I had just turned 18 and out of high school when my gym teacher offered me a job helping on the farm near to my home,so I could make extra money for university,it was the summer inwhich I will never forget. Every morning I would get ready and get to work as he lived on a farm and had a whole days work lined up but it started to rain and put a damper on things, he said we could take a break and just chat a bit.

We were sitting close to one another when he reached out to hold my hand and I reached back he told me that he always had a mad crush on me while teaching me and of course I was flattered, he then started to unzip my pants and reach inside my boxer shorts and play with my dick it wa so cool outside of all places I didn't hold back and I stripped him off naked and he did the same to me we lay next to each other and fondle one anothers body he started to blow me and man it felt good and I did the same to him.

We went swimming and stripped off naked jumped in the river and another student he also taught came along as he lived close by to and so we all were naked and man it was really cool at 18 to be with your teacher as I said a summer I'll never forget.




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