After Elio had shown me the ropes how to hook up with hot Colombian men, he and I whenever possible

went on the hunt.Elio was very controlling in the situations because he had such as big cock and he knew the culture.I wanted to see him suck a cock and be controlled in the same way.I felt that he had to make the transition of always wanting to be serviced, to one to serve also to expand his view of sex with other men.Since he had told me about him getting sucked off in a bus by a black soldier,I figured that was the best type of man to start with since he had reciprocated.Colombian is full of hot,hung black dudes just waiting to get their balls emptied,especially by another Colombian,and a white one to boot.I wanted to see Elio´s lips wrapped around a black snake of a cock and watch when it filled his mouth with its white venom.I wanted it to be so far down his throat that he had to swallow or drown.And when this was all happening I would be sucking his great cock off at the same time.

Elio and I had the opportunity again in three months when his wife´s mother became sick in Cali.The mother had to have an operation so she would be gone at least a month til her mother recuperated.So one day,after having coffee with Elio in the morning, I had mentioned about going to Parque Berrio,I made it a point to say I was interested in a Black Colombian. Parque Berrio is huge and there are groups of black men always hanging out together.So upon arriving at the Parque Berrio station we exited using the stairs that brought us to the park directly.We looked around and sure enough there were numerous groups of black men of all ages,young to old.Elio didn´t know that after we had gone to the x-rated cinema I went alone and found the black guy that was sucking Elio and who I had sucked off.He was a black man around 60 with a big dick.He asked me whether I would suck him off and we went to the middle of the movie house where we wouldn´t be bothered.We both sat together in the middle of the row,he tugged his big cock out along with his heavy balls since he enjoyed having them sucked also.I was determined to give him the best blow job he hah ever had because I had a favor to ask.

I started swallowing his ebony shaft,delving my tongue into its wide slit to receive his precum.which would exit each time I swallowed his member to his balls.As I withdrew to the top of his glans it was there waiting for my tongue to receive this clear slimy nectar.It took me 5 minutes for him to unload a massive amount of very tasty semen.He said I did great and asked if I Would do him again in 10 minutes.He said he had no problem cumming twice especially getting sucked off by an expert cocksucker.He told me his name was Alidrio, I said Alidrio I need a favor, I said remember the white guy who you were sucking in the back.Alidrio said the white guy with a big dick.Yeah him, remember I finished sucking him off when you were sucking me.Evidently, this reminded him a real hot scene since his spent cock began to come alive again.He was trying to push my head down to receive his promised second blow job from me.I kissed his still sperm coated helmet and told him to relax and listen to me.I asked Alidrio whether he knew any black men who hung around in Parque Berrio who might be open to getting their cock sucked nsa and that I wanted someone who was real hung like 16 inches in their twenties.I told him I wanted to watch my friend, Elio do him.

Alidrio said to suck his cock while he thought about it, I went to work on his cock,he could only get his 13 inch cock semi-hard but it didn´t matter to me since it was easier for me to swallow his member down my throat and let my throat muscles do the work.I went to his big balls which I thoroughly enjoyed tasting the musky African scent of his bush.I liked the fact his was very clean and could taste the soap he had washed his balls with before he came to the cinema.I remember one time I had been at my farm outside Medellin and hooked up with a caretaker from one of the other farms. The owner had lent him to me to fix the interior ceiling which had had a leak that had been repaired.I just needed the hole in the ceiling repaired. The patching material was a mixture of horse manure and plaster which only a few people had the talent to do.While he was doing the work he asked whether he could use the bath room,as I passed the bath I was astonished at what he was holding in his hand,his cock had to be 12 inches soft.Needless to say, I was curious to what size it grew hard.He went back to work using a ladder and I was standing near looking up and also looking at his crotch.He caught me and asked whether I wanted to see it up close.He motioned me to unzip him and take his cock out which I did since we were alone.I held it in my hand feeling it expand and lengthen until it was 20 inches no lie.I started to mouth his cock,determined to swallow him.All at once I was taken aback by the putrid taste of a person who evidently hadn´t taken a bath for a month.I almost vomited and felt the bile rise up in my throat.He thought I was gagging since he was so big and didn´t want to embarrass him.Later I got him in the shower and sucked him off after I had lathered his cock and balls up while we showered together. I seem to always remember it when I´m down between a guy´s legs starting to give head.

