A week had passed since the party at martin's house and Stefan was finally settling in. He had made it to the football team but they were still waiting for the new coach. He was doing surprisingly well in academics and had a suspiciously high A+ in Mr. Diaz's class, as did martin and the other two guys. This had been one of the conditions to stop them from posting Mr. Diaz's embarrassment on the internet.


I was sitting in study hall trying to figure out the complications of Homer when a hall pass arrived for me. It was from the principal. I was immediately afraid. I didn't want to get into trouble especially not in my first week.

After the ominously long walk through the empty hallway and the irritable assistant's permission I entered his office. It was incredibly lush with thick red carpets and a gold lined wooden desk filling up the room. Behind the desk was a black leather chair on which sat the principal. His arms were resting on the desk and he was looking me up and down with his quizzical blue eyes. Though his face was unlined, his shaved head and his French beard, shot through with white betrayed his age.

As he asked me to sit down in a chair opposite to his, I realized that there was something terribly familiar about him. It was just the way he smiled and his heavily muscled body hidden behind a crisp black suit. He reminded me of someone, he reminded me of martin.

'Now Stefan' he said snapping me out of my trance. 'I have heard a lot about you from my son ....... Martin'

Okay I thought, so I was right, he is martin's dad

He got up from his chair walking towards mine while taking off his suit jacket revealing a half open white shirt underneath. It gave me an almost full view of his hairy muscular chest. He was now gripping my chair from behind, his face centimeters away from my neck.

'I want you to help me interview the new coach' he whispered

Even though I was confused as to how I could help him interview a coach, I mumbled a yes.


I was now sitting next to him on a matching chair as we heard the knock on his door. Come in he said and coach tuck walked in.

Now coach tuck was almost six feet tall with a stereotypical coach persona. He had shown up for the interview wearing a baseball cap, a t shirt and shorts that ended at his thighs but socks that came up to his knees. He shook hands with the principal and sat down opposite to us.

The principal or I'll just call him Dave like he asked me to, pointed towards me and said this is Stefan he is a new student here and is also part of the football team. He will help me make a decision about you.

Now mister tuck I can only tell you that we have had some of the most brilliant coaches here at Niceville High. I am not really sure you are up to the mark. How badly do you want this job?

Really badly sir, he replied, I can and will do anything for it.

Good, Dave said nodding his head thoughtfully, then please stand up and take off your clothes.

Tuck stood up immediately, offended. What? He shouted.

Dave however calmly replied, mister tuck if you have any hopes of getting this job then you will please take your clothes off. See I'll be a good sport and take mine off first.

Dave got up and removed his already unbuttoned white shirt to reveal a hairy muscular torso with thick bulging arms. He then removed his leather belt slowly unzipping his pants all the way down.

Tuck though inadvertently staring at Dave's physique still looked dubious.

Dave then looked at me. Okay so maybe we'll ask young Stefan here to remove his clothes as well. I was shacked but just like the incident with Martin, I knew that I did not have a choice.

Wait I'll help you, said Dave. He moved behind me and with firm hands pulled off my sweatshirt. His erect penis was touching my ass and I could feel my own manhood rising. His thick hard hands grabbed my crotch and I moaned as he pulled down my pants and then my underpants.

My cock was now waving at coach tuck. The coach now realizing there was no way out got up and starting removing his clothes.

Wait Dave said to him. Sit down again.

He went to the coach and carefully tied him to the chair with a rope. He then slid a pair of scissors towards me. I went to the coach with shears in one hand and my other hand stroking my cock. I ripped off the baseball hat and then cut up his shirt and shorts leaving him his socks and his jockstrap. Tuck was actually very well built with hair and muscle in all the right places. I looked at Dave to find that he had pulled down his underpants to reveal a 13 inch monster and was contently stroking it.

Haircut he said, I have heard that you give a very good one. Why don't you try your hand at coach tuck's hair?

Now without his hat, tuck actually has a long ponytail of brown hair falling down to his shoulders. I had already spotted the razor on the table.

When tuck started shaking his head, Dave got up and placed a firm hand on his crotch. He pulled out tuck's cock and started stroking the 10 inch piece of meat. I stood behind the groaning coach's head and hacked off his pony tail in one swipe, then buzzed off all that remained making his head look more like Dave's.

When I was done I was super horny and I could see from tuck's cock that he didn't hate it either. That is when Dave unbound tuck and turned him around.

Tuck's torso was now resting on the desk while Dave played with his bottom. He pushed apart the cheeks to show a pink hole. He called me forward. He put his finger in my mouth and I licked it, even swallowing it. Then he put his finger in tuck's hole. He suddenly grabbed my hair violently pushing me towards his cock. He pushed his cock in my mouth and even before I could lick it he came. Mouth dripping with cum, he pushed me away and lay back on his chair, his hairy chest heaving. He looked at me and said 'go on and fuck coach in the ass boy, this is your chance to show him who is boss'

I looked at his hole and then at my dick. This was my first time fucking a man........




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