembered what had happened between Elio and the soldier on the bus trip. This perked my attention and decided to make it my business to be there when I could watch Elio suck a cock and suck Elio off at the same time. It wouldn´t be long til it this became reality.




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