I continued to nurse Alidrio´s cock and licking his plum sized hairy balls. All at once he said he knew of two guy who would be perfect.I said I needed one, not two.Alidrio said they problem is that they are always together and they´re cousins.Alidrio said they both have big cocks since he had sucked them both off at the same time. Alidrio said that he would talk to them and arrange it.I sucked Alidrio cock a second to his satisfaction rewarding me with ample creamfrom his large balls. So when Elio and I arrived we sat near a group of black guys,two of the guys separated from the group as planned and came toward us. I let Elio think he was controlling everything but in reality he wasn´t right from the start.The two black guys started hitting on us and I whispered to Elio let´s do it with these two since they seemed to be interested.Elio agreed and we walked to a hidden area below a bridge.Elio took his cock out along with the two black guys,Elio was astonished at the size of their cocks,rock hard and already dripping their slimy precum. Both of the cousins positioned themselves on either side of Elio, holding their black spears,exposing their dark purple plum helmets as they jacked their cocks.

I had made sure that they would show all their attention to my friend,Elio. I also said he might need a little convincing for him to suck their cocks.One of the cousins knelt before Elio´s cock engulfing his member.I could see by Elio´s face that he loved feeling large black lips massaging his tube of white flesh.Elio´s legs were getting weak so he sat on a cement retainer spreading his legs to allow greater access to his members.I was surprised when I saw both cousins feeding on him at the same time.One of them abruptly stood on the retainer directly above Elio´s head and as Elio had leaned his head back mouth open in passion the one cousin above took advantage and entered Elio gaping mouth .Elio had no choice but to suck and swallow since Elio now was resting on his back with his head between the legs of the man above.I could see the other cousin busy sucking Elio´s cock keeping Elio´s attention on the pleasure the black lips were giving him. I could see the big balls of the other cousin resting in Elio´s nose,rising out of my friend´s throat and thrusting down again.The cousin servicing Elio´s cock got up and took off Elio´s jeans which had been at his ankles. He pushed Elio´s legs up and spit on his exposed rosebud.I saw him press the head of his member at the entrance. Elio feeling this tried to resist but the one above held his arms to the ground and continued to abuse his mouth. I positioned myself at Elio´s side and started sucking my friend´s cock which I had never seen so hard before.I heard him moan in both passion and pain when the cock entered his ass.Both cousins were sweat covered their upper torsos glistening in the afternoon sun.

I had the best seat in town as I was sucking Elio I could turn toward my left and see him servicing a big black cock like I knew he truly hungered for. If I turned to my right I could see this black guy feeding his dark pole into my friend´s anus. Elio´s legs were resting on the shoulders of the man fucking him.The sweat had begin to drop off their torsos covering Elio below. Soon the cousins we able to kiss entwining their tongues lurking forward in animal movements nearing an exploding climax.I heard Elio moan and exclaim Ï´m going to come¨. ¨My mouth was ready for the onslaught of hot liquid form my friend´s expanding flesh.I could see Elio start to swallow rapidly knowing the guy was unloading his hot sperm down Elio´s gulping throat filling his belly.The other cousin seeing this at the same time as I did started filling Elio quivering ass with his black seed.It was too much for Elio´s who thrust his cock deep down my throat and unleashed his scalding liquid.The cousin fucking Elio had managed to reach my cock while unloading into Elio and frantically jacked my cock off covering his black fist with my white thick cum. We all collapsed in a pile of flesh tired from the onslaught. After we had gotten ourselves together,the cousins had left,Elio and I sat at the waters edge astonished at what had occurred. Elio said it was the hottest scene he had every been involved with. And that it was the first time some guy had fucked him.Elio said he was helpless and just had to let it happen.I still haven´t told him all had been arranged and I don´t think I will destroy the spontaneity of what had happened at least in his mind.




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