I remember when my next door neighbor moved in with his family.After a few days, I decided to introduce myself so when I spotted him drinking coffee and having a smoke outside I thought it was the perfect time,so I went outside with my cup of coffee and lit a cigarette.After a few moments he spotted me and waved I walked toward him and said my name shaking his outstretched hand. He said his name was Elio and I welcomed him to the neighborhood. Elio was a tall,somewhat lanky Colombian.In his country he would be considered white since Colombians range from white to black.He seemed very nice and cordial with me and we began to converse in Spanish.I remember checking him out ,it was only natural.Elio had a real nice body,Colombian men usually take good care of their bodies going to the gym often.I perused his outward appearance,glancing at his mercado or basket and it seemed he was endowed with a big dick and good sized balls.I saw him checking me out at the same time which only perked my interest.

Elio said he was a morning person getting up at 5 a.m. every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and smoke. I told me I was the same through many years of going to work early.I told him I enjoyed the early morning hours before anyone got up since it was quiet. Elio said he had noticed me inside my house when he got up every morning. He seemed to be a nice guy with a small family. of course he asked me if I had family I said no but I had been married to two Colombian woman now divorced. He asked me what had happened and I told him to be honest at this point in my life I found I was interested and more attracted to men.

He said he could understand it since at times Colombian women can be the worst nightmare for a man since they were very demanding and jealous. I told Elio that was exactly the problem and I wanted to take a breather from the opposite sex since Colombian men seemed to be more open and less demanding than Colombian women.Elio said he liked the fact that I was very truthful about being attracted to the same sex also.He said he was somewhat surprised since Americans seemed to him to be very close-minded when discussing sex between two guys.I told him I wasn´t gay or attracted to gays and that I was interested in straight or married men who were also open to sex with the same gender.

I told him it was a pleasure to know him and I said if he needed anything just knock on my door.As I was leaving he fondled and lifted his cock and balls which seemed normal to me since all men do this at times.The next morning one I got up I saw him drinking his coffee and having a smoke and I waved to him from the window.Elio motioned me to come out so I did and we began to talk some more. At times I would glance down at his crotch which seemed to be larger as our conversation continued. I was getting kind of hard myself thinking about his cock.Elio abruptly asked me what I liked to do I I said innocently I liked to fix things inthe house since I was a plumber by profession. He laughed and said he meant what did I like to do with other men. I said the normal things sucking cock and sometimes fucking. I told him I didn´t have much experience but I was learning and he laughed. I told him it was true that all this was new to me and I treated it like a new adventure.Elio admitted he liked to have his cock sucked but his wife wasn´t into it so at times he would go into Medellin to video cabinas to get sucked off. He said when he wanted head he could always find someone who was more than willing to take care of him for a few pesos. I told him I wouldn´t ever think about paying someone to suck me off. Elio said it was normal and expected almost as a propina or tip when the job was done.

Elio said that I should try it but be careful since I was a gringo and these types thought every American had alot of money and he said robbery was common. Elio said to watch out for bands of young men who worked together to rip off the men they were servicing.He said a person had to have street smarts to recognize their traps.I asked him whether he went often and he said yes since he was always horny or arrecho.He also said he was into sex that occurred when one least expected it.He said sometimes when he is working in the Mayorista a place where thousands of hot guys are working from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m.Elio said he liked to have sex at the wee hours because he hadn´t fucked his wife for hours so his balls were full of thick leche or cream ready to fill a hungry man´s stomach.He said he enjoyed watching them work for his elixir,sometimes if he got lucky he had two guys each taking turns blowing him,each one thinking they would be lucky one to be sucking him when he came.




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