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"It was an accident I swear" the blond headed man said, on his knees pleading.

"because of you a human died!"

"I know, I'm sorry please forgive me" the winged, blond pleaded.

"NO you will be stripped of your angel status"

"no not that-" the man woke up startled, terrified o the nightmare. He woke up in a white room, with a small tv in the corner, and the smell of stale sanitization fluids filled the air.

"hello" a woman said, entering the room. She had long black hair, that was tied back with a purple scrunchy, that matched her purple polka dot scrubs. "how are you feeling?" she asked. He was panicing, he wasn't in Heaven anymore, he had fallen to Earth. "it's okay, you took quite a fall, I'm suprized your awake so soon" she said.

"where am I?" the handsome blond man asked. "Buiton City hospital, I'm Carly by the way" she said in a cheerful tone.

"Antonuis, you can call me Anthony" the ex-angel said.

"here, you can watch some tv while I go talk to the doctors" Carly said, handing Anthony a small tv remote. After the initial confusion of all the colorful buttons, Anthony figured out how to work the remote, insanely on the news. 'well let's see what's been happening on Earth' Anthony thought to himself. Several things have happened lately, new tv stars were born, some died, reforms have been made, and many other things. The one thing that attracted Anthony's attention though was the gangs, instead of feeling the sorrow for violence as he did when he was an angel, he felt an entirely new emotion, it was like happy but not quite. Anthony had gotten his first errection to a police sketch of HellFire's gang leader, Damion "Diablo".

Chapter 2

Anthony became obsessed with finding Damion, wanting to do every naughty thing, that he never even thought of before. As an angel, his thoughts were always pure, now they were pure filth. Anthony managed to make his way to HellFire territory, deep in New York. It's been almost a month since his first boner, and his cock hasn't been soft much since that day. HellFire graphitti covered the walls, burning skulls covered many of the walls. Anthony felt so turned on, and so nervous at the same time. He's managed to save himself for the stud known as Diablo, despite wanting to fuck every man he saw, he saved his cherry ass. A Latina chick dressed slutty, walked in front of him.

"who da hell's is you?" she asked, attitude clear.


"da hell do you want fool?"

"To join HellFire" he said, matter of factly.

"Pff, ain't no way HellFire, or any gang having a pretty boy like you." she said.

"I can fight"

"I doubt that, if you can take Tons over here I'll let you through" she said. Tons turned out to be a massive Mexican man standing not far, despite his enormous size he had blended into the shadows.

'oh shit' Anthony thought feeling the ground shake as this tan giant stepped out of the darkness that once hid him.

Chapter 3

Despite the huge size differences, Anthony had kicked Tons' ass, beating him up pretty bad. "alright pretty boy I guess you got some skill" she said, allowing him into the alleyway. There were iron bars that lead underground and back up to an under ground hideout, HellFire's hideout. After some looks and questions by numerous guards, Anthony was allowed in. Anthony's jaw dropped when he saw him, Damion, a tall, tan dark haired hunk. His only flaw was the scar across his face, and that only made him look manlier. Anthony had seen porn, and nearly shot off his first load. He's materbated before but has never Been able to cum like the men on camera. It's been a few months since he's joined the gang, Anthony was a promising member, he was a good fighter, could tag quick, and because of his prettyboy face no one thought he was part of a gang. Damion one day invited Anthony to his office. It was an abandoned warehouse in Queens, a large Mahogany desk lay in the office above, overlooking the large space.

"no one's shown this much enthusiasm toward the gang as you have Anthony" he said in a deep, sexy man voice, with just a hint of accent, Anthony was usure of where. "So I'd like to offer you to be my mate"

Anthony looked shocked, not believing Damion had just asked that "I'm sorry what?"

"you heared right, I know you have a crush on me, I thought as a reward I could bang you, your hot I could date you"

At the sound of that Anthony started pulling off his shirt.

"woah there handsome, not here, we can have fun elsewhere"

"Do I really have to wait?" Anthony asked like an impatient child.

Damion grabbed Anthony's lower back, just above his nice round bubble butt and their lips met. Anthony could feel the snake tounge exploring his mouth, he closed his eyes in pleasure. 'Wait snake tounge?' he thought throwing open his eyes. Their eyes met, Damion's eyes were blood red, the pupils slitted like a snake's.

"That's right angel boy, I'm a demon" he said whispering in Anthony's ear. Anthony was terrified, and yet so turned on, 'I'm going to be a demon's cum dump' he thought, drooling.

Damion led the way out of his office and to an apartment complex not far. Damion had a two story pent house at the very top of the 20 story building. The second the door opened Damion slammed Anthony against the wall and started making out with him, his thin, snake like tounge exploring.

Anthony ripped off his shirt "enough foreplay demon" he said pulling off his clothes, his 8 inch hard cock popping out, a little bush of blond pubes above the thick fleshy rod.

"oh you want to see my demon form huh?" Damion said, his skin turning red. In a few moments a giant, red skinned, winged, horned demon towered over Anthony. The best feature was a giant, red, peirced cock swinging low between the demon's legs, along with an equally large pair of red testicles. Anthony's virgin butthole quivered in anticipation. He quickly dropped to his knees and started licking the massive organ. It wasnt long before the red tool was hard, standing tall at 16 very thick inches. Anthony gulped. "You asked for it angelboy" Damion said grabbing Anthony and forcing him on his back. A spiked tail teased Anthony's tight little hole while Damion Lined up his giant demon dick with the virgin hole. Damion grinned, he knew Anthony's spit all over his dick was dry by now, he was going to plow Anthony's Virgin ass dry. Before Anthony could protest the massive cock rammed into his hole.

The pain was excruciating, Anthony had his tiny hole forced wide open to swallow the giant, hot dick. To make matters worst, Damion had his dick covered in spikes, every inch had a little spike through his thick dick, each spike slightly larger than the last. Anthony passed out by the third spike, only being three inches in. Anthony woke up with the huge demon on top of him, the massive cock still painfully burried deep in his anal cavity. Boiling hot fluid leaked from his stuffed hole 'demon cum' Anthony realized, Damion had kept fucking him even after he passed out. Damion wrapped his clawed hand on the back of Anthony's head and they started making out, deep kisses.

"Your not like other demon's are you?"

"No, I feel emotions other than lust, that's why I was banned from Hell" Damion explained

"you mean-"

"Yes love" he said grabbing Anthony's big bubble butt and starting to gently thrust his massive cock. It still hurt, but this time there was hot cum as lube. Damion was gentle this time, soon nothing but pleasure for Anthony, his ass used to taking such massive meat. Anthony moaned, loving the huge invader, how it reached every pleasure spot inside of him. Damion's huge hot balls were soon slapping against Anthony. Without even touching himself, Anthony soon shot his first load, huge thick ropes of cum shooting out almost painfully. The tight spasming of his ass caused Damion to start blasting another hot load into Anthony. With his long snake like tounge Damion started licking up Anthony's cum and kissing him, so he could taste his own load. They laid there for sometime, in the after glow of hot sex.

"It's funny I went from hunting demon's, and now that I'm human, I'm still hunting demon's" Anthony observed. Damion grinned "I think I might have a fetish for ex-angels now" the two laid there making out for a bit before Anthony's human form became too tired to continue, Damion laid, still buried deep in Anthony and waited, unsleeping by his lover's side.




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