I saw Elio the next morning standing in front of his house,drinking his coffee and smoking a fag, staring at my house and the window where he could see me inside.There was something different, I couldn´t put my finger on it,he just stood there staring almost blatantly.I had been watching him too and then the door bell rang.I opened the door and he was standing in the shadow.I asked him if anything was wrong as he stepped inside.Before he answered my question he had pulled his sweat pants down,letting them hit the floor.I noticed his enormous cock was fully erect and its huge mushroom head was fully exposed,already dripping its saliva onto my tile floor.Elio grabbed my shoulders and forced me to kneel before him,at the same time directing his cock with his fist to my mouth.

Elio said ¨Mama mi chimbo¨ suck my cock. I encircled his angry mushroom glans noting an almost sigh of relief from him upon doing so from his lips.

Elio said he had been waiting all night til I got up so he could give me his cock. He said he had been thinking about was had happened yesterday and it made him so hot he had to release the pressure of so much cum in his balls.I asked him what about the neighbors and he said he didn´t care.Elio grabbed my head with a force of ten men and started to piston his member into my willing mouth.He didn´t let go til he had achieved what he had come for ,to deposit his leche or polvo within my lips.Within a minute, he grunted and shouted ¨Come mi leche¨I felt his salty elixir fill my mouth to overflowing,surprised his balls

had been able to recoup from his big load I had taken yesterday.Elio gave a sigh of relief jacking the rest of his thick leche from his spent member.I swallowed what I could and licked my sperm coated lips which pleased him intently.

Elio invited me where he worked the Mayorista. I was amazed how many hot looking Colombian were running around ,lifting huge sacks of potatoes,coffee, a all sorts of produce coming into this market supplying Colombia´s second largest city,Medellin.Los Paisas or men from Antioquia, the state with in the country of Colombia were a special breed and at this market,there was an example of every type.They were always in good physical shape,having abs men would die for.You could almost be guaranteed to find that each one had a big cock.Some men would

show pronounced bulges,others would let your imagination go wild til they pulled their pants down.I was more turned on by the latter who gave no inkling of what they possessed between their loins.

Since Colombia was an ingress and egress for the slave trade in Cartagena located on the coast during the late 1800´s through the mixture of Spaniards and African slaves blood their men are endowed with some of the biggest cocks around.Elio was proof,sometimes I would watch him walk which at times seemed cumbersome having such a big cock and balls.He was the type that showed what he had blatantly. This served to his advantage many times I expect since man to man sex worldwide cater to guys with big cock.I enjoyed watching the men who worked in the market would at times automatically be drawn to the size of his enclosed member within his jeans.One could almost see how his cock had worn through friction a lighter color of blue where his cock always rested on the left leg of his jeans.Elio said sometimes he would pick out an interested worker who felt a need or curiosity to see and service his cock.He said he would take the thirsty guy with him on deliveries during the twilight hours of the morning and find a dark parking space where the guy could unzip his pants and unleash what was hidden within. He said it was a big turn on to him to let the man seek his member with their fumbling fingers tugging his tube flesh out into the dark recesses and shadows of the night.It didn´t matter if there wasn´t any light to see since he would direct their open mouths to his cock. Each one would say ¨Tan Grande¨ and he would say with pride¨ Si chupala ¨Elio said they would bring their own cocks out and jack off while they fed off his cock.He said once he filled their mouth with his wad they would open the door and spit it out being usually straight themselves.

I don´t know they was something different this morning. When we were ready to do a delivery he had brought along a dark as cool Colombian guy about 30 years old.We jumped into the truck with his chosen helper between us and set out. As we were driving the guy between unzipped his fly and tugged out an enormous black cock,already semi erect.Elio directed me to suck his cock to full erection which I did with hesitation.The guy was busy at the crotch of Elio unzipping his zipper and bringing his white cock into the night air. The guy immediately started to suck Elio´s cock,I could see his head bobbing up and down impaled on his member,all the while his own cock was growing in my mouth.I had tugged out his black nappy haired nuts stabbing each one with my tongue.I pulled my cock out and started jacking it off intoxicated by the taste of this guy´s scrotum sack.We had been on the road for a while and Elio found a dark shadowed niche and pulled in.The guy´s black cock was fully erect and leaking copious amounts of slime through my oral talent on his balls.This black cock was hot to the touch as I was jacking him I saw Elio had positioned himself above the body of his helper letting the guy slide below still with Elio cock lodged in his mouth.Elio said let´s both suck his black pole together.Elio started and I could see the reaction from the guy who thrust his dark spear up into Elio´s gaping maw.Elio was thrusting his hips feeding his member into the guy´s mouth and at the same time bobbing his head up and down .It was obvious to me both were into each other and when Elio offered me a chance to suck ,I told him I wanted to watch. Elio went back to sucking this guy til I heard both moan knowing they had come together. I was amazed Elio was swallowing this guy´s wad without being forced to since the guy under the bridge had forced him to swallow. He came off this guy´s cock which was still spewing and said taste this leche. I encircled the head letting my mouth fill up with its juice and swallowed it indeed taste great. The guy on the bottom was forced to take Elio´s enormous pent up load.After my mouth was full Elio went back to sucking the rest of the savory treat while I sat back and jerked off allowing a little of this black seed slip down my throat ever so slowly until I shouted I was ready Elio who was waiting for me encircled my cock and received my wad in its entirety seemingly searching for more sucking my spent cock.The whole cab of the truck smelled of sex and semen.We all three pulled on our jeans and Elio light a cigarette and backed out of the space and we went on our way to make the deliveries.

It was about three in the morning and we stopped for a cup of coffee and a roll for breakfast.I could still taste the musky flavor of his helper´s semen still caking my throat. I told Elio that it seemed black guys had a much stronger taste to their cum than white guys. I said that his cum tasted salty yet sweet but there a some strong added flavor within a black man´s semen.I told him it wouldn´t always remain the whole day til I brushed my teeth. Even my face would be impregnated with this smell which I enjoyed since it reminded me of the guy I had sucked off hours before.Finally arriving back at the market Elio paid the guy for his work including the work on his cock. The guy guy got out and waved .Elio had indeed passed through a window of transition which he seemed to have accepted. I was thoroughly happy since it opened up many more prospective hot times with my next door neighbor.




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