The first day.

"wake up or you're gonna be late and I don't want your school calling me" she always did said that and I will be ready and waiting but not today all I wanted to do was sleep my dreams were keeping me up and playing with my brain no rest for the wicked I guess oh my name's Austin Reed I'm 17 but that will soon change I turn 18 next week Yep I'm becoming a man (wink) oh and I'm gay but I haven't worked up the courage to tell my family yet or friends I think they'll hate me for it My family is the God fairing type so yeah I'm screwed "boy don't make me come in there" she was seriously gonna hit me upside the head if I don't get up and out of bed so I did and headed to shower I was up and ready and down stairs for breakfast mom had cooked up a storm being my first day and all dad was already sitting at the table "Sup bud u hyped about ya first day back?" he was asking the wrong question cause it was quite the opposite "no I just want this day to be over" mom looked at me confused "what's the problem hunni?" I really didn't want to talk about it but She will continue asking if I didn't lie "just really don't feel like it today." it was time to go the bus had arrived "bye mom dad see u later" I got to school and it was buzzing with talk of a new kid arriving today "Sup Austin my mannnn" Kevin was my best friend and totally straight but fuckin hot he was about 6'1 built to perfection and Was one of the most popular guys in school and my best friend "hey kev what's up" he just gave me a high five and started to say something but when he walked in all I could think was wow he was tall dark and perfect he looked flawless he was African American and perfect I couldn't believe he came to a small town like the Kev saw me steering and shook me "dude u OK u look like you've seen a ghost or something" he was right he was the guy from my dreams and when he passed me he looked at me like he knew Who I was thinking today was gonna be a long day.


He's real.

So I really couldn't sleep last night and it's my first day at a new school so I got ready and headed out mom wasn't home as always But I manage well on my own I made breakfast and leave here a note and head off to school my dad didn't live with us but he bought me expensive things like my car It's and Austin Martin one 77 one of the most expensive cars in the world my house was huge and I had everything I wanted the only problem was I really didn't need anything see I'm a Sage I can do things that no one else could my mind was filled with space for endless possibilities I can hear people's thoughts If I wanted to and I could move things and heal People with just thought my mom thought it skipped me like it did her so I kept it to myself and oh I'm gay but she knows that about me and she love's me anyways so I was off to school in my car got to the parking lot and watched as all heads turn steering at my car got out closed the door and headed into the school passed a few girl looking at me like there eyes couldn't blink "take a picture it lasts longer" they just giggled and went on there way That's when I saw him the guy from my dreams and it was his eyes that gave him away he had the most beautiful Ivory eyes and it was glued to me and all I could do was smile.

So we got to class and he was sitting already when I walked in he didn't look up he wasn't paying attention until the teacher spook "OK class this is our new student Marcus Von" I just smiled and went to my seat he was looking at me and when I sat it was right infront of him I felt his eyes on me and I couldn't help but open my mind to his thoughts I such the class for him but I wasn't sure I could hear him his mind wasn't familiar to me so I didn't bother I will wait until we speak for the first time.

Class flew by and as we were exiting I walked up to him "hi I'm Marcus it's nice to meet u" I stock out my hand and he took it I don't know what happened but all I felt was like my body was energised from just his touch he felt it to but said nothing "hi I'm Austin nice to meet u to" he smiled "so are u going to give me back my hand now" oh shit I hadn't realised that I was still holding it he blushed as I let him go it felt like I was alone if I didn't touch him which was weird cause I don't normally care.

I still couldn't hear anything he was thinking what's going on why can't I hear him? Was something wrong with me?

So we head to our next class and he's sitting next to me in the lab "so I guess I'm your partner" he just smiled and went back to what he was doing this was frustrating I wanted to hear what he was thinking I don't normally be this obsessive but silence from someone's mind is a first for me "so can I ask what your thinking?" he looked at me surprised He wasn't sure if he wanted to answer me "well I'm thinking I hope this new guy is good at this subject or else we fail and I have to kill him" he blushes and I chuckle "well I'm pretty good at biology so be prepared to pass" I plastered a big smile on my face and then the class started.

