Hi my name is Andrew,but most people call my drew for short. I am 18, 5.10ft, I have green eyes,dark brown hair and I am buff and ripped but not too buff from lacrosse attack position and I also play football now that im in the US. My family is from the UK but I am egyptian and Mexican and we moved to the US for a new start, but anyways on with my story.

It all started on my first day of senior year at Santa Monica High. So I being new to the US I didnt know anyone and was kinda lost until I heard someone address me" he man you lost" I turned around and seen a pretty attractive guy he was 5.11ft, had blue eyes,was around the same body type he might have been bigger,light brown hair, and he was wearing a football jersey with the colors white and red and fitted blue jeans that really fit him well. "oh um ....kinda was l.... I mean I am looking for room 916 precal?" I manges to get out, "oh im going there right now he says" flashing me a sexy smile. So while we were walking there I decided to take a look at his body and my gaze fell on his butt which was plump, big, well shaped, probally from long hours of working out."are you ok man?" he asked tilting his head to the side with a curious tone. "oh! Yeah sorry I just zoned out" I say trying to play it cool. "so um whats your name again?" he asked with a smile. "oh sorry my name is Andrew but most people call me Drew for short" "im Mike" he says, but before anything else could be said voice from behind us calls" hey baby! Who is this?" a girl says with dark blond hair,hazel eyes,nice tits, and butt, she was almost as perfect as Mike. I would fuck he any day."oh babe this is Drew I just met him" oh hi nice to meet you drew" she says smiling ang giving me a hug. "nice to meet you too!" I say looking to mike who gives me a look that says go along with it. " I love your accent, and by the way im stacy" she says smiling. " thanks I love your american accent " I say. "well guys I think its time to get to class" says Mike



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