I had just finished high school and had a very brief holiday. The holiday was supposed to prepare me for College, but it didn't, at all. I was still as nervous as i was the day the holidays began. My name is Jared and i am a soon to be freshman. I was not nervous for the fitting in, or making friends, i was good at that. I was nervous that i wouldn't meet that special someone, the person who made me happy, the person who pleasured me, the right guy! Yea i am gay, but no one knows. I am a tall, brown haired green eyed, athletically built football player. I hope that didnt sound too Vain. Although i could get any guy i want, i have reserved myself, although it is hard, i want it to be right. And when i do find the right guy, well lets just say there won't be any stopping me. Part of my restrain has been jerking off...alot ! i live at home with my parents, i am the only child. It is easy for me to jerk off and do a little self experimentation. I would rush to the shop when my parents arent home and buy the smallest carrot in the shop, i mean like the thickness of my thumb, and not very long, i would run back home, grab a condom out of my parents drawer and prepare the carrot. As i lie down on my bedroom floor i would place the carrot in between the matress of my bed so that it stood out straight. with a bit of cream as lube, i would slowly back up onto the Carrot, sliding it all the way in. I didnt get much pleasure from it as it is cold and hard and sometimes prickly but i would try and imagine it is a real dick, soft, warm that slides elegantly into me. After about Ten minutes i would release my thick cum onto the floor. I would not consider myself a bottom, but versatile, i want to experience both. Alright ! back to reality.

My bags were packed and i was on my way to My college. After a tearful and sad goodbye, i left my paents to go to my room. Finally the first taste of life on my own. I was allocated my room and found it down the long corridor, the last door on the left, pretty far from the other dorm rooms. i opened the door and was instantly greeted by a very friendly and handsome face! His name was Nicholas, not too tall, Auburn brown hair, Hazel eyes and the most magnificent voice ever !

' You must be Jared, how are you doing buddy?'

'i am doing well thank you,you are Nicholas?'

I acted as if i partly knew his name, but on my card with my room number, i was just hoping that this Nicholas would be something, and he definately was !

'yes, yes that's me, come on in, micasa su casa, literally, we are roomies now'

'thanks man, is this my bed ?'

'yea yea make yourself at home, you can even use my bed, whatever goes.'

I would definately take up that offer. I was so busy looking at Nicks face that i did not notice he was in his Boxers, with no jocks or briefs underneath, i could tell. A rounded shape curved an outline in the front, he must have a beautiful penis. i feel as though i can trust this man, i dont know why but a voice in my head is screaming at me to tell him that i am Gay, his sweet smell is only making it worse, should i ? shouldnt i ? i decide to get to know him a bit more before i make any Hasty comments about my sexuality.

'so, Jared, you play any sports?'

'yea, football'

'great ! i also play College Football, i am on a scholarship'

this man was getting better by the minute !

' Awesome man, i am tired you mind if i just watch some TV and relax ?'

' As i said what's mine is yours now Roomie'

i headed for the TV and sat on a leather Sofa, this dorm seemed bigger than the rest. I noticed as i stared at the TV that there was some porn on the Cabinet, 'girls gone wild,' Pearls Penis ventures and then at the very bottom i saw something that literally took the breath from my chest... A Bi Movie, the front cover marked it clearly, a guy with a juicy cock up his ass while sucking a girls Tits! Should i say something? Fuck yea.

'i see you have a nice collection of porn?'

'o haha yea i do, want to watch some?'

this boy was definately going on the right path, he had a triple Cd DVD player, so he could skip a dvd if he wanted to.

'let's watch Pearl first. THe movie was ok, some hot guys and girls who had breasts way out of their bodily preportion. I was not getting a boner. But as i peeked over at Nicholas, i could see the slight formation of what seemed like a beautiful cock.

'let us watch another shall we, i havent seen this one in forever !'

And by God, Nicholas, the hottest guy i have ever seen, the most sweetest, kind gentle person, who had a very naughty and open streak turned to the Bi porno ! i was shocked!

'Jared i am extatic you walked through that door, do you think i didn't notice you staring at me and my dick, it is okay, i dont mind'

'i-uh- i '

'seriously Dude, we are in College, it is our time for experimenting, I'm Bi Dude.

I never thought i would hear those words coming out of this strangers mouth. A rush came over me, a lust so strong i couldnt control it. I leaped from my sofa to his and planted a fat kiss on his soft lips, i decided to attempt to enter my tongue in his mouth-he accepted it. Our tongues intertwined like rope, his warm velvet tongue played with mine, he reached for my ass and gently massaged it, as though he was an experienced masseuse. My cocked raised and pressed against my basketball shorts, our bodies contacted eachother. We disconnected our kiss.

'WOW' he said

'you are really good Nick, i have never done anything like that!'

'thank you, Do you mind if i...'

'not at all'

He squatted and pulled down my Shorts, i was exposed, my 8' proudly standing.

'not bad'

The next thing he did turned my whole world and all my views of it upside down. He covered his velvet mouth over my Cock, he managed 3/4 of it, he began sucking my dick like nothing i have ever felt. He slowly raised his finger to his mouth and salivated it, he then reached around and skillfully pushed it into my virgin ass. I died and went to heaven. The slurping of his mouth on my cock pushed me over the edge, i came into his beautiful mouth. Ribbons of Cum SHot out of my cock and into his mouth, filling his mouth with hot,thick seed. He swallowed most of it but left a bit for me. He stood up and gave me a passionate kiss, giving me the first ever taste of my own cum...

' Jared, that was great'

'o god ... what was that.'

' That my friend, was the beginning of a great journey ...'




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