This one day was ending to quickly he was talking to me at lunch and we had P. E. And then it was last period He was smart and cool he liked me I didn't have to read his mind to know that "so what are u doing after School" he was thinking "well I have my homework to do and then I will maybe help mom with dinner why?" I was thinking me him my house he could do his home work with me just so I can have a little more of his time which I now realise Why do I want to see him?

Anyways we will have fun "K so can u come over when your done to help me with my homework" he just nodded and we were on or way to class.


WhY is he acting weird?

He was inviting me to his house I wonder why?

I was walking out of school and a car pulled up infront me "hey u wanna ride home?" it was him I was about to get in when I remember to meet Kevin "nah I got to go meet a friend but I will see u later for sure" he shrugged and was on his way he had a nice car doh So I was walking across the lawn "hey Austin" Kevin was coming up behind me "so what did he want" I was smiling "he was offering me a ride home Kevin wasn't to happy about that "what's wrong" I asked he shrugged "something about that kid is wrong" I didn't know what to think he was he jealous nah not Kevin he could have any girl he wanted at this school and guy to but why was he acting like this "I don't see anything wrong with him kev he just wanted to be nice" kev just turned and was heading to the field "what u wanna do today laps or just some drills" he was helping me keep fit while he was working out also we did this every afternoon It was a great way to blow off steam.

An hour later got our stuff together and head for the showers while I was striping I felt like someone was watching me I glanced at kev and he was watching me out the corner of his eyes looking me over from head to toe What the hell is he doing "kev why are u starring at me like that" he finally realised and turned his head What was that about.


Him and him.

He was the with the new guy and something about him was off his eyes his whole being just screamed wrong but forget him for now got to stay focused and talk with Austin he is what is most important at the moment we had finished training and I was walking him home "so what u doing this weekend bud" he shrugged "don't know yet most likely I will head to the lake house and enjoy the sun and water what do u have planed" Hummm what did I have planed well I would have mostly hang out with him but for now "nothing may be get a Lil house work done" we talked a little while long and we got to his place "OK kev bye see u tomorrow and text me if u wanna come with to the lake house" I just nodded and left he knew me so well that he didn't even have to ask to know if I wanted to go That's my best friend for u I wonder if he realises that I like him more than a friend?

NEh I know Austin he's oblivious to these things like last year Kelly a girl from our class was crushing on him and he didn't even know he never notices these things but he noticed the new kid like he knew him and that's weird even for Austin I still don't like it but we will cross that bridge when we get there.


I don't know who he is.

Well I did all the usual stuff and I was about to get ready to leave the house and there he was standing I didn't understand how but he stood on the tree branch outside my window was he seriously doing this "what the hell dude are u trying to kill me?" he just smiled "well I couldn't wait on u any longer so I came over" he was so perfect his eye his smile his body everything about him was perfect "so what do u wanna do" he snapped me out of my dais I just shrugged "well I have an idea u gonna come with me?" I didn't even think I just nodded it He pulled me out of the window and took me to the lake he was stripping "what are u doing dude?" I knew what he was doing and it was turning me on "I'm going for a swim u wanna join me" I wasn't sure that was a good idea why was all these guys coming on to me first it was Kevin and now it's the new kid He had the body of a god So I got out of my tshirt and pants on my way to the water he just smiled at me and I didn't know what it was but I just didn't care he asked and I followed it was like being moved with out physical activity being done to my body I didn't understand what came over me but I felt fearless and he didn't care what he asked as long as I obliged "kiss me" and that's when I came back to reality why should I who was he all I knew was his name but his lips his eyes were all screaming the words he said but my body refused to listen this time I walked out of the water and started to put on my clothes and he looked at me with surprise "wow that's a first someone refusing me something" I looked at him one more time "U think because u look good I will give u what u want guys like u make me sick" I just walked away and left him there in the cold kev was right he is just one of those guys and I wanted nothing to do with him.



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